Reviews for Science Fiction or Not?
slytherinsal chapter 1 . 1/9/2011
again impressive research. and in my opinion, anything a good SF writer can imagine will probably be invented if i may misquote Arthur C. Clarke.

actually i like star wars because there's no attempt made to explain the technology. if SF tries to explain technology i get snippy if the science is dodgy [as too often it is] but if they go with the 'it's a framinstan' explanation i'm actually happier... cue Isaac Asimov for really good science in SF and EE 'Doc' Smith for real fun framinstans.
Entrancing chapter 1 . 9/3/2009
As a research paper, this is pretty good. You have plenty of sources and your evidence backs up your arguments. However, there is no need for you to quote whole sentences. At the moment, your essay is mostly made up of other people's words and very little of your own. My literature teacher said an ideal passage analysis should be made up of 10% quotes. While this isn't a passage analysis, the same idea applies. So, instead of copy-pasting whole sentences, you could reword it and quote a few important phrases. For example-

-An article on this technology states that “a repulsorlift is an antigravity technology in the fictional Star Wars universe, capable of levitating any object to which it is applied” (“Repulsorlift”).


-An article on the repulsorlift describes it as a fictional machine "capable of levitating" objects. It utilises "antigravity technology" to ease the effort exerted in heavy lifting. ("Repulsorlift")

etc etc. You may find that this takes longer and is more difficult but the overall result looks and flows much better. English teachers tend to appreciate papers that are more original.

You know, I really wish my English curriculum allowed me to write essays on Star Wars. I'm stuck with The Great Gatsby and Shakespeare. You're lucky.

And because its relevant, have you seen that Star Wars exhibition that compares Star Wars technology with real life? It's in Melbourne now and I don't know if it has been in the US but it's utterly brilliant.

P.S. - You might get more readers if you explain what the essay is about in the summary.