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havefaithoralotofmimosas chapter 28 . 3/18/2013
I have to say one thing, I really would not like to read any drama due to Marcus directly whatsoever. I think he is extremely unbelievable for Blair, he is completely mismatched for her and extremely boring - he was hugely unbelievable and a disservice to Blair on the show. Again, it's the same issue I have with Georgina, the way you describe him as this kind of good looking, nice, well pedigreed guy is fine but the fact that it's Marcus is what ruins that. But maybe in a sense it makes sense to use people we already know, but I think it does take away from what you describe. What I actually want to say about the Marcus thing is that I think there are a world of complexity to explore with CB in a relationship that I would not want to read about any drama created by Marcus-for you to waste any time on him.
In conclusion I'd just like to say that I found the entire thing-the relationship with him- OOC for Blair, even if she was using someone as a crutch. I think firstly she would have the intelligence to know without a seconds doubt that she can never move on from Chuck. Her love for Chuck, how completely and madly she loves him is her defining, central characteristic to me and I don't think she can EVER think that way. The second thing is given how deeply she loves Chuck I think having another boyfriend, being close to another guy, kissing him, hugging etc. I think would physically sicken her. I have always thought this about Blair. So I found the entire relationship with Marcus impossible in those ways.
Though her power to dellude herself is great, her love for Chuck is infinitely greater. Sorry to vent about Marcus now since that whole chapter is done I guess. Just had these thoughts and thought of sharing them.

havefaithoralotofmimosas chapter 9 . 3/18/2013
I have one major issue with Georgina being the girl she is here... as in someone Chuck would want to sleep with repeatedly, find attractive AT ALL really, and her being competitive with Blair and saying all these things to her... My issue is that it's Georgina; I find the characteristics and her actions interesting but I don't like that it's Georgina. Though I get why you chose her, as we already know her and can associate this kind of thing with her. I just feel that Chuck would not look twice at a girl like her and would not be able to stomach her for a second, and I don't mean her actions here but that it's Georgina, again. I feel if it were another girl with a better personality, who was attractive, this would be a lot more interesting.
I just strongly feel this is Chuck Bass, that he would have very high standards and that he has the most attractive and incredible girls falling over him left, right and centre.
I think he could be sleeping with a girl who does the things Georgina does as he wouldn't give much of a damn as long as he got what he wanted, and that a girl like her in order to keep him would become submissive and angelic around him, but that she would have to be attractive. But I guess what I'm saying (bcs the Georgina thing is irreversible in this story) is that I think as this progresses and there are other girls - as I feel there would be, and especially now I think Blair will notice just how many girls want to be with him or lust after him now that she is his girlfriend- that they should be extremely attractive, only then does it make sense. I think it will be a extremely interesting factor, also given her insecurities and as you mentioned in chapter 28, his past.
havefaithoralotofmimosas chapter 1 . 3/18/2013
I want to add and reiterate what I said in my last review and what SO manyyy feel too; that PLEASE come back but write A LOT, A LOT of this. It doesn't matter if it takes months, years(as we know you are busy and you become very busy in the midst of writing which causes you to take breaks, and I want to tell you it is completely FINE; the people who LOVE this as much as I do, of which there are sooo many, as is visible in the reviews, will wait patiently as long as this continues)... because this ABSOLUTELY deserves it because it has ENDLESS potential and intricacy... And above all CB is left SO SO LOST really, and magnificently, for the MOST part, incomplete because of the show, as has been said earlier, after season two- I think we all had sooo many countless hopes and expectations pinned on the show after the season two finale when they finally got together, and instead the show became infinitely worse and worse and became complete FILTH... so everything the vast majority of the audience expected and hoped for was entirely unfulfilled. And I need and want to tell you, as I hope you do know, that this is IMMENSELY beautiful and does such justice to CB in countless ways. And CB are so immensely complex and interesting that the possibilities and potential is endless and this does justice to that and is able to touch those depths as you can see how interesting they are. And this is something hardly ANY ff has been able to do (the other that touched me so profoundly is Nyx Underwood's The Unbearable Lightness and the sequel to it)and this is why this is so so adored. It does what the show did in the first two seasons but explores it infinitely more, and more than anything does what the majority of the audience hoped for after the first two seasons. So thank you, cannot thank you enough. And please please consider all this.

xxo Kaya
B chapter 7 . 3/16/2013
ONE gripe, when you do continue I think finding an expression instead of "pulling teeth" will be a good idea as it has been used a lot.
Guest chapter 23 . 3/15/2013
Lo chapter 25 . 3/15/2013
Your PM is off and I REALLY want to ask you a question. As far as Dan/Blair the only way it makes sense is the S2 relationship. Anything else is ENTIRELY OOC. And that is exactly how you have written about it in FE-perfectly and like S2. But what intrigues me is what on earth do you like about Dan/Vanessa and Dan in general in a romantic relationship as you have mentioned D/V is one of your fav relationships on GG. I enjoy your view on Dan in FE and find it accurate but I cant help but wonder how someone who has such fantastic understanding of a pair as beautiful as CB would like about Dan in that way. I found him abhorrent in every romantic relationship when GG was good and true to the characters- S1 and S2- D/V, D/S. Please do answer as it took a little time post this.
Abi chapter 25 . 3/14/2013
More drive by posting pleaseeee, seriously. Whenever you feel like it, whenever you can, as long as I can know you still love CB and this stunning story. It crushes me not to hear from you at all, as it does my best friends, as it does many many many people Im sure going by all your reviews which im sure you can see. And so many readers who im sure dont review. PLEASE dont leave us. We adore you and this so completely. And after the destruction of the show by imbeciles and sick, filthy people soooo many people need this and long for it so much. And given how much you love CB and how INCREDIBLE your understanding of CB is im honestly really really shocked that the destruction of the show didnt make you want to write this a million times more, make you NEED to. If your reason is being consumed by work though and nothing else than please keep in touch with your readers in some way and please do try to write when you can.

My entire purpose is for you to know how much so many people love this and especially how the vast majority of GG viewers feel due to the show- there are COUNTLESS who have the same understanding of CB you do and view them the same way you do who just left the show post S2 due to disastorous writing; the vast majority of the audience who know CB and made GG what it was S1 and 2.

Love you.. PLEASE come back.

Pri chapter 9 . 3/10/2013
His possesiveness, almost extreme posessiveness of her throughout the story- all the tiny details how he will just grab her when he wants, touches her however and whenever he wishes, uses it against her is SO Chuck and so HOT and beautiful, its fantastic.
Priya chapter 9 . 3/10/2013
I think the intimate moments are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL in their relationship, they will be the most significant moments and also the most beautiful moments for them in their relationship and their lives and to read. I think the physical intimacy between them is of HUGE importance. So PLEASE share a lot of it and put a lot of emphasis on it. I think their entire relationship centers on that; their love for each other and the physical relationship. I say all this as ive heard you have plans to update, that you havent abandoned this incredible story and the incredible-ness of CB.
havefaithoralotofmimosas chapter 12 . 2/27/2013
Another correction on my ch.10 review, argh: *and where this story that countless people completely ADORE is going.

* And what the writers of S1 and 2 did and what EL did with that is PHENOMENAL and absolutely incredible. As is what you write here, which is of the same scale. After the endless, immense dissapointment of the show, FE is like everything that should have been after S2. It is so so immensely important to so many people who loved S1 and 2, PLEASE NEVER STOP.
havefaithoralotofmimosas chapter 11 . 2/27/2013
I meant it is clear reading your author notes throughout how passionate you were about this story and clear you are about CB...
havefaithoralotofmimosas chapter 10 . 2/27/2013
I have been reading a lot of the reviews and your author notes as I re-read FE and how passionate you were about this story and clear you are about CB and how well you know them which is clear in every word of this story... it just makes me want to say to you, BEG you really, to please please remember how you felt about FE. Since your readers havent heard from you in so so long we dont know how you feel right now and where FE is going, which countless people completely ADORE.

To put it in short, the writers of S3 and INFINITELY more S4 and 5 do not know CB whatsoever and the writers of S1 and 2 would never for a second do a percent of the trash they did, so PLEASE please dont let those writers affect you, it would kill me if they did. In short this is how I view all of the trash on GG in S4 and 5. And what the writers of S1 and 2 did and what EL did with that is PHENOMENAL and absolutely incredible. As is what you write here, which is of the same scale. After the endless, immense dissapointment of the show FE is like everything that should have been after S2. It is so so immensely important to so many people who loved S1 and 2, PLEASE NEVER STOP.
havefaithoralotofmimosas chapter 24 . 2/24/2013
Your writing is PHENOMENAL in this piece because you understand the real CB so so well. Please please do come back. The show was a black, filthy abyss after S2 and an infinite amount of people who loved the real CB and GG S1 and 2 were left nowhere after S2... your writing is adored because of this and missed endlessly. And valued very very much. PLEASE write CB forever, even if you are busy and have to take sometimes long breaks, just to let us know you are around and arent going anywhere would mean the world.
So many people would be loyal to your writing and be willing to wait because of the depths you touch in FE.
havefaithoralotofmimosas chapter 27 . 2/24/2013
I DESPERATELY hope this is simply the beginning of this. It feels like it and it is all incredible. Everything up to here feels just like the build up to the most incredible part, the relationship itself. How they mature and evolve and what happens WITHIN the relationship, when they finally have it. Just awesome. Beginning to become infinitely more incredible.
pLei4fun chapter 28 . 2/8/2013
Please come back to this story and finish it! :)
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