Reviews for Shields of Power
Bob chapter 31 . 4/11
No such thing as a Basketball
Bob chapter 29 . 4/11
No werewolves in Twilight. Those are just shapeshifter wolves. They change on thier own . Not by the moon.
Bob chapter 29 . 4/11
Vampires dont eat people. They drink peoples blood.
Bob chapter 1 . 4/9
Vampires dont eat people they bite them and drinkthier delicous blood. Boo
cctwilight chapter 45 . 2/3
This was a unique story! I enjoyed reading it.
Rikuriroxa chapter 14 . 1/11
So, the story is good. Really it is.

But your Bella defies belief. At the end of the day, Bella is human. She can't beat vampires at video games. She can't surprise vampires and shove food in their faces. These are feats that require reaction times that are above human ability. She also can't hear vampires from 20 feet away. In a quiet room, it would be possible for her to pick up their voices from perhaps 5 feet away. But the human ear can't decipher a barely audible voice in a crowded cafeteria. Too much ambient noise.

Now, a human can beat a vampire at chess. Especially one with a photographic memory. A human can learn all she has learned at her age. It's unlikely. Generally speaking, even geniuses specialize. But it's possible.

Now, that doesn't mean her life can't remain basically the same. For one, Emmett simply refused to show his vampire abilities in a crowded cafeteria, so he had to take the pie shot. But both he and Bella would know that she didn't out speed him or surprise him. Her vampire caretakers let her win often at games to encourage her sense of competitiveness. Constantly losing tends to destroy that. She 'could' be able to her vampire whispering when she wraps her shield around them. Some kind of supernatural link to her mind.

At the end of the day, a good plot will almost always carry a story. Which thanks to your effort and the original from Stephanie Meyer, you have pieced together a good one. But you have created a weak character. And by that, I mean you have created a character with no weakness. No fault. No real struggle. Even Bella's original 'klutziness' has had all the teeth removed. A truly great character must have a flaw. Otherwise, all you have is a never-ending stream of gratification. Which, while this can be entertaining on the surface, it lacks depth.

Now, I don't know if you write as a hobby, or perhaps you're looking to pursue it in a more lucrative sense, but I just wanted to share some wisdom with you. For the longevity of a story, he need more than baseless gratification. All in all, thanks for the read. I will finish it and I am sure it will remain entertaining.
Guest chapter 9 . 12/6/2023
why is bella so spoiled its making my brokeass cringe
The Lunar Rose chapter 1 . 11/4/2023
I can't believe I actually found this again. I read this years ago on another site and couldn't find it anywhere for so long. So you can guess my surprise when I found it by randomly browsing for fics. I adore this story and can't wait to read it again.
LaurelLeafSinger chapter 9 . 8/9/2023
This is a fun story but I do wonder at Bella being so freely extravagant around the Cullens. All the things they are discussing are extremely expensive, and they surely are wondering about her extended European family, since Charlie couldn’t afford such things.

Ew, Mike!

Thanks, for sharing your creativity with us.
darkphoenixshadow chapter 45 . 2/26/2023
Thier age didn't slow down it stopped at 7 . Your writing your own version not the movie version. Your getting your story
darkphoenixshadow chapter 44 . 2/26/2023
Garlic don't hurt vampires nor crosses or holy water. That is just movie and tv . Also real vampires are not affected by the Sun.
darkphoenixshadow chapter 41 . 2/25/2023
For one thing Black outfits are old fashioned. It's about time someone realised that. Blue is much better.
darkphoenixshadow chapter 40 . 2/25/2023
Thier not Werewolves!
Thier indian shapeshifters.
Werewolves only change on a full moon.
Indian shapeshifters can change everyday of the year.
darkphoenixshadow chapter 7 . 2/25/2023
A chevy truck is a truck not a car. Saying a truck is a car is a disrespect to all cars. Long live the cars.
darkphoenixshadow chapter 5 . 2/25/2023
Mr. Cullen WAS with Aro and the rest for 400 years not 80 . Did you not watch the movie? is a old Vampire just not 4,000 years old like Aro .Yet a lot older then Esme and Edward.
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