Reviews for Between Love And Hate
ChristyWIX chapter 21 . 5/17/2015
Lovely ending to a really good story. You did really well for your very first time out of the gate with this fic. This ends our journey. I've enjoyed my time in your sandbox, thanks for sharing your imagination with us here reading.
ChristyWIX chapter 20 . 5/17/2015
That was a wonderful epilogue . . . showing a time jump to their second baby, Mary. With the past, being where we left off and filling in the blanks. I liked that. Bouncing back to the present and him being with his two girls. Very sweet. Onwards to the very last chapter . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 19 . 5/17/2015
Awwww, he did decorate for her . . . and he proposed! Yay! I'm partial to Christmas proposals, as that is when I got engaged. Although, the husband never actually asked me . . . just popped the ring case open . . . there were deep loving stares, tears on both parts and sliding a ring on my finger . . . no words, just an understanding. Magical. So yeah, I love a Christmas proposal in these fics. It was cute that they thought they'd get away with a quick run to the courthouse. Not with his family! I love that they kept it simple and small. Then Esme's phone call to let Bella know about Edward's trust fund and making their house shopping that much easier. Funny that Edward forgot about the trust. Seriously, that made me giggle. I love her idea for the mural . . . perfect. Let's go get a baby in this next chapter . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 18 . 5/17/2015
That was a long chapter. I like that both his parents seem to be happy about the situation. Asking if they are going to get married was an indication that Esme is happy. She wouldn't ask, if she wasn't wanting that. I liked that Bella is seeing Dr. Nahuel so often. She has the time, why not take advantage and get herself in a better mind set . . . healing her head. It was interesting that she ran into Felix. He was nice too, thankfully. Him apologizing to her was a nice touch. Her visit to Seattle was yummy. He loves her and their baby so much, you can just tell. So sweet. Her mending feelings with Rosalie was great too. I like the big sister/little sister aspect they have. liked the time jump as well. Getting us closer to her living in Seattle. I'm guessing Edward decorated while she was sleeping? Or, there are a ton of gifts. Something. Let's go find out . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 17 . 5/17/2015
That went as well as to be expected. Emmett angry with Bella, after their phone conversation. Alice's anger at Bella taking off. Just glad she reined it in and got her composure back and didn't attack the pregnant woman. Jasper and his anger was a surprise and truthfully, I loved it. I was happy that he wouldn't take no for an answer when he asked Bella to speak privately. I was elated that he not only advised her to seek professional help, he had the number for Dr. Nahuel. Loved that! Jasper is wonderful. Then Bella and Edward talking for the whole day and into the night was just perfect. It was sweet that you mentioned they were whispering in bed together . . . sigh. The next morning with the shower and her bump . . . Edward loving it, touching it and them having such a great moment together, sexing it up in the shower and then in their bed. I liked that Edward wanted to bring her with him to go to his parents. That he was ready to face this head on. I'm thinking when the shock of this fades, that Esmeralda will be happy. Carlisle may just sit there shocked for a long time.
ChristyWIX chapter 16 . 5/17/2015
Aro was not surprising in this. He was showing his true colors, that's for sure. I was very happy that Edward not only kept calm through that conversation but, actually stayed silent. That was very mature of him to do. Knowing it was Bella's fight, not his. The wonderful thing in this chapter was that they went back to her home and communicated. Communication is vital in relationships, something she hasn't been willing to do with Edward until now. She finally opened herself up to him and started telling him of her whole past. I'm quite sure it was Aro that out that packet of Renee's photos on her porch. Choosing to go after his prey. He succeeded and got what he wanted. Difference this time, she's no longer vulnerable. Doesn't mean that he won't still try to form a wedge between them, he will. Only this time it won't work. Anyway, if it did, it would never get Bella to go back to Aro . . . she's done with him . . . now it just needs to get through his thick skull. Bella and Edward were quite good in this chapter. Both saying all the right things to each other. I do think that she should seek some long overdue counseling though. Also, I think,it's time to face Emmett and let him know her secrets. It will only help her healing process, to have it all out there. Takes away any power that Aro may think he has over her too.
ChristyWIX chapter 15 . 5/17/2015
So glad that Edward was smart enough to think of security and have Phil assist him in getting to Bella before getting her inside that house. I'm so glad that Bella didn't turn away from Edward when he came to her. Allowing him to kiss and hold her. Of course that snake Aro would be there for her arrival . . . he wants Bella as his side piece and will work on Bella's insecurities to get it. Hopefully, Edward will remain strong and not controlling in this upcoming conversation. On a side note, it may have been too early to throw a baby into the mix with these two. Edward wanted her back before he found this out. She doesn't know this. Now, with her insecurities, she may always wonder if he chose her for her or, for the baby. This was your first time in fic, so maybe that was the reason to have too much in this separation. Sometimes less, is more.
ChristyWIX chapter 14 . 5/17/2015
Again, I'm not surprised that Aro would bide his time with her. He saw she was happy with Edward. He knew he had to get her away from him. Wen his own son and girlfriend did it for him . . . he must've been elated. Then he waits and pounces on a very vulnerable Bella. She must be saying over there in NY all by herself. Unless, Aro found her there, which he probably did, and sent James up there to work his ways again . . . therefore scaring her into having to rely upon Aro to 'save' her. Now, it'll backfire on him, I hope, and she'll come home but, it will be into Edward's arms. At least this reader hopes so. I felt so painfully sorry for Edward in this chapter. The sadness and his crying, the anger. It was very hard to read, breaking my heart for them both.
ChristyWIX chapter 13 . 5/17/2015
Fucking asshat James got into her head with his shit and she regresses back to believing she in unworthy of love and happiness. I just know that Edward will go to Sue, when Emmett doesn't tell her where she is. At least I hop he does. If not Sue, then Jacob and RC. I'm glad that Aro said he would keep James and Victoria away from her . . . but, I still think it's for his own gain. I don't like that she's lying to Edward in whatever she wrote in that letter. And, I'm hoping he isn't naive enough to believe it. He knows she was holding off with him, for a reason. Hopefully he puts the pieces together. I'm remembering his internal thought about his schooling and that he can go to med school anywhere and chose Seattle. Here's hoping that NY still has a slot for him, this close to sessions starting.
ChristyWIX chapter 12 . 5/17/2015
I liked that Bella brought Edward to La Push to visit with her lifelong friends. Really liked that they all seemed to really like him. I don't have the slightest idea on why these four would accept the invitation to Aro and James' party. Bella had to have thought it was a recipe for disaster. Knowing that James still cares for her and wants her back. Or wait, was it just Edward that holds that info? Yes, it was just Edward. Then Victoria throwing herself at Edward . . . disgusting. I'm just glad that Edward figured out what was happening and found Bella in its me. I also think that Bella should've pressed charges. Talking to Aro is a very bad thing . . . a thing that may out her in yet another predicament. He may threaten her somehow. Perhaps, leave Edward and marry James or, I'll expose everything I know about you to everyone. I hope you didn't go that route. It just seems odd that she would aske Edwaed to make love to her that night of all nights . . . then she's crying and gone in the morning . . . she's about to break his heart. Leaving him either emotionally . . . or, physically. Wondering if his confessions of love for her was what scared her off. Yikes!
ChristyWIX chapter 11 . 5/16/2015
Bella wanting to kiss Alice was really making me laugh. Cullen kissing gene theory . . . that shit was funny! I like that it's been a few more weeks and they seem to be gaining a little stronger foundation. Although, nothing as strong as what they will need for their upcoming obstacles. Charlie was unexpected. Even though she kept hoping her dad would come home one day, it's sad that it is due to him being forced by his fiancé. Wish he would've done that on his own. Demetri still pulling his shit with Bella. Edward thinking that Demetri is one of the men she's been with . . . was she? I mentioned earlier that I don't recall the third and thought he may pop up later. Now I'm thinking, right along with Edward, that it was him but, doubting myself at the same time. What the hell is up with Demetri coming up and threatening Edward? Dick. I hope that Edward recovers quickly with seeing Victoria for the first time. Something tells me that both Aro and James both know that James' Vicky is Edward's ex Victoria. And, that he's brought her here on purpose. We'll see . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 10 . 5/16/2015
Now this chapter had progress. Demetri is freaking me out with his not taking 'no' for an answer. He's walking a dangerous line of possibly taking her without her consent . . . he's convinced himself that she wants him . . . when she keeps saying no, over and over again. Him grabbing her the way he did in this cheater, was disturbing. So glad that Edward has been watching her like a hawk. I'm also glad that Edward is being persistent with Bella. Wow, could I be more hypocritical right now . . . ha! It's okay with me for Edward to be persistent but, not okay with me that Demetri is being persistent. That's all because we are in her head and know that she wants Edward and doesn't want anything to do with Demetri. I loved that she basically spilled it all to him, just left out the 'who' on all of it. I still think he'll be surprised by who, yet he didn't judge her. Just like I thought. I knew he wouldn't care. Hot as hell kiss . . . Woo-Hoo!
ChristyWIX chapter 9 . 5/16/2015
My hubs and I almost bought an A5 a few months back. They are really quite affordable. Only $48K. Sleek and beautiful on the outside. The inside turned us off. The seats were great but, it was lacking a lot of whistles and bells so, we vetoed the idea. Beautiful lines on it though. The pampering day was fantastic. I need to get the hubs on board with that, pronto! I liked that they actually had quite a bit of progress in this chapter. I beginning to think that things may work out after all. Well, except that they will be on opposite coasts . . . hehehe.
ChristyWIX chapter 8 . 5/16/2015
That was a fun time had by all with the tennis game. At least they weren't snarky to each other at all. Seems they are both willing to give being friends a chance. Good. Both of them fantasizing about the other. Both wanting the other. Neither acting on it. You have me intrigued. Not sure how her getting the fellowship in NY and him starting med school in Seattle is conducive to a relationship . . . but, we'll see.
ChristyWIX chapter 7 . 5/16/2015
Funny that you mention Edward being the asshole . . . I'm finding Bella bitchy. Yes, he was mad when she picked him up from the airport an hour late. He's was an ass and very rude. However, ever since, she's the one that's popped off to him first when they are communicating. Yes, they are both being quite childish . . . but, she's being a little mean. Defenses up on both of their hearts, that's for sure. Why would Edward and Alice even want to hang out with James? That seemed very odd, to plan a game of tennis. Guess I was right about James and his 'Vicky'. We'll see if it is the same woman from before. Chances are, yes. And, chances are she'll be even more conniving than she was in high school.
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