Reviews for The Room Upstairs
Anime WarriorSkye chapter 1 . 7/4/2010
This was beautifully done; I can see that you thought this out and put in a lot of energy to make it come out well. Out of curiosity, have you ever heard of the ladies of Llangolin, Wales? They met at a boarding school and lived together for the rest of their lives, having a relationship just as Scarlett and Nellie do here. Their house is still standing; I visited it three years ago on a family vacation. _
Ms. Mathlete chapter 1 . 9/4/2009
Well, I have to admit, I did head on over here to read this after you said that this may be the last story you'd post. I mean, I've never even read anything of yours before. Maybe it's human curiosity or something. Anyways, after reading the actual chapter, I feel a bit guilty about wanting to read it only because of that. Then again, I feel so glad that I read it, for whatever reason.

After reading it, I felt so happy, even though the storyline calls for feeling sad for the characters. I did feel sad for them. The only problem was that I felt even happier for the storyline itself. This seems like a great beginning to a wonderful love story.

I know that Nellie and Scarlett are not lesbians, but I still see this as a love story. I'm not sure when society made it seem that when you say "I love my sister/my friends/that good soup from Panera", it gets warped into "I want to fuck my sister/my friends/that good soup from Panera." No matter how hard I've searched, I haven't been able to find a story with your normal, every-day love.

To make a long story short, eons of thanks for helping me find a story with non-sexual love, writing it well, and sitting through my mini rant. I'm so excited for this to update!