Reviews for Blue Eyes, White Horse, and a Chakram
Silvermoonlight GJ chapter 195 . 8/11
Really interesting chapter I was surprised that Gabrielle wasn't angry at Ares being around but then I realized that the characters have gone through so much change in this story and progressed beyond the series.
Rox5755 chapter 195 . 7/20
Thanks for the update. Why heal Ares so fully. Wouldn't be more strategic to leave him a little incapacitated?
lazytown2000 chapter 195 . 7/19
That was a great installment. I can't wait for the next book in that series. It's amazing!
luckdog chapter 195 . 7/19
So what did Callie see with her gift that she needed to see? And I can see Xena having another chat with Ares because I'm sure he knows he is more then mortal! So Alti needed Ares to come to this world so she can enter as a god not good for Xena and Gabrielle! And what will be the role Solan is going to play in this war? Is he the one who will end up facing off against Ati or is he and Callie going to be the conduits to join with Xena's magic to defeat Ati and Ares with Rylie's gift letting them know where and when this will happen with Gabrielle relegated to the sideline as usual being the less important of the group because her gift is only empathy?

Congrats on publishing the 4th book in the Mockingbird series, I hope it sells real well :0) Also congrats on the two new stories :0)
Guest chapter 194 . 7/19
Please update best story in Fanfiction!
Guest chapter 194 . 6/28
How fun that Aries dropped in! Love it that Callie and Rylie are up to mischief . looking forward to the next part!

Rox5755 chapter 194 . 6/24
Two thumbs up!
Guest chapter 194 . 6/18
Please update best story in fanfiction!
luckdog chapter 194 . 6/3
Yup Xena will not be happy when she finds Ares in the med tent and Gabrielle will be furious! Oh and sucked in Ares for joining forces with Alti and getting de-goded lol Oh and Xena & Gabrielle will be having a stern quiet word with Callie for using her gift on the healer and the soldiers, so I'd say no cookies for her ;0)

Oh btw I loved the title of this chapter lol
Silvermoonlight GJ chapter 194 . 6/1
Don't trust Jewels there's something really off about her, can't quite put my finger on it though.
Jamistarme1 chapter 194 . 5/20
Just as I was getting restless, I see the new chapter posted! Thank you! Can't express how much I'm enjoying this tale.
Jamistarme1 chapter 1 . 5/19
Are you going to add to this soon?! I truly love this story! I'm posting on this chapter bc I've reviewed so many others.
luckdog chapter 193 . 3/11
I wonder if the man who ended up in Jewel's camp is Ares? If so then Jewel needs to be concerned! Poor Rylie experiencing that choking feeling again, but it at least warns Xena and Gabrielle of the danger. And Quinn is right to be cautious of magic because it could get disrupted and that's when things go pear shape, and Solan should know that.

The new cover is wonderful Star and very fitting :0)
luckdog chapter 192 . 3/9
Xena is going to be shocked when she finds out that nearly 6 months have passed since they entered Uthro's tower. They are going to be walking back into a war zone and Queen Jorlyn will be in need of Xena's tactical strategies having to fight on so many fronts. So who is Uthro's wife who has remained on Earth? And when all is said and done will Xena and Gabrielle take their children back to earth or remain on Velgarth?
Jamistarme1 chapter 192 . 3/8
Was so excited to see the update!
Looking forward to more.
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