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Matthew John chapter 4 . 10/21/2009
In response to the review above me - this is sort of why the backstory of the Zero series is so disappointing, too. A human so dangerous that the Maverick Hunters have to intervene and take him down would be a big moment in said world, but the implications are never expanded on with the exception of what is eventually done to Weil - nonaggression taken to a horrific extreme.
Revokov chapter 1 . 10/15/2009
You all are making me feel very lazy. Knock it off. What right do you have, anyway, to be gifting the fandom with your many and varied brilliances? Don't you know how dangerously inspiring that can be? Don't you know how infuriating it is to swat fifteen times at a gnat and still not squash the bastard?

Okay, so that last one may not be about you, but still, now. I was -this- close to being free of these characters haunting the tail ends of my synapses. Except not really.

And of course, you know what happens. These amazing stories come out and some asshat shows up and super-condenses them.


I would never.


Oh come on. How can you not trust this face. That you cannot see.
Solmedes chapter 4 . 10/11/2009
I dunno if still forbids multiple reviews; I kinda wanted to hold off on remarkin' until I was more willing to pour out something mega-long, thoroughly analytical and highly detailed. Maybe an e-mail or something will compensate if that day should come.

But in the meantime, you know what I love about this? About all the stories involved in this project, but especially the #4 that you wrote? I'm a Megaman X fan - have been for a long time, and I loved the series until my fanflame died out. Long story short (no pun intended); I'd come to think of the world itself, engaging as it was, as childish and ill thought out, filled with half-hearted concepts that would never be fully explored within the game itself. In shorter terms, the more new Megaman X games I saw (post-X4), the more inclined I was to dismiss the series I loved as having "devolved" into a "kid's game," something with no greater storyline strength than could be safely digested by your average nine-year-old. I'd lost my ability to take it seriously (never mind that I still like it, play it, and even write for it sometimes).

Then I read one of your stories. Doesn't even matter which one - be it Whispers in Time, Demons of the Past, or this, your latest masterpiece...and suddenly the world seems so much bigger. Capcom and them may provide the base material, but when I want to fall in love with Megaman X again, I always come to your stories. Without fail. When I want my fan-flame stoked, my enchantment reawakened, just *one* of your chapters is enough to make this happen. And it's all too easy to lose hours in a day just curled up with one of these.

This chapter, and the one following it - written by Magus - have one element in particular that binds me to 'em like nothing else. The characters. They're so...they're *real.* And even if X and Zero aren't the centerpieces of these particular fictions, they don't feel even slightly out of place amongst the OCs, and vice versa; it all feels like a living, breathing world. And what gets me is that you guys are far better at this than I'm convinced Capcom could ever be. And I don't necessarily fault Capcom for that, but...I dunno; I'm not sure how else to say it. Playin' the games is still fun, even though I can't get as attached to the stories as I once did. But when I really, *really* want to fall in love with Megaman again? I come here. And I am never, ever disappointed. Ever.

Even when I re-read a given story of yours for the umpteenth long as I'm in the mood for it, I'm easily enchanted and engaged all over again, even when I know what's coming. This is something I'd expect from professional novels, but generally a fanwork has to be a real gem to pull this off. And this does it.

All right, now I'm done rambling in circles. XD Let's see if I can write something more relevant to the chapter, shall we? And I'll try to do it without being spoileriffic for the first-time readers.

But aw, man. Glacier. Poor Glacier. ;_; Yeah, even subconsciously, it's a painful thing when you realize that self-defense, something that we take for granted as a divine human right, is not recognized as a proper reploid claim in this crapsack world. Glacier did point out that he was shot at first, but it was moot, because there were no other witnesses to the shooting; it'd be his word against the aggressor's, and which one do you think the world's gonna believe? The villain functioned very much like a bully: outright counting on the idea that his victim cannot defend himself for fear of arousing a higher authority, and exploiting that to the fullest. This is likely when so emboldened his (and likely others') actions against the first victim: the arrogant feeling of invicibility that came with knowing that nobody would, or could, ever take them to task as long as they could bury the truth - not hard to do when it's one against the twon, and people can say what they want. What he wasn't counting on was Glacier's code of honor; ironically, it was outrage at the injustice that made Glacier do what he did - his very code of honor bade him to kill. "I'll gladly become labeled by the world if it means getting rid of scum like you," is the message I got from it. And he even stopped to wonder if Sigma thought like that, a nice allusion to the idea brought up in X8 and MHX - and ironically, the first one to allow me to take the idea seriously when the canon games themselves couldn't sell me on it (due, again, to the watered-down and occasionaly cliche-ridiculous construction of the plothole-ridden canon storyline, and keep in mind this is coming from someone who still loves the franchise on some level).

And yet, Glacier held no illusions about what this made him. As he himself admitted, his motives didn't matter. According to this world, reploids did not strike unless humans commanded it. Ever. Period. Those who killed without human endorsement, regardless of motive, are Mavericks. A gross injustice, but one that was only played at subtly in the original games, with Repliforce being the most glaring example. But back on topic: Glacier knew what it made him, and he didn't even care. Ironically, he knew he'd thrown his life away, and he was very willing to pay the price for the crime he knew he'd been part of.

That said, Glacier's mistake in the beginning was forgiveable and very real, poignant and fact, what I want to say is, it was stupid in a realistic way. When that twinge in his gut told him to hesitate, why did he go through with the kill anyway? How many Mavericks do you know sit there on a crate and cry their eyes out rather than going berserkatron the moment they spot you? Hell, I figured out what was going on ten percent of the way through the story; how come the Hunter himself took so long?

(Granted, it's not at all unfeasible to suggest that "real" Mavericks have tried to milk that very logic before, and that admission may take the steam out of my question, but y'know. Had to put it there anyway.)

I like that Glacier used his brain, but I lament that he couldn't have used it earlier. It's a tragically human mistake (ironic, eh?) on his part, but how much could've been solved if he'd just held his suspicion earlier? Or would it have even helped matters in the first place?

Ah, well. I think I've talked enough at this point that I risk going around in circles, so I'll end it there. But yeah, in summary - I can't take Capcom's Megaman X seriously anymore; not by itself. When I play the games, all I can think about is the subtext and What Could Have Been, but was fated to never be because the Megaman name had to be restricted to a kid's game. It's the fanworks, the pieces of soul and spirit forged by fan authors in my boat, and not the source material itself, that makes me fall in love with the source material all over again. It's a phenomenon, and a magical one, and one I'm grateful for. (I'm definitely interested in giving Magus's works a look-over after Chap. 5, incidentally.)

Heh, it's been about three hours (maybe more) I spent on this, between the readin' and the reviewing. I'm-a shut up now. XD But this is magic. I always feel fired up after reading an Erico work. Superb.

Here's to hopin' this gets a lot more love.
GrimMoody chapter 2 . 9/17/2009
Okay...Megamans 1-4 happened in the year 200X, meaning that Rock and Roll had to be created before then. Also, aren't audience participation things against the guidelines?
Red Chaos Mage chapter 4 . 9/14/2009
Whoa... I have to say, this is beyond impressive... I'm actually at a little loss for words here... between the scope of the project to the absolutely amazing content that's been released thus far... If I didn't already hold you (all of you) in high respect, I would after seeing this, without a doubt.

I will watch this unfold with great interest, I can promise you that.
lalalei chapter 4 . 9/4/2009
Wow. Just, wow. The scope and stories of this project are amazing. I got shivers reading these. Keep up the good work, everyone who's writing! :)

Out of curiosity, I noticed you don't have Megaman 9 on the list. is it cause the story doesn't really fit with the series?
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