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Sara chapter 2 . 9/8/2009
can't wait for the next chapter! plz, don't keep us waiting too long!

chucklover chapter 2 . 9/8/2009
I LOVE THIS! I wonder what the hell is going on with Chuck and leaving her like that on her front door though. And what is going on with Carter? Did Chuck suddenly have a word with him? Or is Carter merely a pawn in Chuck's plans for B? You must post soon so I can find it all out! )
3venst4r chapter 2 . 9/8/2009
thank you for updating so quickly!

I enjoyed reading this chapter. More CB interactions plus you added Dan too. :) Dan was really sweet here. Wonder what he will write about Blair on his little column.

I like that Blair got past her fairytale and delved more into understanding that Chuck is indeed a dark character. I'm interested to know what is Chuck's take on Blair but for now I'm enjoying Blair's point of view.

I certainly liked that Blair is back to her bitchy self especially with Georgie and Vanessa. Carter is not really my fave but he was needed here to move along the CB drama so he's good.

Really looking forward to the next chapter. thanks!
blair4eva chapter 2 . 9/8/2009
Wow! Love it! so interesting and different and HOT! Please update soon! I would love to see more verbal between them the next time they meet! So excited!
mariana chapter 2 . 9/8/2009
as you must have noticed, ur fic is AWESOME, one of the bests, for sure! please update soon!
Lil Miss Chuckles chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
omg ur story is amazing! wow i don't even know where to begin with all the things i love about it. it's so very rare to find a fic where blair is, for lack of a better phrase, chasing chuck, you know? Like for once, Blair is the one who is enamored by Chuck and Chuck is the cold one (but not too cold). I love it because Blair is still the stubborn, short-tempered b*tch that we know and love, but she's sincere with chuck and totally in love with him. the way she acts around him is just like any 17 yr old girl is with a crush. All her feelings and experiences with Chuck are totally relatable in the sense that any girl who got to sit next to her big crush would act the way she does (i.e. mute, super nervous, warm and giddy when he brushes his leg against her or puts an arm around her). I love that Blair is so drawn to Chuck rather than Nate. In this fic, i love that you wrote that blair recognizes nate is, superficially, the perfect fit for her, but chemistry-wise & emotionally, chuck is her real match. and you don't waste time by having her dwell on fulfilling those superficial aspects...she sees nate, sees that he's a great guy (as far as her mother's standards go), but knows he's not for her. I wish they had done that on the show, but ah, whatevs.

but anyway, i also love the way you've written Chuck. It's weird because usually I'd want to read fics where Chuck is just SO into blair and immediately like 'omg i have to have you', but i've found that i actually like him better this way (the way he is in ur fic). He's so very Chuck in the sense that he's mysterious, cryptic, inexpressive (besides for his eyes obviously), and has such an air of superiority and wealth. But then, he's not cold to the point where Blair would never like him. Blair likes danger and the bad boy type, but she still has fairy tale ideas in her head and is too much of a romantic to ever fall for the kind of chuck that we saw in 2x14 when he was an ass, sitting drunk in victrola. i love how you have him caring and adoring blair in all the right places and the perfect amount, whether it's him asking if georgina was being a bitch to her and apologizing, or if it's him staring at her as she closes her eyes & takes a bite of the strawberry in victrola.

gah i'm so sorry for the like essay review...haha, i just really love so many things about your story and feel like it's so unique, so easy to envision in my head since you put great detail, and definitely a page-turner. you're a fabulous writer! please update soon, i really love it and can't wait for more! D
flipped chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
the slow progression makes it all the more alluring. and you said 'it’s really going to pick up'. as if you haven't captivated us enough with the AU you've perfectly created.

i'm all giddy to read the rest.
Blood Red Kiss of Death chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
Damn, that was intense. I love how you're writing everyone.

Love the use of Vanessa. And Dan writes. DV, please? (What, I'm a CB/NS/DV girl.)

LOVE the dinner. hehe. The key!

Their talks...sit togethers...touches! *SQUEAL*

Love Victrola. And her sitting position with her legs over his his. Hot.

I really love how you're writing BC. Their 'connection' and the looks and her feelings... *SQUEAL*
Blood Red Kiss of Death chapter 1 . 9/7/2009
Oh, I'm loving the storyline. She's so captivated by him from the beginning!

And I love this S (and Natie).

Glad S took her for 'fun.' Love Carter around. But SN...I shouldn't worry about that with you, no? ;)


I love their 'moment.' The couch and touches and he knows it's her bday and *dies*
mrsbass chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
omg i just love the way you write chuck and blair! this is so intruging and i just can't wait for the next chapter! this is so different from anything i've ever read! update soon!
Princess Persephone chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
(first of all-SO GLAD you updated so soon! I was pleasantly surprised to find an alert email with a new chapter. :) hurrah!)

She liked this version even better than the fairytale.

omygosh wow. Not only did that sentence give me a wonderful tingly feeling of naughtiness-much like Blair is feeling probably lol-but I see so much of the epic-ness of Blair and Chuck in it. Maybe I'm reaching, but Blair (er, canon tv-show Blair) was always in love with fairytales and happy endings, and to me one of the (many) reasons why she and Chuck work so well is the fact that what she has with him is better than anything she's ever had with Nate/anyone. She's happier than a fairytale princess. It's naughtier and darker and more mysterious, a little against the rules-everything Blair craves and ultimately is, deep inside (why else would she love being Queen B and ordering minions and plotting revenge so much?). Anyways, just so you know, that ending line was brilliant, ok? Perfect.

And I loved the rest of it too! Chuck discretely handing her a key to his pent house! Victrola! A mention of Gabriel! How Dan writes columns about them! Georgina! (and I like how she's a redhead-Georgie would almost be even better if she was a red head on the show. And as a red head myself, I feel that the ratio of gingers to other shades of hair on the show is seriously underrepresented. And Hazel doesn't count b/c her hair color changed rather abruptly from blonde to red. lol)

Geez I can't wait for more! Hope you update soon!
StoryGirl188 chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
Okay, so there's about a billion things I loved about this chapter, but I'll just stick to main few to avoid too long a reply. :)

First, I love that you tied Gossip Girl in in such a way. I love that it's Dan! I think, if anyone were going to be GG on the actual show, it would totally be Dan.

In keeping with the Dan thing, I also loved that it was Dan who helped Blair at the end of the chapter and not Chuck. I like the mysterious Chuck. I like that he seems nice and at the same time, seems really. . . not nice. haha. Dan made a much better savior for Blair!

The tension between C/B is amazing! You write them so, so well, but I also love that Chuck doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that Carter likes Blair.

Seriously, I could go on, but just know that I absolutely adore this story. It has great little tie-ins to the show but at the same time, manages to remain completely different. Too often read AU fics that still have the same limo !first time! and varous other shared moments and while I still like those fics, it sometimes makes me long for something completely different and that's what you have: something completely original!

I can't wait to read more! I was so excited to see chapter 2 up so quickly, too. Hopefully, that will continue. :)

Well done!
cobra starsfish chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
i love love love this story. it's so alluring and i love

how it keeps me wanting more and more. the way you write

chuck and blair is unlike i've ever seen. it keeps me

guessing everytime a chapter ends and i adored dan helping

blair to her room carter horrible i hate him. keep this

story going and i hope you try to write more chuck and blair

you are now one of my favorite authors not gonna liel
chairfan chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
i really like this story. Its very interesting, please continue it.
provocative chapter 2 . 9/7/2009
AMAZING. Update asap, I'm already so addicted!
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