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Zeromaru Chaos Mode chapter 19 . 7/18/2013
...he's fucked now.
Zeromaru Chaos Mode chapter 9 . 7/18/2013
i hate him so much, and yet i cant stop reading. holy hell.
Zeromaru Chaos Mode chapter 5 . 7/18/2013
damn son. bit much? didnt think he'd go that far so quickly. kinda fucked up how he's still cherishing Nanako like a "good" Souji, but otherwise is a complete dickhead.

interesting take. lets see just how deep this rabbit hole goes...
WhiteSun2353 chapter 23 . 2/12/2013
This is the first time I've ever been happy with a Karmic Houdini! XD It might be a little messed up to think of it that way, but I just can't seem to hate Souji in anyway. Yeah most if not all of his actions (excluding those that involved Nanako and Ryotaro) are very detestable, but I can't even hate him for it. Well I cringed but bore it all through this story. Loved it overall.
The Messenger Crow chapter 23 . 12/29/2012
I’m going to leave this here, since I’m pretty sure that even though I read the version in the MT section the stories aren’t very different (I read both endings, just so you know).

Having first noticed this fic quite some time ago (as in, like, a few years before I even registered), I figured that once I had the time to read it to completion I’d go all the way and leave you a review of the entire thing. Of course, having read it over such a long period of time my recollection of certain events might be a bit hazy. (Also, I now need to disregard everything from Golden, since this fic pre-dates it... Apologies if I don't.)

I’ll start by saying that far and away, this is one of the best AU fics I’ve had the pleasure of reading, considering how it’s not an AU just for the sake of being AU. I agree wholeheartedly on the notion that Persona 4 didn’t delve into the culprit’s mindset very well, although in Atlus’ defense Persona 4, despite the M Rating, was pushing the limit as it was… Just look at the anime – the overall story was dumbed down for a reason. That being said, if your intention was to elaborate on the lackluster ending of the original game, there are certainly very different ways of doing so, but this take is certainly eye catching enough.

Moving on to the story itself – taking Souji and twisting him into the worst human being possible was certainly a bold move to make, but it works out very nicely here. Throughout the story the reader is constantly being shown the Persona 4 version of a ‘Death Note where Kira wins’ sort of scenario, and having Souji at the helm, considering how his personality is almost entirely up to interpretation, was essentially the best way to pull something like this off. I for one have entertained the ‘what if one of the main characters was a prick' idea and time and time again I end up placing Souji in that spot. Using Yukiko as his primary victim works out decently with her character as well, so the overall adjustment doesn’t really make anyone (aside from Souji, of course) seem particularly out of character. Yukiko’s inner struggle suited her perfectly, and the way she handles having a child fits just as well.

This leads me to what I’m going to just carefully guess involves your personal preferences for the characters, as the depth that Yukiko was treated with seems to be saved exclusively for her while the rest of the Investigation Team (save for Kanji, Teddie and Yosuke for obvious reasons) just got hit with the bash hammer over and over again. Pointing out a character’s shortcomings and taking advantage of them can get you all kinds of reactions from readers, but for this story it wouldn’t make sense if you DIDN'T bash the cast over and over again. With that in mind, everything just sort of makes sense – Kanji killing himself over his mother, given his greater character flaws, is included in that sense making... Contrary to popular belief, evidently.

This brings me to the stuff that goes on at the end of the story – I’m not going to lie, or sugarcoat it or anything… I really, really just did NOT like the conclusion, like, whatsoever… And now we get into the ranting section of the review. Get ready…

Really, I get the whole ‘they’re just kids, Persona 4 was way too lighthearted, here’s how things should’ve totally gone’ bit. But Adachi raping Naoto seemed too extreme to warrant getting that across. Killing Nanako was good enough for that.

Adachi’s involvement was predictable but pretty much necessary, although in the end his overall impact was fairly weak. You DID offer an explanation for his mindset, but in the end he’s dismissed as an ignorant fool by someone who ultimately is a hell of a lot more ignorant, given how blindly elitist Souji is throughout this story. Adachi’s perspective in the original game is ambiguous, but it wasn’t as if it was left entirely to interpretation. There IS a recurring theme in the game of the investigation team believing what they want to believe and shutting everything else out, though, and I suppose that even though it pre-dates this fic Arena makes it clear that their problems aren’t solved after obtaining a Persona – I guess this sort of stays true to the source material somewhat, so… I won’t take off points.

So from here there’s just some of the other developments things took. Just to list them off:

Yosuke’s Shadow turning into Thanatos was out of place. I’m fairly sure that was just there to make the fight more interesting, so it’s not that big a deal.

The Nanako hallucination was simply tasteless. Not sure why that needed to be there, either.

The Bad Ending breaches all kinds of continuity walls… I’m not sure if I can really call this an issue that needs fixing, though.

The Good Ending makes the 180 that Souji made in the prior chapter that much more unnatural. Also, more breaching, but again, not really a remediable point.

…And this is more of a personal point than anything else, but was Naoto’s conclusion really that necessary? Disregarding how… impractical it seems, at this I’m almost sure you hate her, but it, along with a lot of the things that went on during the conclusion, seemed way too excessive.

In the end, the main issue that I’ve found here is that while mature content is necessary, there’s a point where it stops serving a purpose. There the point where you’ve gotten your point across multiple times clearly with mature content – then there’s the point where you’re writing mature content for the sake of writing mature content. Am I saying that you have to outright exclude it after a certain point? No. You can cross as many lines as you feel the need to as often as you'd like - as long if it isn't as forced as many things seemed to be here. Seems like the ‘waay overboard’ point here was that aforementioned Nanako hallucination. In all honesty, this is the only place where you really need to improve.

Once again, I really did enjoy reading this (even if by the end of the review it seems like I didn’t at all :P) for all the reasons I’ve mentioned. From what I can tell you’ve got something else in a different section, so I’ll see about looking over that one as well.

So yeah, just keep on writing. What you’ve got here isn’t bad at all.
Arawn D. Draven chapter 23 . 10/31/2012
Interesting story, and very interesting end. I loved it!
ClearlyOriginal chapter 23 . 8/31/2012
Well poor rise! and lucky those three? and BEST FAMILY EVER!
LoSTWRITER2 chapter 23 . 5/19/2012
I am a bit confused, did persona 3 happen or not. I mean you mention Elizabeth but you dont mention Minato or his seal against Nix. Also if Souji was using a persona that was swallowing other gods why didnt Mitsuru or Fuuka sense anything. Heck why wasnt Aigis mentioned at least. That wasthe only thing bugging me, other than that great story. Never read anything like it
Hermes tonsils chapter 23 . 4/24/2012
A dark evil story but fucking good
HikariNiwa chapter 23 . 3/9/2012
This story is awesome. Now all we need is a Naruto fiction where Naruto's personality was like this.
The Man Who Has No Life chapter 23 . 2/18/2012
I've been reading your stories for a while, and you should be honored (not really).

I'm not going to lie. This story is pretty grim, and Souji is effectively Light Yagami... But with power. So to cut it short, this story was amazing.

When I first started reading, I thought this was just smut, but you proved me wrong. It started off close to canon, then deviated from it massively. I almost wish Souji were like this in the game (though... Minus... Certain actions... Maybe).

Nice way of showing where the endings branch off as well. I was wondering how you'd manage to do that.

I think another reviewer mentioned this though. Souji seemed out of character at the end. Beforehand, he seemed to be nothing short of a complete monster. His only saving grace was his love for Dojima and Nanako. Were their deaths the reason he stopped being such a sadist towards Yukiko?
Topomouse chapter 23 . 2/8/2012
I have to say that this is one of the most sick and disturbing thing I have ever read/watched/played, and I mean it as a compliment. I had already read and appreciated story about Souji being less "heroic" then what the game implyed him to be by default, but I had yet to find something "hard to digest" as your story.

I have also read some of your other stories about the SMT universe and found them very good, but again the themes were a bit too dark for my tastes.

I still look forward to other SMT stories, there is far too few good ones right now.
Bread chapter 23 . 1/22/2012
I am find it curious how Rise is able to have sex with women for power
au chapter 20 . 1/20/2012
amazing stories very unusual. I know it sounds impossible but can you make a happy ending for souji-yukiko. Haha silly me, right?

Update ASAP. xoxo
Moldy chapter 23 . 1/20/2012
"Rise followed through and had SEXUAL INTTERCOURSE with many men and WOMEN of varying ethnicities, physiques, and power."?

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