Reviews for Cherry Blossoms
kisshufan4ever chapter 1 . 5/15/2010
Good story :)
No1DrenLover chapter 1 . 4/13/2010
Aw! Just sweet! Absolutely sweet! I absolutely love your stories! They're amazing! x

Dren/Kisshu x Zoey/Ichigo 4Ever!

Lass Cherrie chapter 1 . 11/3/2009
I agree: Friends ARE easy to make! So many people on the forums here are like 'I'm so introverted and shy, I don't have many friends at all', that I feel conceited saying 'I have heaps of friends! I'm the one that breaks the ice! I talk to everybody; I'm the first to start up a conversation and introduce myself to someone I haven't met before!' XD

Anyway. THIS was cute. I really liked this, Bunny :)

I loved that they were both sitting under cherry blossoms, thinking about each other. Very nice. I liked Pai's character - he was very stiff; excellent XD - and Masaya's. I like that you, like I try to, don't make Aoyama the bad guy. I hate it when people hate-bash him. I like Masaya. I just don't like him with Ichigo, because she belongs with Ryou. In my mind, it all makes perfect sense, especially when you pair Kisshu with Minto (squee! *love hearts for eyes*). Everyone gets someone!

But in all seriousness, Masaya-bashing should mean author-flaming. If I read a story where Aoyama has been abused or turned into a rapist cheating on her with Moe, I immediately lose a considerable amount of resepct for that author. So well done for making Aoyama a nice character :)

I didn't like that Ichigo was thinking about Kisshu so much and kissing Masaya. Though she admits she doesn't love Kisshu quite in that sense, she still acknowledges she has SOME love for him. And then she goes and acts all lovey-dovey with Aoyama. I think that's unfair on Masaya, especially considering she then goes and teases him with the fact that she's thinking about Kisshu. *slaps Ichigo*

Con-crit time! :3

Two things in this fic:

1. 'She hadn't thought about him in such a long time so that now it was odd to.' - This reads badly. If it were me, I'd have written: 'She hadn't thought about him in such a long time that it had become odd to.'

Yeah, that's it for sentences that irked me. You did well with this fic :)

2. Past-present clashes AGAIN. You're a repeat offender, Bunny! *dismay* Pretty sure it was only twice, but you switched from present to past in a couple of places. Here's one example:

'Pai looked at him as if Kisshu has gone insane, something that he had pondered since their arrival back on their own planet.' - Pai looked at him as if Kisshu HAD gone insane, Bunny! We're not in the present in this story! Anyway, there was another example, but I CBF finding it. I'm sure you'll work on tense in the future :)

That's it from me for this review. I really liked this Bunny. It was lovely :) I have a weakness for cherry blossoms though, so you got me there XD

Excellent job with this :3


Cherrie xx
BroadwayObsessedGirl54 chapter 1 . 9/20/2009
aw... that was so cute Bunny imouto-san! You're so creative! Five centimeters per second, eh? Hahaha when it comes to Kisshu, I wouldn't be surprised. It fits him perfectly! Write on, 'cause you rock!

Saba's Reflection chapter 1 . 9/5/2009
Words can't describe how beautifully written this is. I can't imagine how to put how I feel about this onto a review. The quote was truly inspiring, and it's intrigued me about the movie. Although I have no idea how fast it is to fall in love, I do know how quick it is to drop out of communication with others (I'm known as the 'mute' at school).

Five centimeters per second... exactly.
True Colours chapter 1 . 9/3/2009
Too sad, to think how he's never, ever going to get over her...I need to read some Kichigo fluff now. “Five centimeters per second...” Ichigo...' That was an immesnly powerful line, showing how she still fills his thoughts. I also like how you wrote Masaya: their relationship is safe and happy but she has this wistful longing for the more dangerous, and more passionate, option that was Kish...that's my interpretation, anyway.

Brown-eyed Wolf chapter 1 . 9/3/2009

Aw! That was so wonderful! You were right, and excellent concept!

5 centimetres per second. . . . :)

["I heard once, a long time ago, that sakura petals fall at five centimeters per second." Kisshu smiled, allowing the petals to caress his cheeks in a shower of pink powder. A slight tear threatened to flow down from the corner of his eye, and he let it fall, smile turning wide and full before telling Pai the answer to his question. He nodded his head in the direction of the cascading cherry blossom petals, swirling in the breeze. “Five centimeters per second...” Ichigo...

"That's how fast you fall in love."]

I just loved this whole bit! Simply wonderful!

Write more stories! Please :D

~Brown-Eyed Wolf
FictionalSandbox chapter 1 . 9/2/2009

WHY, BUNNY-CHAN? WHY do you keep DOING this? Writing beautiful, unrequited-love one-shots! It's unkind, I nearly cried!

was that supposed to signify PxL? XD

Neofeliss chapter 1 . 9/2/2009
Wow. Really. It really is great, and amazingly well-written, but also bittersweet - just as you said it was. Seriously, I am amazed at your talent - I've been working on my story for four years now, and as a senior in high school, still struggle getting it started. X3

Great work!