Reviews for Their Verdict of Vagaries
kaczygrod chapter 81 . 6/18
Thank you for your hard work, truly amazing and wonderful
Saroyamal chapter 81 . 5/23
Dear, it took me some time to start reading the story. Originally I was repulsed by the Dumbledore bashing at the very beginning, and I clicked x quickly the first time I bumped into this story. Then I read your other story, the Soulless Solace. I was entranced. I visited your profile and realized that this story was, surprisingly, written by you, whom I believed to be a great fanfic author. So I decided to overcome my original repulsion...
What a story! It was not a story of hate, as I originally assume. Rather, it was a story of growth. I was silly, and I apologized. Reading the story was a thrilling rollercoaster ride. I would admit I was occasionally irritated with Harry during reading, but that was because I presumed again. I thought it was a typical Dark!Harry story, and the Harry in this story was soft and impressionable. I'm glad I overcomed the impatience too, because in the end I finally realized that I made another assumption.
It's a beautiful story. Thank you for writing it.
Evienancy chapter 81 . 5/20
Perfection. Honestly just wow. This fic was amazing. There are no words to say how much I loved this. Thank you so much for writing! Xx
Alexa chapter 81 . 4/5
Hello. My name is Alexa I'm from Mexico. I'm sixteen years old ( Im coming seventeen this year). Firstly Im so in love with Tomarry couple, really Im so in lovw with them, Ive been reading a lot of Tomarry's fanfics. And your fic is one of the best stories I have read T_T
Ive been read about time travel, but you have created this like a unmatched way.
You make me feel so much feelings like happiness sadness...
Im so in love how you have done with personalities of both. Im really love with Harry and Tom. I love how they are.
You make me remember how Im so in love with Tomarry.
You are really a master.
Before I read it. I was searching about good fanfics Tomarry but completed. And this I didnt see it because this fanfic was not "complete" taf, so I was worried if read this fic or not.
I saw "635k" words so I said "why no? Maybe this is complete"...
So Im here telling how I love this story, I remember when Harry used Sectumsempra and I was like "yaaaas that is my son XD" and Tom became happy like me bcos I love Harry black side a lot. But well in the next chapters I was worried how the story will be continued... When I see Harry betraying Tommy I was like "WHYYYY HE IS ALMOST YOUR HUSBAND LITTLE STUPID YOU ARE HIS LOVE FCK YOU" but he was having bad times... So the war... He have to do it.

The end... You make so happy how you dont have idea. I believe in love. I believe in Harry and Tom in having a future together... I was crying a lot Im not liying to you. I was like "I dont want finish to read this story ... Please someone kill me before this is over. But well... im here writing for first time in fanfiction ( I dont have any fanfiction acc) believe me I have read fanfiction stories for almost last five years. I looked so ugly i mean Im ugly butmore ugly than before LOL.

good you are amazing writer and you know THAT
The last words of Harry make me so happy and so sad in the same time. I wish a beautiful future together 3 they deserve it

Thank you TT
halfblood hufflepuff chapter 81 . 4/2
Woah I love love this holy smokes I am crying I mean somehow the ending is them falling into a pattern (like they do sometimes) because tom is really hysterical with the truth crashing down on him and feeling remorse and Harry already accepted their reality and like it feels so open ended and bittersweet holy cow
I mean the title gives me hope that they'll finally have agency over their own fate and have a brighter and peaceful future ...
Thank you for this I am sleep deprieved I couldn't stop reading
TheMisnomer chapter 81 . 3/19
I just finished reading this. It was absolutely beautiful - it consumed me and I'm struggling to phrase exactly how beautiful I think it is. Just breath taking. I'm not sure if you still read your reviews, but in case you do: great job, incredible job - don't stop writing.
Leon chapter 81 . 2/27
Well, after some years I finally read it all! )
I still remember how the chapters used to be one black wall of text with no spaces in between, I almost didn't recognise it when I found it again
I'm a little sad it's over
dragonfox123 chapter 1 . 2/26
Interesting idea and plot and chapter
nocyszabo chapter 73 . 2/7
Vaeh chapter 81 . 1/26
Oh wow, this has been such a great, long journey
This fic is beyond words, it's perfect, it's like a new book I'd absolutely love to accept as canon. And that ending absolutely broke my heart. I'll miss them and I'll miss reading this and I'm so happy it ended the way it did, I couldn't have asked for anything more

You're an amazing author, thank you for taking your time to write this~
Anathema Schatten chapter 81 . 1/3
I've been going back to reread old fanfics (or delete them off my bookmarks as I've read some pretty bad ones as well lol).
At first i was reluctant to reread this as it was so starkly different from other tomarry fanfics i've read. I love Harry's character development in this it is definitely one of the most believable character developments in fan fiction. Although i didn't completely understand Harry's extreme forgetfulness but i suppose that was a mixture of love, the dark arts, and time-travel fucking with his memory.
Nevertheless, Im pretty glad to have reread this. i almost completely forgot about this story, especially the first half.
I couldn't figure out if Harry retained Tom's soul shard though. It seemed like Nagini's horcrux broke but the shared one didn't?
Loved your writing and once again, amazing Harry development
tortuousworld chapter 1 . 12/24/2016
This is by far my favorite fanfiction to date. I love everything about it. The flaws in Tom were a welcomed surprise, I believe they made him more real. But what really sticks out is not how he became Voldemort, but Harry's character progression. It's well written and detailed. The story as a whole moves his morality around like water and shows how he is more than once, stripped of his identity and forced to find it again. It was a beauty to read and I know I will come back to this often and comb through every word and line I might have missed to solidify it to memory. you are an amazing writer and I find myself lucky to have found this story.
IloveMerlinandArthur chapter 81 . 12/4/2016
I really loved this story, it was perfection. Still i would like to know what happens next. What kind of new adventures would they go on?
Persephone Riddle-Lokisan chapter 14 . 11/15/2016
Kikiji chapter 81 . 10/31/2016
For ninety-nine percent of the time, as I read the story, I was unable to believe that there could possibly be a good ending. But you managed to pull it off- that shocked and impressed me. I'm just so glad right now, that Harry and Tom will have a chance to live peacefully together.

I can't deny that in some ways, this story is flawed, but I don't think I'll be going into that because firstly, I didn't read to criticize, and secondly, they weren't anything big nor important. (And secretly, it's because I forgot them all. Which only goes to show their insignificance.) One thing I AM curious about though, is why there were so many people who didn't come back via the Resurrection Stone when Harry summoned them. Were Harry's speculations correct?

The Tom in your story was very different from the one I frequently saw in other fanfiction. Of course, everyone has their own interpretations of his character, but I think yours still stood out to me despite that. The main difference, is perhaps the fact that he is often clearly wrong on some matters. The moment he makes the decision, I can just tell that it won't end well. It's very obvious to the readers and bystanders, yet because of his personal defects, he himself doesn't notice. I'm used to the fact that Tom is right nearly all of the time- his reliability is in some ways, one of the most appealing parts of his character to me- and the fact that Tom is so flawed threw me off a little. I hope I didn't imply that that's a bad thing though. Because it isn't. It's simply... different.

Speaking of characterization, that's something that I really like about your story. I've read many Harry-Potter-time-travels-back stories, since it's the trend that I'm really hooked on at the moment, but I think yours is the one that played out the best in terms of how the characters would have acted. (Does that make sense?) Harry's inner conflict with his morals, his past, and his love for Tom was just... very Harry-like. And I'm amazed that you were able to so smoothly show how Tom Riddle became Voldemort. I had always thought that the two were strangely different and I could make little sense of it all when I read the original books.

On an entirely different note, the end had me crying at two in the morning on a school night. One of the reasons why I enjoy reading is because of the emotions the stories give me. As time passed, those experiences became scarce. It was more and more difficult to find the ones that had me incapacitated by laughter or buying new tissue boxes. So I was delighted to feel the pain and sorrow while reading angsty scenes (love your username by the way) as strange as it sounds.

I wished that Tom had realized at some point the things Harry had to go through because of him. I had always wanted him to understand. But I guess he did show that he understood in some way when he wanted to part from Harry in Albania. Yet I feel unsatisfied because it was just horrible to watch Harry's struggles during the war. I wish even more that Harry wasn't put into that situation- caring for Tom while spying for the Order. You did a great job with expressing Harry's emotions. Even when I sometimes didn't follow his line of thought, I could still understand what he was feeling.

Nott was also someone who tugged on my heartstrings. (And I don't think I'll ever fully understand Lestrange and his feelings.) For them to grow so close was unexpected, but the addition of Theodore really made it warm and fuzzy for a while and I enjoyed every second of it. It would be interesting to have a chapter from Theodore's point of view. How much did Nott and Harry tell him? What did he think of the younger Harry Potter? How much did he notice? Perhaps I just want more of him in general since I like him so much.

I'm sure I probably had more to say but I'm quite forgetful. So... Good luck on your travels and thank you for sharing your writing!
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