Reviews for Family Guy's Road Trip: Full House
Battywattywoo chapter 1 . 3/20
How many other American patriarchs will Peter befriend and then antagonise...?
Guest chapter 1 . 8/12/2013
Peter and Danny were still fighting Chris and Meg arrived

What's going on Meg asked as she and Chris saw the two fight

Lois stopped the fight to reason with. Peter

Lois" Peter this has gone to exploded a boat you spent all the kids college funds on beer and coccaineand all this fighting isn't gonna solve anything"
Peter" Oh and now you have a new damn douche name for we what're gonna call me fat ass tub of shit crap mr tub of lard heaven

To Joey and the others Joey" Mr tub of lard heaven is not bad"
Jesse and Rebecca" JOEY"

back to Lois and Peter Lois" Hmm how about all of the above"

Peter" Hey i got one how bout big liver a spacho Lois"

as they were done lois punched Peter

Lois" Grrr" sent him flying to the table

Dj, Stephanie and Michelle gasped with Chris and Meg

Peter" Y- you just hit me

Lois" That's right

Peter hit Lois Lois" Uhh you can't hit me I'm a girl"

Peter" Sometimes I wonder"

Lois gave a glaring look on her face and did a jump swing kick on Peter

Danny widen his mouth in shock with Rebecca in shock

Peter" Kicking Lois

Lois" Ha hurts doesnt it"

Peter" You tell me"

then kicked Lois in the shin and Kicked Peter then thrust punched him hard to the wall

Jesse and Joey widen there mouths with Brian in shock except Stewie who was enjoying it
Guest chapter 1 . 7/24/2013
Peter and Danny were still fighting Chris and Meg arrived Meg asked What's going on here" then they saw the fight when they were still fighting Lois stopped the fight and reasoned with Peter Lois" Peter this has gone to far you exploded a boat then rented our kids to a damn college then have a figh with a new friend is not going to solve anything Peter" So what are you gonna call me fat ass, tub of lard , farting tub of lard bean bag when Peter was still annoying Lois Joey said to Jesse, Rebecca and the kids "Farting tub of lard isn't bad then Jesse and Rebecca said" Joey" back to Peter and Lois Lois" Hmm how about all of the above" Peter" Hey I got one for you how about big liver witch pot of rottin Lois" When they were done then Lois punched him Lois" GRRR" then Chris, Meg , Rebecca , Dj , Stephanie and Michelle gasped Peter" Y- you just hit me" Lois" That's right" Peter gave a glaring look then punched Lois Lois" Uhh you can't hit me I'm a girl" then Joey said to the others That is true you can't hi- Jesse interrupted then said "Joseph bigger issues" now back to peter and lois Peter" Sometimes i wonder" Lois gave a glare look on her face then gave a jump swing kick to Peter to have him crash into the wall then Danny and Rebecca widen there mouths with shock then Peter said out loud" Kicking Lois" Lois" ha hurts doesn't it" Peter" You tell me" then kicked. Lois to her shin Lois was groaning about her shin in pain then kicked Peter to his shin and jaw had him crash into the wall again hard then Jesse, Joey, Brian widen there mouths in shock except Stewie he was enjoying it Peter bashed his head to Lois's head Danny" Oh no now this would you two st- interrupted Chris said next to the others out loud " Go dad kick her ass" everyone looked at him except Meg who was giving a glare shoved Chris Meg" Shut up this is all dad's fault" With Nicky and Alex looking Chris" I don't like to be touched shoved Meg having everyone fall on the ground Chris and Meg rolling around Meg rapidly Chris banged her head floor meg strangled Chris the others got up Nicky and Alex followed Brian and Stewie's fight Dj, Stephanie, Joey, Rebecca and Jesse tried to stop Chris from throwing Meg down the floor from stairs Joey" Chris put Meg down" Chris" Ok" tossed Meg crashing into Dj, Stephanie, Joey , Rebecca and Jesse fell on the ground Stephanie screamed in pain with Joey Dj" That hurt real bad" Kimmy arrived and said" Hey what's going on here and why are you guys beaten down on the floor" Dj" Well explain later we have to stop a family from killing each other" Lois began throwing living room stuff at peter and the others Kimmy" Hey watch it easy lady" Lois tossed a book at Joey's head then tossed a picture at Rebecca's stomach Brian does a sneak attack useing a frying pan ending up hitting Jesse, Stephanie, Michelle , Danny , Dj and Rebecca Stewie and Brian scratching and kicking each other with Kimmy, Joey, Danny, Stephanie, Dj, Michelle and Jesse. Meg was pulling on Chris's hair Chris" Ow ow" then grabbed a vase hit it on Meg, Joey, Kimmy, Danny, Michelle, Jesse, Rebecca, and Dj then Meg grabbed a vase then hit Chris with it then Meg tossed it at Dj , Kimmy, Rebecca,Jesse, Joey and Danny Meg punched him to the rib Chris then slapped Michelle, Stephanie, Kimmy, Meg, Dj and Rebecca then shoved Meg, Joey and Jesse Danny" Hey Peter and Lois stop fighting" Peter grabbed Lois bending her body looking at the ground did three punches Lois upperkicked him and Danny and tossed them Peter fell on Danny crushing him when Peter got Danny was sticking on Peter's stomach When Jesse was trying to stop Meg and Chris fighting Jesse" Hey hey knock it off you two hey I'm talking to yo two" as he saw Danny sticking to Peter's stomach Jesse" Hey hey" saying to Peter Peter" Hmmmm" Jesse" Hey let go of Danny" hitting Peter Danny trying to say" Jesse watch out" Jesse " What what are you trying to say" Peter's belly reflected Danny bumping him into Jesse and the others of Fh into the wall down the stairs Peter began rubbing and patting his big belly then Peter and Lois fighter up the Stairs when the others got Peter fell down the stairs crashing into the others and his family peter punching lois kicking 4 times then did a flying kick Peter got in his rage yell as the other members of the griffin family got up and began to fight injuring the Tanner family the tanner family tried to stop the fight as lois hot out a donkey picture frame
SilentAngel97 chapter 1 . 12/23/2010
i just didnt get into it. nothing really caught my attention. sorry. read my story! its called: Dukey Breath Power
Denneylaw chapter 1 . 11/25/2010
Don't stop now! I have other road trip ideas like Sonic X, Tuff Puppy, Sly Cooper...
Crazy-wolf chapter 1 . 12/30/2009
Oh yeah. 1st review. You need to hurry up and continue this. I love this series of yours!