Reviews for Old Souls
Knifez chapter 110 . 5h
Really? What an eye-rolling chapter.

It's really really hard to stomach Shiori getting off scot-free after all the things she said and did. I get that they're supposed to be 'harmless threats' but I think Hinata is being a complete idiot. This chapter really left a bad taste in my mouth, even if Saizo is super adorable.
Guest chapter 109 . 15h
I cant believe ur back to this, now i can actually die in peace. Keep it up!
ShikamaruTemariNara chapter 74 . 5/20
I love how you did the appearance of might Gai
chaosalien chapter 109 . 5/15
Whoa! Seriously! That's messed up!
I literally dropped my jaw on that cliff hanger...
chaosalien chapter 108 . 5/10
We will see what we see when we see what is what eh?

Come on! The next one has to be at least 20 chapters! It's all getting set up! Right under are noses!
Knifez chapter 108 . 5/10
Heads up. This hasn't shown as being updated since May 1st. I didn't get an email notification and it didn't show on the Naruto archives. You have to delete and re upload the chapter. :)
ShikamaruTemariNara chapter 25 . 5/8
i think you did perfect for karin annoying and determined to get sasuke
ShikamaruTemariNara chapter 1 . 5/1
just finished new blood so good. you are my favorite author. the story was just amazing it felt like i was reading a real book that was in a book store. can't wait to start reading this
Knifez chapter 106 . 4/24
Yay for Nao/Hitomi interactions! Can't wait to see what happens next.
Sunshine 3R chapter 105 . 4/20
Will you be doing twice a week updates now?
Knifez chapter 105 . 4/19
Woo, these mega quick update times, I'm lovin it! :D

Keep it up!
chaosalien chapter 104 . 4/15
I KNEW IT! What better way to keep the great uchiha in line? And gain the village hidden in mist a great Keki kenki! More and more complications! A child who will have a great impact between leaf and mist!, or USB or water? I might be getting those confused
Knifez chapter 104 . 4/15

My mind is blown. I hate SasuKarin and I actually enjoyed the SasuSaku here in this story and now she's pregnant? OMG. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Tommo1 chapter 103 . 4/13
So, over the years I read New Blood on three separate occasions, Red Eyes twice, half of Old Souls twice and now we have finally managed to see the Leaf Ninja reclaim their village. I must admit I never thought it would happen. There are not many stories on this website that have captivated me the way that this story has and even fewer of them are written to a conclusion.

I guess I really just want to thank you for coming back to this. I am super looking forward to how you choose to continue this story forward if that is what you have in mind for it.
Knifez chapter 103 . 4/13
I'm loving this after war stuff! Excited to see what happens with Suigetsu...and the Nao/Hitomi stuff! Keep it up :D!
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