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InuyashaFanGirl16 chapter 2 . 5/21/2021
Siennax3 chapter 33 . 4/6/2021
I’ve always loved BatB ever since I was a child but for whatever reason this year I dived headfirst into the hole that is BatB fanfic and I’m so happy I found this one! Your take on this story while blending what we already know was amazing. The fluffy bits were my favorite, of course. Soft!Beast makes me want to sob ANYWAY, I know I’m late on this story by many many year but I’m grateful to have read it during a time when things have been a little rough. So thank you for that!
Guest chapter 20 . 11/5/2019
I LOVED this chapter so much!
Vanessa Masters chapter 33 . 7/19/2019
She smiled at him, but it wasn't the mocking smile he was used to seeing. Instead it was kind, and he thought he detected a hint of pride. "You've become the ruler, and the man, you should have been had you not lost your heart at the deaths of your parents. You learned the lesson I set out to teach you—and more. In fact, you've surpassed my expectations."

He jumped down out of the cart, shaking off Belle's restraining hand on his shoulder. Slowly, he walked up to stand eye to eye with the enchantress. They were nearly of an equal height; she stood barely an inch taller. He remembered how she had loomed over him the night she'd cast the spell. She looked straight into his eyes without flinching.

"You think I didn't do you a favor by transforming you?" she asked, very quietly.

"I lived for ten years as a monster with nothing but a desperate, impossible hope that nearly drove me mad. Now that the spell is over, I don't even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. I was nearly killed because I looked like an animal, not a human. I wouldn't call that a favor," he said boldly.

"The hunter tried to kill you because he saw you as a rival for Belle's hand, not as an animal," the enchantress replied. "And that being the case, my spell saved your life. If Belle hadn't declared her love when she did and the spell hadn't restored everything, including your human body, you would have died. There was nothing I could have done about that. And do you really want to know what your adolescence as a spoiled human boy would have looked like? Or the tyrannical, womanizing man you would have grown into? I can show you, if you wish to see that. It's worse than anything you ever experienced as a Beast, believe me. The most terrible part of it is, you would have been desperately unhappy and not even known why, and you would have taken it out on anyone and anything that came into contact with you.

"Now, look around. You're about to marry a woman you love more than your own life, and who loves you back just as fiercely. You changed your ways for her, in order to become someone worthy of her love and respect. You have a beautiful daughter you'll help raise into a fine young lady, and more children if you and your wife so choose. You have a household full of servants who are loyal, and not because they fear you. You've become a good man who strives to do the right thing, not merely ensure justice is done. All of that came about because of the consequences of my spell. Now look me in the eye and tell me I didn't do you a favor, Prince Alexander."

"And Gaston?" he asked.

"What about him?"

"He was just as selfish and cruel as I once was. Yet you didn't transform him, or send him on a quest like Queen Guinevere did for Sir Gawain, even after what he did to Belle."

"Not everyone can be saved, Alexander. You've learned this by now. He made his choices, but unlike you, and Sir Gawain for that matter, he did them knowing the possible consequences. Though it was noble of you to offer him another chance." She sighed, and looked away briefly. "Seeing the future is a burden sometimes, knowing there are those that can't be helped even if I were to intervene. It all depends on human choices in the end, not on any sort of magical help—or punishment—I can bestow."

A happy ending for all.

Wow, Merlin was the enchantress? Intriguing.

Great fic, stupendous.
Vanessa Masters chapter 32 . 7/19/2019
Let's go, Lumière. This is turning out to be a longer day than I expected."

But Lumière didn't move. He was staring at something in the road ahead.

"Lumière? Is everything all right?" asked Belle.

"Lumière?" Alexander tried. Still no response. Exchanging glances, Belle and Alexander made their way to the front of the cart, Maurice and Lefou not far behind. They peered over Lumière's shoulder. Alexander suddenly gripped Belle's arm, hard.

A gorgeous blonde woman in flowing green robes stood patting Philippe's head. The horse was calm under her touch, which reassured Belle a little. However, both Alexander and Lumière were acting as if she had two heads. Neither man could take his eyes off her, and Belle could feel Alexander's palm sweating through her dress sleeve. Lumière was shaking slightly.

"It's her," Alexander finally managed. "The enchantress."


She showed up! The enchantress, and a angry LeFou, but that was evaded.
Vanessa Masters chapter 31 . 7/19/2019
Happy, happy! With Belle getting proposed to having the baby, learning about the curse. I wonder if the enchantress will show up to bless the baby as magical folks often do.

Either way, this has been a marvelous read.
Vanessa Masters chapter 29 . 7/19/2019
After that was a haze. Nothing but a blur, and a feeling of floating. And now…this. Inexplicably waking up again, in a human body, fully healed. What would Belle think?


He spun. Belle lay curled a few feet behind him against the causeway wall. For a second he was terribly afraid when he saw how pale she was, but then she moved her head and moaned. Then she gave a little half-scream, all with her eyes shut tight.

"Belle!" In an instant he was beside her. "Belle! Wake up!"

Belle moaned again. Her eyes stayed shut.

"Belle, it's me. I'm all right. Look," he urged, but still she didn't respond. Beginning to be really frightened, he reached down and put his arms around her. She didn't open her eyes, but as before when he held her, she snuggled close to him. He relaxed, just a little. She still recognized him, even in this strange almost-unconscious state. But she was obviously in a lot of pain.

She'd said the baby was coming soon. That explained the pain. Holding in his panic, the transformed young man scooped up the woman he loved. "Don't worry," he said soothingly, "I have you. Everything's going to be fine." She was much heavier than he remembered, but some of the Beast seemed to have stayed behind in his arms and legs. He was still strong enough to carry her.

Belle thought she heard someone calling her name. The voice was familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, but she couldn't find the willpower to move her mouth to answer, or open her eyes to see who it was. Arms went around her and held her close. A unique and comforting spicy smell filled the air. Now she knew who it was without doubt. She relaxed into his hold, knowing she was safe. He wouldn't let anything happen to her. She could even stand the pain, so long as he was near.

The former Beast started towards the castle, Belle's head on his shoulder and her tangled hair mingling with his. Every twenty steps or so she would tense up and moan again, and he would hold her closer. The last time, just as they left the causeway into the courtyard, he shyly leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead. "I love you, Belle," he whispered.

And Belle smiled. "I love you, too," she said, very distinctly, though she stayed limp in his arms and her eyes didn't open.

Immediately, the castle gave a great shiver underneath them. The young man staggered but managed not to fall or drop his precious burden. From his feet in all directions spread out a ripple of change. The dark stones became light marble, the angry gargoyles all around angels. Flowers peeked out from all corners. Sparkles of light danced around the towers, and then faded.

The young man stood still for a moment, staring in awe. The castle was now just the way he remembered it from his childhood. The enchantress had said this would happen if he somehow managed to break the spell—everything would return to the way it had been. Which meant…

The front doors flew open with a bang. Down into the courtyard rushed three people. The young man recognized them instantly.
Awww love! And the spell is broken! Still gotta deal with the baby.
Vanessa Masters chapter 28 . 7/19/2019
All the Beast's fury came rushing back. "You don't know Belle," he snarled. He leapt forward, but wasn't fast enough. Gaston easily evaded him.

"It's over, Beast," he said, chuckling cruelly as he watched the Beast stumble back to get out of knife range. "Belle is mine!"

Something cold, a kind of icy clarity, took over the Beast's mind, though it was still red-tinted with rage. This…monster…thought he could own Belle, like a horse, or the shirt he was dripping blood on. "Belle belongs to no one," he hissed, "Not to me, and least of all to you." And he flung himself forward, heedless of the danger of the knife.

His reckless charge apparently took Gaston by surprise. The Beast had the knife knocked away and the man off his feet before he could do more than lift a hand. Using his good right arm, the Beast towed his helpless prisoner to the edge of the causeway and held him out by the throat, ready to drop him to his death hundreds of feet below.

Gaston screamed and struggled, but he was helpless before the Beast's righteous rage. "Please, let me go! Don't hurt me! I'll do anything you want! Just don't…" He looked down at the empty air below his feet and struggled harder.

This was it: the Beast could drop him and be done with it. Belle and her baby would finally be safe. He wouldn't even have to watch the man die, as he had with his mother.

His mother. The Beast heard that axe swinging again, the terrible noise roaring in his ears as it cut through bone and ended her life. He saw his father, dull-eyed and ill, refusing to leave the West Wing. No one would mourn Gaston the way the Prince had mourned his beloved, betraying wife.

Beast gave him a chance, and he threw it away, the baby is coming!
Vanessa Masters chapter 27 . 7/19/2019
Oh so glad LeFou heard and let Belle with he others go.
Vanessa Masters chapter 26 . 7/19/2019
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Least Gaston doesn’t know he’s the father, but it’s getting intense!
Vanessa Masters chapter 25 . 7/19/2019
No! Not Gaston! Why didn’t he just stay in town, then Belle could’ve taken Maurice back to the castle to have him tended to! Oh no!
Vanessa Masters chapter 24 . 7/19/2019
Oh just say it Beast! But the. He gives her the mirror and she sees her papa in distress.
Vanessa Masters chapter 23 . 7/19/2019
I don't think Lancelot really loved Guinevere, though," the Beast remarked.

"What makes you say that?" asked Belle. "I agree with you, but I want to hear what you think."

"Lancelot was just obsessed with Guinevere. Yes, he did all sorts of brave feats for her, but he did those things because he thought she was beautiful. I wonder what would have happened if he'd seen someone prettier."

"That's interesting. I'd never thought of it that way," said Belle. "I have to admit, I used to wonder why Guinevere gave in. She and Arthur were so in love in the beginning of the story. They were fated to meet, and when they got married it was like a fairytale come true."

"Used to?" the Beast repeated gently.

"I think I understand her a little better now." Belle glanced down at her bulging stomach. "Attention like Lancelot paid to her…it's flattering, at first. You let it go on because it seems harmless. Then all of a sudden you find yourself in over your head, and no way back." She shuddered. "You wonder why you didn't say 'no' at the very beginning and end things before they went so far."

"You couldn't have known," the Beast said. His gruff voice was very quiet. "If you make a choice because you were naïve and terrible things happened because of it, there's no point in asking why you didn't see it coming. Thinking that way can drive you mad." His voice grew even quieter. "Trust me."

Belle looked at him. He had been to the brink of that madness; she could see it in his sad blue eyes. He understood, possibly better than anyone ever could, the feeling of regretting choices. She knew what he wasn't telling her: whatever choice he had made, it had cost him his humanity.

Her own eyes filled with tears. She tried to halt them, but without her permission those hot tears began to crawl down her cheeks.

Awww Beast comforting her, the looove!
Vanessa Masters chapter 22 . 7/19/2019
He stood looking at the rose under its bell jar. For once, it did not taunt him with how much time he had left. But it was nearly wilted. The Beast sighed, and closed his eyes.

"Go ahead and wilt," he told it. "It doesn't matter anymore."

"You've given up, then?" asked a voice from behind him.

He whirled to find the enchantress standing at the entrance to the balcony. Like the rose, she glowed faintly, so that he could easily make out her outline in the dark.

"This is new," he told her, attempting to change the subject. "You're not going to make me relieve my nightmare again?"

"It didn't seem necessary this time. Answer my question." It was a command.

He sighed again. "I haven't given up. I've just accepted the inevitable. Your curse can't be broken."

"Of course it can. You love that girl. Considering what you were when we first met, I am truly amazed you were able to find your heart again."

"It's because I love her that the curse won't be broken. She can't love me back."

The enchantress tapped her wand against her chin. "Because you're a monster physically? Would it make a difference if you were human? If only for a day, so you could explain?" She flicked her wand at him. He felt his skin tingle briefly, and sparkles of light obscured his vision for a moment. When his eyes cleared, he brought a paw up in front of his face, only to find it was a human hand. He flexed his fingers, and couldn't keep himself from smiling wistfully.

Then he put it down to his side again to hide it from view. "No."

"No?" A smile flickered across the enchantress' face. "Are you sure?"

"Would it make a difference to how she'd feel about me? Maybe, in the future. But she's not ready. I only have a month left. It would be cruel of me to ask for her love so soon after what that man did to her."

"You seem certain of how she feels. Do you have so little faith in your personal charms?"

"Don't make fun of me," he growled. It sounded odd coming from a human voice. "We both know what I am. I don't deserve an amazing girl like her."

"I see." The enchantress regarded him for a moment. "Is it the baby she's carrying, then? I could—"

"NO!" He didn't even want to hear what she'd been going to suggest.

"Well, then what's standing in your way? What do you have to lose by asking her?"

He closed his eyes in pain. "Everything."

"So it's a matter of courage, then. I suggest you find yours soon." She gestured at the rose, which flashed. His skin tingled again, and he was a Beast once more. She gave a decisive nod. "I might also suggest that you trust your girl. She may feel more for you than you think. I wish you luck in the next month."

"Wait!" He held out a paw.


"My…my servants," he stumbled. "They didn't deserve what happened to them, because of me. If I don't…can you…"

Her eyes narrowed. "Asking for favors, now, your Highness? You have changed." Her smile was mocking. "But I'll see what I can contrive. Don't you dare use this as an excuse for not trying to break my spell! If you do, then I can promise nothing will change, for you or your servants."

He looked down. "Yes, ma'am."

Her laugh sounded pleased, almost startled. Then she waved her wand, and was gone.


Beast so warm and a tender, and he enchantress, giving Beast a little prodding, he has changed and she’s clearly not evil, so she wants him to try and break the spell and find love.

And beast, so kind of him to ask for his servants to be changed back, even if he doesn’t break the spell.
Vanessa Masters chapter 21 . 7/19/2019
No such luck. Not five minutes into his walk, he came across a cloaked figure. It had its back to him, but he knew from the odd combination of grace and clumsiness of movement that it was Belle. She seemed to get bigger every week, now.

She turned at the last minute; his paws were very quiet on the snow. However, she did not seem surprised to see him.

"The baby was kicking. He always seems to do that when you're around. I should learn to pay more attention to him," she said with a gentle smile.


Yes, Beast, is Ben if you stay a beats you can be father to The child, it seems to like you already with the kicking it does inside belle when your around.
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