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shad75 chapter 1 . 2/19/2012
Oh, I just discovered you wrote CM! I am a huge fan of that show as you can see by my avatar. In fact, today is the 1st weekend I have off in 6 weeks and I spent the whole day doing a mini marathon of season 5 with my dad. We watched from 'Risky business' to the internet is forever. Emily's my favorite character and 'minimal loss' is one of my top 10 as is 'children of the dark' where she says 'I just need to know I can be human'. See, I know my CM better than LA! I don't ship Hotch-Prentiss particularly but I think Prentiss will pair nicely with either Hotch, Rossi or Morgan. I am so sad Paget is leaving. Anyway, this was a nice piece of writing. I shall go back now to read your remaining Densi fics. I have a real obsession with that show at the moment but I didn't bring my dvds this weekend cos I don't think my dad will like LA very much. He loves criminal minds and the original NCIS.
Rosajean chapter 1 . 1/30/2011
This was really good, but I hate the way it was left...any chance for a sequel or second chapter?
NotAVideoGirl chapter 1 . 5/4/2010
I am so heartbroken for them both here. Wonderful job.
Owl Emporium chapter 1 . 3/16/2010
AW, that was sad. :( But it was really good! I loved it. (: Great job.
Alamo Girl chapter 1 . 2/23/2010
I must tell you that this is exactly the sort of post-ep piece that I was unconsciously looking for! Utterly brilliant prose, description and characterization. As ha it is to nail down the severe enigma that is Arron Hotchner, you've shown him to be the one who most definitely fears that he won't be human.

Your lines "He felt, but he'd all but forgotten what it meant to feel." and "under these circumstances, remaining objective would render him completely inhuman." are exquisite and so very very true. You offer us the glimpse into a thawing of Hotch that we may never get to see, but what a lot of us hope for.

You also walk the line of tension between the two flawlessly, as I think a lot of the time, Prentiss is half-afraid of Hotch, and I always want to read about people who delve into the subtle tension wire that is their relationship. I loved his reactions to her being hurt in this episode and I love you continuing on that train of thought to what it meant for him to have to stand there and listen to he being beaten.

Thanks for this, I needed a bit of truly well-done Hotch/Prentiss that wasn't too overtly romantic. I do hope you'll write more Criminal Minds works. Bravo!
sarah8902 chapter 1 . 9/27/2009
I definitley remember that episode.. tough one. And I love Emily and Hotch, although we hardly ever see their relationship-if that's what you wanna call it?-on the show. So it was nice to read another quick story about them. This just made me want to see them together even more! It was sweet that Hotch was telling her how strong and brave she was by doing what she did. And it definitley wouldn't be Emily without her trying to play it off as if it were no big deal.. mentioning that Reid was about to do it. Then they finally kissed! ) And of course with Emily being injured so badly, the kiss couldn't last too long without her being injured.. and to make matters worse, Hotch pulled away and wouldn't allow himself to comfort her like he really wanted to. Just took the blame again, apologized-which she did not want to hear, and then left. Great story!

I too am a big fan of all of your EC stories, but when I saw that you had a story for Criminal Minds-especially Emily and Hotch-had to read it. As much as I look forward to some more of your EC stories and updates, I really do hope to see some more from Criminal Minds.. preferably of this pairing. )
CarolinaDawn chapter 1 . 9/21/2009
I read this back when you first posted it, but I've had a hard time forming a review because I don't know the characters very well... and you know I like to leave a meaningful review. But, I have seen the episode twice, so I think I do better than a fluff review.

Emily seems like one heck of a strong woman, given that she protected Reid from getting the same treatment and took it on herself, so I can just imagine that she'd not want to deal with people asking her how she was, dreading the looks of pity, wanting to get straight back to work to keep up the illusion that she isn't affected by what happened.

And Hotch... he's so intense that i can just imagine he'd be the kind of person to put the entire thing on his own shoulders, to think it was all his fault & feel the guilt over it, telling her he was sorry he'd stood by and let it happen (as if really did do that). Completely believable, that.

And you know I'm a hopeless romantic, so you know I just loved the 2nd half of the story where Hotch goes all caring on Emily, getting closer to her, asking permission to touch her, the warmth in his eyes as he cupped her cheek. Uttering her first name instead of her last name.

And whew... the kiss! I loved how Hotch was having an internal war with himself but Emily's reaction won the battle for him. And I love that they separated only to delve back into it (not once but twice!) after Emily murmured his name. Decidedly romantic, especially when Hotch's hand slipped into her hair, his other hand wandering her skin. But ah, it had to end. Darn.

While I love your EC above all else, and hope you get back to writing that, this was a darn good substitute.
randomwriting chapter 1 . 9/12/2009
I loved this! Quite the enjoyable read; this was exactly what I would have loved to have seen, and just like everything else you have written, you wrote it extremely well. You did a wonderful job capturing the characters and keeping them true to who they are; not an easy feat. There wasn't a moment I couldn't see or hear the scene as it was taking place. You gave us a glimpse of something so very if only there weren't rules, boundaries, and so many emotional walls separating these two... Yet for just the briefest moment, we get this: "She was vulnerable, beautiful, and in that moment, all he wanted to do was kiss her." And it was so worth it because that moment was simply beautiful. You truly have a gift for conveying emotion in a way that reads true and is easily felt.

More I loved: ""But you didn't let him. You stepped up." What he really wanted to say was how incredibly stupid it had been, despite the fact that he knew he would've done the same thing. But somehow, the usual rules didn't seem to apply to her. She was different, and the very fact that he felt that way should've thrown up a thousand red flags. "And I – I'm incredibly sorry that you were forced into that position at all." So Hotch.

And this was just perfect, "He'd kept his distance from any kind of emotional attachment, making work his life. He felt, but he'd all but forgotten what it meant to feel. Suddenly, Emily's words from a year before came to him in high-definition clarity, and, if there was a chance that he wasn't there already, Hotch was certain that, under these circumstances, remaining objective would render him completely inhuman."

"But just as he'd known before, their jobs revolved around their objectivity. And objectivity told him absolutely not." The simple truth, eloquently put.

I love your way with words & characters, and now you've given me even more reason why that is true. I'm looking forward to reading more of this pairing (just don't forget that list of fics, lol!)
glorellie chapter 1 . 9/10/2009
Great story. Very well writen and true to the characters. I really like, that there is no happy ending. It fits. Looking to read more Em/Hotch Stories from you.
christiangirliemiranda chapter 1 . 9/6/2009
I love it! You have to write more on this story! I've never even thought of Hotcher and Prentiss together until I read this and now I see it! Great job!


Sairs J chapter 1 . 9/6/2009
I enjoyed this story. I thought it was interesting how Hotch retracted quickly to his professionalism, bring up the emotional barriers. Thanks for sharing.
stoneagequeen chapter 1 . 9/6/2009
Oh, how bittersweet this is...poor Hotch, he struggles so to keep that mask up, to hide his feelings beneath that dour,

scowling exterior he puts up for all to see. I can see, though, that he is a very caring, sensitive, compassionate, empathetic man beneath his stony exterior.

I also can see Hotch and Prentiss as a couple, but also I can see that they don't want to cross 'boundaries', and to break any unwritten rules against 'fraternization'.

Will they give in to their desires, or will they suppress them in favor of the 'rules'?

They both seem to be very lonely...I can see them turning to each other in their mutual need.

This is a good story; I hope that you will written...

Thanks for sharing.
UndercoverAlice chapter 1 . 9/6/2009
Brilliant! i loved your characterisations of Emily and Hotch- pretty much spot on and thats not easy to do in CM fics :) hope to see more from you soon!
Adrianne192 chapter 1 . 9/5/2009
Welcome to this fandom! (: I myself am new here. I’ve seen every single episode but just now decided to read fanfics and yours is truly amazing. Your writing is pretty awesome and I didn’t see any major gaffes in characterization. To me, you actually described them perfectly, in particular Hotch and his thoughts.

Everything was very possible and written so beautifully that I can’t help but wish you keep writing H/P! Please?
SBV2020 chapter 1 . 9/5/2009
Loved it! Please tell me there are many more H/P stories to come!
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