Reviews for Lord of the Ring Pops
k-is-for-krazy chapter 2 . 8/23/2011
LOL! Hilarious. Love the gay comment, it was brilliant. XD
brianna chapter 2 . 12/15/2009
hahaha... i reviewed as YOU... wachah gonna do, fool?

you'll never guess who i am.. it starts with c and ends with olleen... WAH-CHAH!
AngieROX111 chapter 2 . 9/8/2009
Bwuahaha, lol.

Your fics make me lol a lot.

Hehe- "Let me guess... THE RING!"

hahaha, oh and, a bit of suggest/request...

Can I be in the next chapter. I dunno... like a civilian?
Balasel Menelien chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
Lol, sweet! Really good job so far.


'Speak for yourself.'

fingers-falling-upwards chapter 2 . 9/6/2009
Ah ahhahahahahaahahahaha thats good keep up the writing and

I will surly read it!