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Mimic chapter 2 . 9/30/2013
I know (stop before lets out some curse) ... nothing about golf. Seriously. So, because of that fact, I, unfortunately, can't say... a thing, about most of what happened, I'm sorry.

But this was so fun! Kasy is so smart, gosh.

Sometimes I'm confused, but I love how you don't write what happened, just say it on lines, like: "Uh, sorry for hurting your hand," Hego apologized as Shego nursed her bruised fingers.

Soo funny, brilliant. And poor Shego, she's rusty. But this isn't the problem, She couldn't manage because she couldn't hurt anyone. She used to rely too much on plasma when everything else failed.
Alexander - Godslayer chapter 2 . 7/1/2010
This fic must be one of the best at gathering random characters out of all around. Though the whole golfing thing hardly interests me, I overall enjoyed most of this. Many funny moments here and there, and it was nice to see some characters. I personally liked seeing more of Bella.

By the way, is it me, or Kasy and Sheki are developing some sister rivalry between them?

Well, can’t wait for the next parts.

Yours, “From Hell with Love” Alexander/Alexlayer.

See ya!
Itachi's apprentice chapter 2 . 4/14/2010
Great work.
Alex-Papa Storytime-Markov chapter 2 . 10/11/2009
Damn! I'm sorry I waited so long to read this. There were several great moments and quite a few laugh out loud lines.

Love the shout out to Chuck Avery. That's old school baby.

spotted one typo, when Hego comes over to assure the viewers. He should either come over "to" assure them or he should have "assured them.

I smiled for almost this whole piece, thanks.

Mr. Wizard chapter 2 . 9/16/2009
Extremely well paced, as I hear a good golf game should be. (Never participated in one of those myself.) By far my favorite bit was with Hego and Junior. The writing reminded me of British humor, and I mean that in a good way.

That particular dish had crossed my mind. Very funny story.
DeMatt chapter 2 . 9/16/2009
Hm. I note that you complained of not finding any good places for chapter breaks in this, so I thought I'd submit my two cents' worth.

How about making the "pregame" portion a chapter, then the "actual game" portion another chapter, and finally the "postgame" portion its own final chapter?

I think you should flesh out the "actual game" somewhat more... it seems a bit sparse here - you spent a fair amount of time setting up Ron and Chuck as commentators, and then they didn't do any commentating. A bit more of Shego consulting Kasy (I can't imagine that she only asked for advice on the last hole), and maybe the twins comparing notes with each other as well.
Etherelemental chapter 2 . 9/14/2009
That was good. I especially liked the part with Shego attempting to hit Hego, and receiving an injury to her hand as a result. Though, one thing I'm sure Monique could count on was that if Will had had one of those other girls as his caddy, he wouldn't have paid much mind to her. As that's how Will's character is. Though, I was amused when Monkey Fist looked around in terror when he thought that Kim might have set DNAmy as his caddy. Though, if she had, she might have won the match for the heroes there. But I was wondering if you'd have the heroes side win or not, since there really wasn't anything too big at stake for either side winning. But anyway, thanks for posting all of that. It was really quite entertaining. And I'll wait patiently (sort of) for you to continue on writing more KP fics!
noncynic chapter 2 . 9/14/2009
All good. Love too many of the individual bits to list them here, seriously.
Thomas Linquist chapter 2 . 9/14/2009
Now that was good.

Only Drakken could go into the bush with a seven iron and come out with a kinkajou! I just about fell off my chair. His caddy showed good sense not going in there.

I can't imagine how crow would taste, being scavengers. If this one were held in captivity, it might not be too bad. I don't know what Ron's problem is with parsnips myself. I find they add dimension to stews and casseroles. Rosemary... hmm... have to think on that one.

I am going to miss the Best Enemies universe, but I look forward to what has been on the back burner, simmering away for what seems like years.

Happy writing, sir. May your lima beans stay fresh in the pantry.

Well of Silence chapter 2 . 9/14/2009
another great story :)

Best Enemies universe rulez
creativetoo chapter 2 . 9/14/2009
Great story, as always. Your stories are always among my favorites.

If you do take a break from KP stories, I hope it'll be a relatively short break. I'd miss them too much.

Especially loved Shego being a her attempted theft...and I'm sure Kim will definitely keep her eye on her to make sure she stays out of trouble. :)
shinneodeus chapter 2 . 9/13/2009
The story is a nice way to get a kind of a "summer break". Practically all the protagonists appear in the plot and even a "big fight" between evil and good. In a metaphoric and funny way of course.

Nice dig on the guy who won a reality show. Yeah those shows promise big things for their winners, but rarely get any kind of long lasting career. And Hego never changes, Will he growup someday? Probably not. Oh yeah Kim gets a little bit of humility. No dignity from her eating the literal crow.

Read you later!
captainkodak1 chapter 2 . 9/13/2009
Enjoyed the story. Way to go Ron on how to cook crow. Looking forward to your return.

The Captain
Twin-3 chapter 1 . 9/13/2009
Chok full of genuine gold-nuggets!

Funny as ... I laughed out loud several places.

I think everybody was expecting DNAmy to mess up Monkeyfists game, switching that setting to Duff instead was brilliant.. evil but brilliant.

I didn't see it come but Shego not being able to resist that challenge is so funny and in hindsight so logical.
List of Romantics chapter 2 . 9/12/2009
Madness! Parsnips are good, nay deliciously good! Love Parsnips! Now Potatoes... if it ain't chips, french fries, home fries or hash browns? Rubbish. Potatoes: Boo! ;-) Sweet Potatoes? Da-Kine! Love'm!

And this: "I, uh, hit something stupid."

That was easily the funniest line of the whole piece.

Oh Jr, when will you ever come out of the closet!

Caddies? Nice touch.

Crow? I kinda figured it'd be something symbolic considering what was said first chapter. And honestly, I don't know what Kim's hang-up was. She'd have had to eat much nastier things in survival school. We, or I did, when I went through survival training. It isn't like she had to keep, kill, skin, gut and eat a rabbit and then use it's pelt to make a hat or gloves in the field. Done that. Now Insects? Doable, but gross, or at least I think so. Hate eating insects, but it beats starving to death.

Despite it's length, which was nice, I kinda wanted more. I know this chapter was a monster, but I kept feeling like there should have been, I don't know... just something more, or more to it. Like it was over too quickly...? Or the pace felt quick.

Good luck with the other stuff. I wish you well. Hope to see you around.
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