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Vanessa Masters chapter 28 . 7/19/2019
All the Beast's fury came rushing back. "You don't know Belle," he snarled. He leapt forward, but wasn't fast enough. Gaston easily evaded him.

"It's over, Beast," he said, chuckling cruelly as he watched the Beast stumble back to get out of knife range. "Belle is mine!"

Something cold, a kind of icy clarity, took over the Beast's mind, though it was still red-tinted with rage. This…monster…thought he could own Belle, like a horse, or the shirt he was dripping blood on. "Belle belongs to no one," he hissed, "Not to me, and least of all to you." And he flung himself forward, heedless of the danger of the knife.

His reckless charge apparently took Gaston by surprise. The Beast had the knife knocked away and the man off his feet before he could do more than lift a hand. Using his good right arm, the Beast towed his helpless prisoner to the edge of the causeway and held him out by the throat, ready to drop him to his death hundreds of feet below.

Gaston screamed and struggled, but he was helpless before the Beast's righteous rage. "Please, let me go! Don't hurt me! I'll do anything you want! Just don't…" He looked down at the empty air below his feet and struggled harder.

This was it: the Beast could drop him and be done with it. Belle and her baby would finally be safe. He wouldn't even have to watch the man die, as he had with his mother.

His mother. The Beast heard that axe swinging again, the terrible noise roaring in his ears as it cut through bone and ended her life. He saw his father, dull-eyed and ill, refusing to leave the West Wing. No one would mourn Gaston the way the Prince had mourned his beloved, betraying wife.

Beast gave him a chance, and he threw it away, the baby is coming!
Vanessa Masters chapter 27 . 7/19/2019
Oh so glad LeFou heard and let Belle with he others go.
Vanessa Masters chapter 26 . 7/19/2019
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Least Gaston doesn’t know he’s the father, but it’s getting intense!
Vanessa Masters chapter 25 . 7/19/2019
No! Not Gaston! Why didn’t he just stay in town, then Belle could’ve taken Maurice back to the castle to have him tended to! Oh no!
Vanessa Masters chapter 24 . 7/19/2019
Oh just say it Beast! But the. He gives her the mirror and she sees her papa in distress.
Vanessa Masters chapter 23 . 7/19/2019
I don't think Lancelot really loved Guinevere, though," the Beast remarked.

"What makes you say that?" asked Belle. "I agree with you, but I want to hear what you think."

"Lancelot was just obsessed with Guinevere. Yes, he did all sorts of brave feats for her, but he did those things because he thought she was beautiful. I wonder what would have happened if he'd seen someone prettier."

"That's interesting. I'd never thought of it that way," said Belle. "I have to admit, I used to wonder why Guinevere gave in. She and Arthur were so in love in the beginning of the story. They were fated to meet, and when they got married it was like a fairytale come true."

"Used to?" the Beast repeated gently.

"I think I understand her a little better now." Belle glanced down at her bulging stomach. "Attention like Lancelot paid to her…it's flattering, at first. You let it go on because it seems harmless. Then all of a sudden you find yourself in over your head, and no way back." She shuddered. "You wonder why you didn't say 'no' at the very beginning and end things before they went so far."

"You couldn't have known," the Beast said. His gruff voice was very quiet. "If you make a choice because you were naïve and terrible things happened because of it, there's no point in asking why you didn't see it coming. Thinking that way can drive you mad." His voice grew even quieter. "Trust me."

Belle looked at him. He had been to the brink of that madness; she could see it in his sad blue eyes. He understood, possibly better than anyone ever could, the feeling of regretting choices. She knew what he wasn't telling her: whatever choice he had made, it had cost him his humanity.

Her own eyes filled with tears. She tried to halt them, but without her permission those hot tears began to crawl down her cheeks.

Awww Beast comforting her, the looove!
Vanessa Masters chapter 22 . 7/19/2019
He stood looking at the rose under its bell jar. For once, it did not taunt him with how much time he had left. But it was nearly wilted. The Beast sighed, and closed his eyes.

"Go ahead and wilt," he told it. "It doesn't matter anymore."

"You've given up, then?" asked a voice from behind him.

He whirled to find the enchantress standing at the entrance to the balcony. Like the rose, she glowed faintly, so that he could easily make out her outline in the dark.

"This is new," he told her, attempting to change the subject. "You're not going to make me relieve my nightmare again?"

"It didn't seem necessary this time. Answer my question." It was a command.

He sighed again. "I haven't given up. I've just accepted the inevitable. Your curse can't be broken."

"Of course it can. You love that girl. Considering what you were when we first met, I am truly amazed you were able to find your heart again."

"It's because I love her that the curse won't be broken. She can't love me back."

The enchantress tapped her wand against her chin. "Because you're a monster physically? Would it make a difference if you were human? If only for a day, so you could explain?" She flicked her wand at him. He felt his skin tingle briefly, and sparkles of light obscured his vision for a moment. When his eyes cleared, he brought a paw up in front of his face, only to find it was a human hand. He flexed his fingers, and couldn't keep himself from smiling wistfully.

Then he put it down to his side again to hide it from view. "No."

"No?" A smile flickered across the enchantress' face. "Are you sure?"

"Would it make a difference to how she'd feel about me? Maybe, in the future. But she's not ready. I only have a month left. It would be cruel of me to ask for her love so soon after what that man did to her."

"You seem certain of how she feels. Do you have so little faith in your personal charms?"

"Don't make fun of me," he growled. It sounded odd coming from a human voice. "We both know what I am. I don't deserve an amazing girl like her."

"I see." The enchantress regarded him for a moment. "Is it the baby she's carrying, then? I could—"

"NO!" He didn't even want to hear what she'd been going to suggest.

"Well, then what's standing in your way? What do you have to lose by asking her?"

He closed his eyes in pain. "Everything."

"So it's a matter of courage, then. I suggest you find yours soon." She gestured at the rose, which flashed. His skin tingled again, and he was a Beast once more. She gave a decisive nod. "I might also suggest that you trust your girl. She may feel more for you than you think. I wish you luck in the next month."

"Wait!" He held out a paw.


"My…my servants," he stumbled. "They didn't deserve what happened to them, because of me. If I don't…can you…"

Her eyes narrowed. "Asking for favors, now, your Highness? You have changed." Her smile was mocking. "But I'll see what I can contrive. Don't you dare use this as an excuse for not trying to break my spell! If you do, then I can promise nothing will change, for you or your servants."

He looked down. "Yes, ma'am."

Her laugh sounded pleased, almost startled. Then she waved her wand, and was gone.


Beast so warm and a tender, and he enchantress, giving Beast a little prodding, he has changed and she’s clearly not evil, so she wants him to try and break the spell and find love.

And beast, so kind of him to ask for his servants to be changed back, even if he doesn’t break the spell.
Vanessa Masters chapter 21 . 7/19/2019
No such luck. Not five minutes into his walk, he came across a cloaked figure. It had its back to him, but he knew from the odd combination of grace and clumsiness of movement that it was Belle. She seemed to get bigger every week, now.

She turned at the last minute; his paws were very quiet on the snow. However, she did not seem surprised to see him.

"The baby was kicking. He always seems to do that when you're around. I should learn to pay more attention to him," she said with a gentle smile.


Yes, Beast, is Ben if you stay a beats you can be father to The child, it seems to like you already with the kicking it does inside belle when your around.
Vanessa Masters chapter 20 . 7/19/2019
"Whose idea was it? Mrs. Potts? Lumière?" Madame shook her head. "I can't see Cogsworth thinking of this." Suddenly, Belle's jaw dropped open. "Not…"

"Chip helped you make that book, remember? He told his mother, and she and the others helped convince the Master it wouldn't be right not to give you something in return, Christmas traditions aside. The dress was his idea, though. I have no idea how he thought of it."

Belle stroked the material. "I would never have dreamed to ask for something like this. But it's perfect. I'll have to thank him."

"Oh, don't!" Madame exclaimed. "I wasn't supposed to tell you anything. It was just going to be from all of us to you. As a thank you for coming here and rearranging our lives for the better."

Belle shrugged. "It was really just chance that I came. But all right. I'll thank the head staff when I see them tomorrow. And I won't say anything to the Beast. Still…" Belle twirled again. "This is wonderful. I can't imagine a better Christmas surprise."

"You're welcome," said a low voice to the glowing mirror its owner held in one paw.


Belle dreams and realizes the truth about beast, wishing he could be happy. And that scene with the dress and Beast watching, I love it. I almost cried a bit. _
Vanessa Masters chapter 19 . 7/19/2019
He pushed open the door and went inside. Belle, startled at the door's creak, turned, and jumped when she saw him. "Oh!" She put a hand to her chest, nearly dropping the log. "You scared me." She waited a few moments, and when the Beast couldn't bring himself to do more than stare at her, she asked carefully, "Were you looking for me? Is something wrong?"

The Beast shook his head to clear it. When she turned to face him, he had been struck by how beautiful she was in the rosy light. Even obviously pregnant. In fact, the rounded curves only enhanced her beauty, at least for him. "No—nothing's wrong," he stammered. "What are you doing?"

"Oh." Belle looked guiltily at the log in her hand. "Nothing."

"What's so special about that log?" he demanded.

Belle heaved a sigh, as if bracing herself. "It's a Yule log."

The Beast wasn't sure what this meant, but there was that dreaded word 'Yule.' He could feel his lips start to curl.

"It's a peasant tradition. Do you know about it?" asked Belle.

The Beast had to admit he didn't. The question diffused his anger, at least for the moment.

"One special log is chosen each December for the Yule log. Some families have a specific kind of wood they always pick. On Christmas Eve, everyone in the household touches it and makes a wish."

"Hmph." The Beast snorted disdainfully. "Wishes are stupid." He'd been wishing for years, with no results.

"Really?" Belle tilted her head.

"Is this what you wished for last Christmas?" His gesture took in their entirety of their circumstances: the castle, his monstrous body, her pregnancy.

Belle looked down. "No. Of course not." Her head came up, and her chin was out stubbornly. "I've wished certain things hadn't happened, but wishing can't change the past. Wishing is for the future. It gives us something to hope and work for, that things will get better. That's the whole point of the Christmas season. And I plan keep on wishing, for the rest of my life."

The Beast stared at her. He'd never thought about wishing in terms of past and future. But Belle was right: wishing changed nothing about the past. He'd wasted many, many wishes that way. There were so many things about the past he longed to have been different. Most of the things in his life, in fact.

Beast let’s it slip he’s cursed, I think Belle did t buy his ‘change of subject, they discuss the story of Mary and Joseph, Beast feeling he sympathizes with Joseph and understand the predicament he was in and feels the baby kick. Such a sweet moment.
Vanessa Masters chapter 18 . 7/19/2019
Hmph," rumbled the Beast, but mildly enough that Belle could tell he was thinking hard rather than annoyed.

"It's still a headache," he complained after a moment. "Not everybody is worthy enough to deserve a second chance like Gawain. How do you tell?"

"You don't," said Belle. "Unless you can see into the future like Merlin. We more ordinary mortals just have to do our best."

"See into the future…" the Beast repeated under his breath.

"What?" asked Belle.

"Hmmm? Oh. You just reminded me of something, that's all." He studied his clawed paws intently for a moment, as if trying to work out a hard puzzle, then shook his mane like a dog. "Never mind. It's not important."


Maybe that’s one of the Enchantresses powers, Beast thinks he might have realized, and that tale of the Loathy Lady, a fine choice for Belle and Beast to discuss and debate.

Ooh Christmas.
Vanessa Masters chapter 17 . 7/19/2019
"Things are still in a general sort of order. You'll see if you take a closer look. Subjects are still grouped together, for the most part. I think. The books don't really get moved around a lot. But nothing's organized, and…"

"You want me to do it?" Belle finished, trying to conceal her hope.

"If you think it's too much work, especially with…" the Beast trailed off, glancing at her stomach. Belle caught his meaning.

"Of course not! I'll work in here right up until the baby comes, if I have to!" Belle looked around enthusiastically. "I can start right now."

"Then do with this place exactly what you want. Think of it as yours, right down to controlling who comes and goes, if you wish." The Beast gestured at the shelves.

"Oh, thank you!" While she was still so happy she wouldn't think about it, she reached out and took one of the Beast's paws in her two hands. "Really, thank you. You've given me something beyond my wildest dreams. It's the nicest thing anyone's done for me in…my whole life. This is more than I ever dared hope for."

He looked at the paw, and then at her. She could tell he was considering pulling it back. Instead, to her surprise, he relaxed a little. "Don't thank me. It wasn't really my idea. The servants thought you might be getting bored with learning their names." He smiled a little. "They said you needed a project."

"I'll remember to thank them, too. I'd been wondering what I was going to do with myself. Everyone else seems to have jobs to keep them busy. They make time if I want to talk, but I always feel like I'm in the way."

The Beast nodded thoughtfully. Belle noticed at some point he'd taken his paw back from her hands. "I've never had words for it, but I've felt the same way for most of my life." He snorted softly. "In theory, their lives revolve around me, as their Master. But they don't seem to have time for me all that often. Does that make any sense?"

"I understand." Belle did, too. The servants were nice, and she liked them all a great deal, but they always had important tasks to do with running the household. Belle hated to keep them busy when she just wanted company. It seemed petty, somehow. "You get lonely," she said, half to herself.


Very sweet and they bind a bit, with Belle offering to help Beast remember how to read.
Vanessa Masters chapter 16 . 7/19/2019
"Is she right, Lumière? Did she really have no other choice than marrying the man?" If anyone would know, it would be the worldly Lumière. Cogsworth paid little attention to things outside the household smoothly, and Mrs. Potts would probably refuse to answer.

"She is unfortunately correct, Master." Lumière's long-nosed face was sad. "And she is very brave to choose the path she did."

"You mean deciding not to give in and get married, or agreeing to stay here?" The Beast now saw why she might have considered changing places with her father a good option, if her other choice was to return home and marry a man who had forced himself upon her.

"Both," Lumière replied. "And we must also consider a mother's protective instinct. She may have wanted to shield her enfant from the influence of his father."

"Choosing to risk me over that does not speak well for her options. Or for the child's father," the Beast said a little ruefully, glancing down at his clawed paws.

Lumière glanced at him sharply, as if he'd said something unexpected. Whatever had surprised him, he kept it to himself. His response was bland. "I suppose not, sir."

"Lumière?" the Beast asked tentatively after a few seconds. "What would…what would my father have done? About Belle."

The maitre d's face went blank. "I am not sure, Master. I am not sure. Your father was a fair man, and tried to do his best by his people, but he was also a very busy man with many cares. He simply did not have time to closely investigate every case brought before him. He was also quite…traditional, shall we say? I think it likely—" He stopped.

"—he would have had her marry the man no matter what she said," the Beast finished. He heard himself sigh. "I thought so, somehow, from what little I remember about him."

Well, Beast is coming to think more of Belle, his father and what little he knows of the world, and worries he can’t love Belle with her being I. The state she is, but I like to think that’s wrong, a man can love a woman who’s carrying a child, especially if she doesn’t love the father.
Vanessa Masters chapter 15 . 7/19/2019
They looked at one another awkwardly for a few more seconds. Then he swept his tattered cloak around to go.

"Wait," Belle said, holding out her hand. "I did want to thank you again for the book."

"It did make you feel better, then?"

"I always feel better when I read," Belle said, smiling in spite of herself. "And the book was very…instructional. Truly. I never thought a history book would be that interesting."

"Really?" He took a step, almost involuntarily it seemed, towards her. "I never enjoyed history. It was always 'This King said that, did this, died hundreds of years ago…" He shrugged.

"You—" Belle halted herself. She had been about to say "You can read?" but realized how incredibly rude and condescending it would sound. He might be a creature, but he clearly had feelings. Who was she to judge whether it was unusual for someone to read or not? After all, she only read thanks to a father who was one of the few peasants that believed a woman should, or could, read.

She cleared her throat. "What did you like?"

He looked as baffled as he had when she'd asked about his favorite book, and made a questioning noise deep in his throat.

"I meant, if you didn't like history, was there a subject you did enjoy? Literature, philosophy, natural science…?"

"Oh." He shrugged again, an interesting sight on so massive a creature. "I never really thought about it that way. I just learned them because I had to. And then…" he swallowed. "It stopped mattering."

She had no idea what to make of that. She even had a hard time believing there had been someone out there to make him learn anything.

"Oh," she said, uncertainly.

A Little sharing, especially when she reveals what Gaston did. Poor Belle lets out her sorrow.
Vanessa Masters chapter 14 . 7/19/2019
He considered. "Not ill. Just tired."

"Ah." There was an awkward silence. The girl looked down at the floor, and the Beast also felt his eyes drifting in that direction. The words he'd said to her before she'd fled seemed to hang in the air between them. He felt he should apologize, but couldn't bring himself to do so. What if he'd been right all along? Then there'd be no need to apologize.

Well, he’s trying, even if the book he brought wasn’t exactly what Belle would find interesting, but it’s anstatt. And he’s not pushing to know why she’s pregnant, so that’s good too.
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