Reviews for Harry Potter and the Boy Who Lived
Valeform chapter 12 . 6/11
I was about to go on rant about not going to get another chapter until I realised this was released in January
mdman1 chapter 12 . 6/11
Excellent story! I look forward to future chapters with pleasure. Please keep writing, I desperately want to know which way the chips are going to fall.

PSA to those who read reviews: I discovered that the story thread in the Dark Lord Potter forums is five chapters ahead of the story. Go over there are hours of more awesomeness. Though you need to register to be able to view it.
anna123 chapter 12 . 6/10
My all time favorite story right now! Keep up the good work :)
KrOnOs00 chapter 12 . 6/9
Oh...My...God. This has to be one of the best stories I've had the pleasure of reading. The grammar is amazing, the character personalities are developed really well, and don't even get me started on the plot. I love Calypso's character and the plot twists involved. Making us think she was up to something darker then pull the rug right out from under us by putting in a marriage contract was genius. I applaud your work of greatness and anticipate the next chapter with great reverence.
omnipotent Porunga chapter 12 . 6/6
beautiful fic, enjoying it and now waiting for the next installment :))
Ghastlydarkworld chapter 12 . 6/6
Decidedly a wonderful story, very catching :)

Please, do keep up the great job!
StarApple086 chapter 12 . 6/5
any hope for an update on this story? i really like it, it would be a shame if it was abandoned
Landydou chapter 12 . 6/4
This ia a very good story. It s bad that you dont continue it. I hope you will.
floatingmangocake chapter 12 . 6/4
I don't know. Brilliant? Why didn't I know of this thing before? Fantastic? Shrug, thanks for writing and please keep it up.
Clairent chapter 12 . 6/1
I don't know if i'm right... But, in the Goblet of Fire, i think it's revealed that Viktor Krum animagus form is a shark.

So, unless i'm wrong or you're ignoring the fourth book, sorry for bothering, then.

Great story though, i'm excited for the next chapter.

Please continue writing!
FunnyGinger08 chapter 12 . 5/31
Is it true that DLP has more chapters of this story, though?
jameselvendork1123 chapter 12 . 5/29
I quite literally wept when I saw you'd updated this story. please, pleeeeez update again soon!
one request - could you have nathan start to branch off from canon a bit more? also in their fourth year can harry compete in the tri-wizard tournament against nathan? that would be amazing.
keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 12 . 5/29
can someone explain how to access this story on DLP? do you have to join?
MargaritaS chapter 12 . 5/25
your writing is spectacular and i cant wait for more. i shall keep my fingers crossed for a speedy update
Guest chapter 12 . 5/24
Even if I don't like Harry's cruel animal experiments, please write a new chapter! I can't wait!
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