Reviews for Retail Therapy
Guest chapter 27 . 6/4/2019
I can't understand Bella's behavior. I think she is really fool
StoryMilkiway chapter 8 . 4/15/2019
Okay I liked this story but in this chapter Bella is so insecure and jumping to unfair conclusions so fast. Like. Really she didn't even want him to explain?
neelix lee chapter 41 . 3/10/2019
:) thank you
Mrs.EdwardCullen109 chapter 40 . 7/23/2018
I absolutely loved this story. I've got the outtakes on story alert, even though you've not posted anything for a while. I absolutely love your writing style and you are EXCELLENT at writing lemons. Thanks you.
Koe chapter 27 . 7/22/2018
Bella is so fucking dramatic oh my gosh. Every time there's the tiniest inconvenience, she runs away. For someone who's supposed to be so logical, she's irrational as hell.
Lyndseyxx chapter 1 . 7/16/2018
I love a strong Bella character, so I was real excited about this story. I powered through, but unfortunately I felt there was a lot missing in the story. There was very little character development and their relationship seemed to be built on only sex and telling each other how amazing they are and how much they love each other. They don’t seem to really talk about anything, or go anywhere together... you’re a great writer, I just felt your portrayal of a relationship wasn’t realistic and sounded more like infatuation than anything genuine
Mrs.EdwardCullen109 chapter 41 . 7/11/2018
Are you going to post the honeymoon outtake like you said? I would really love a future outtake or something so we know if they will have kids and that kind of stuff. This is the best story I have every read and thank you so much for sharing it with us
MrsEdwardCullen chapter 41 . 6/19/2018
Loved every second of it. I'm glad Bella and Edward are still strong after what they've been through and I feel as if it were even stronger than before. Thank you for am amazing story. I also read the outtakes you posted. I think you should do retail therapy in Edwards point of view. I absolutely loved it.
MrsEdwardCullen chapter 3 . 6/13/2018
I love the independent Bella.
MrsEdwardCullen chapter 1 . 6/13/2018
I love it so far. Edward seems like a perfect gentlemen and is hard not to love.
imareader2 chapter 41 . 6/1/2018
This is a beautifully written story. I have loved every second of it and am glad they worked out the whole stock thing. I don't blame Bella for giving them a break, though. That's a big thing to keep from somebody you love. This is by far the most beautiful, sensitive Edward I've ever read and you are the only person I have read to get that love they have for each other written down in a way that makes sense. I love it and keep up with you're writing.
Atwiggs chapter 31 . 4/16/2018
Why does almost everybody remove their fics from here?I went to Nerac and she only has one Fic left and it’s not “Picture Windows”. Even if they publish a story, why not leave the original on fanfic. I don’t get it, is it about the money? Oh well, back to this story...
Atwiggs chapter 26 . 4/16/2018
God, here I was thinking he and the whole family were in the Mafia or something! Damn I guess Edward new all along about Bella!
Atwiggs chapter 17 . 4/14/2018
I have a bad feeling about what Edward is up too something, Of course you want us to think that ;) He’s very secretive about his job! Are they all in the Mafia or something Lol! I don’t know what is going on with Edward but I hope I find out soon!
Atwiggs chapter 15 . 4/14/2018
Oh nooo! I figured that was going to happen!
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