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AMG22 chapter 17 . 1/21/2010
poor James!woah Khimaira and Vacenzio are scary!and Tentagator still alive?was'nt expecting that
Spruceton Spook chapter 17 . 1/21/2010
Aiselne, you are bleeping awesome.

This chapter was so well worth the wait, it’s incredible. I think this is probably the ONE chapter in the entire gosh-darn story that I actually finished with a SMILE. Like, a genuine smile…not a disbelieving, “OMG, this girl is sick!” smile. Because ALL OF THAT was the most beautiful poetic justice of ALL TIME! \O/

Seriously, I don’t think I breathed through that whole thing. You were just torturing me with James’ bits. I couldn’t take it! I don’t know yet if he survived, even though it seems like he DID (although I can never rely on that belief 100% with you at the helm), but you didn’t cease blindsiding us with hope…then dread…then hope…then dread. Back and forth and back and forth! _ I’m shocked at how often he was able to cheat death in this chapter—dude, that was STRESSFUL! I’m practically nauseous after all that! First it looks like he’s going to sacrifice himself Jessie-style with Vincenzio—then manages to sneak out with Weezing’s assistance. Yay! He’s gonna escape! Oh wait, there’s Khimaira. Oh! Weezing sacrificed itself in the most epic of ways! Yay! He’s gonna escape! Oh wait, sorry…Khimaira can’t be brought down that easily and is back. Oh! James has his bazooka all lined up! He’s gonna kill it! And…Khimaira has smacked it—and him—across the room. DAMMIT, GIRL. That was more suspense than I think I was able to take! D: LOL It was epic. This guy certainly had an angel on his shoulder the whole time. When he finally blew Khimaira’s head away, it was just so amazing. I totally loved when he thought: “Did the boss REALLY think he would be able to create a god? Gimmie a break.” Seriously, I was surprised, too! Our heroes have certainly learned a lot and come a long way since their battles with the zombies, who kinda look like a piece of cake now in hindsight! Who’d a thunk it? LOL But I love the whole irony of how quickly Khimaira was ultimately taken down, who was the strongest of them all. In a different environment under different circumstances, that monster would have been unstoppable. But put it in a smoldering underground maze with a bunch of strong-willed survivors, relying on weapons and their hearts hardened by love and vengeance, and it didn’t really stand a chance, did it? Bravo to James for making the most ultimate kill, and in such glorious fashion. (Ha, Aiselne, you’ve officially got me labeling gore and death “glorious”! :P)

I’m still gonna desperately hold on to the hope that James DID survive and pretend as such. YAY! I was reading this whole thing the same way I had the last with Jessie…just reluctantly knowing he was going to bite it, but not knowing how and when. It was excruciating. I love how these death-defying moments really make a character shine but also expose their most raw vulnerability. You have these preconceived images of characters going into a story like this, and after all this, I saw James in an incredibly different light that made me just fall in love with him. I’ve never loved Jessie and James the way this story has made me. I really, really hope James DOES survive, but…you know what, I won’t be sad if he doesn’t, because you’ve already solidified his status of hero and conqueror. While he was never a coward like he feared he was being, I did like that he was determined to do whatever it took to survive. Even if it meant running away at the most appropriate times. In retrospection, every move he made here strategically led to his success.

You’re determined to make Meowth and Togepi the only Pokémon survivors, aren’t you? Dude, I love Victreebell, so seeing it die so gruesomely was heartbreaking. I didn’t expect less. ;P Poor James—he lost Jessie and his two beloved creatures in the span of minutes. How you used Weezing, though, was mind-blowing. I love how you really exemplified the strength of that Pokémon—you’d think it’s basically a fragile, floating balloon, and look at what it did. Again, your cleverness just astounded the hell out of me. Kinda went hand-in-hand with the aforementioned agonizing suspense, too—here I thought Weezing’s suffocating of Khimaira would be enough for James to temporarily escape, or at least ready his bazooka, but when it seemed like once again Weezing’s attempts were in vain, the Pokémon pulls off a surprise and does some serious damage to the monster. Your exploitation of each Pokémon’s standard attacks to bring about these surprising twists and turns I just can’t get over. You’ve excelled at taking every aspect of every character, human and Pokémon, and making it WORK in this amazing story.

Okay, so obviously I’m not mad anymore that Tentagator was brought back to life. I couldn’t think of a better “ending” for this disaster and that bastard, Giovanni. That was so freaking fantastic, Aiselne. Ash’s sacrifice was NOT in vain…and when it could have been, it turned out to be the most greatest blessing in disguise of them all. Thanks, Butch and Cassidy…wherever you are. You kinda gained hero status here, too—without really wanting it! LOL The same went for Vincenzio’s FINAL death as well—wow, how undeniably satisfying THAT was! Misty’s tremendous role just skyrocketed to a new level of awesome. Who could imagine that the innocent little girl from the beginning of this tale would be able to develop the mettle and resilience it takes to shoot someone point-blank with absolutely no reservations? (I tell ya, I don’t think she’s going to find Caterpie quite so frightening anymore! ;P) But what I really loved was that last bit, that flashback of the heated convo between Vincenzio and Giovanni. It was oh-so-sweet to hear Vincenzio turning it around to place blame on Giovanni’s shoulders for ALL of this, because there is no denying that, underneath it all, it’s nothing but the truth. OUCH! Father and son got their just desserts, and that? Is the best possible thing that could have concluded this marvelous story. Thanks, too, for not just having them meet their fates simply in the big kaboom…their deaths were much less merciful, extremely appropriate, and morbidly fulfilling. I would have been disappointed in you if you hadn’t killed "in person" the only people we actually WANTED to see die! ;) I’m so glad that in that final second Giovanni possibly realized just how much of a loser he really is.

All in all, this final showdown was so cleverly structured, I’m shaking my head in disbelief. You wouldn’t know it from this review, but I was practically speechless when I got to the end of it. Hehe! That was some amazing ride. I have no idea what to expect from the epilogue. I’m just so damn thrilled to read it…BUT I will save that for tomorrow, something to look forward to. :D All I can say, though…my God, Aiselne. You’ve impressed me like no other author I’ve ever encountered on this site. This chapter in itself was pure genius. Expect an epic review from me tomorrow for this work in general, but for now…I just gotta say…damn. Your talent is scary. And: YAY FOR MISTY, JAMES, MEOWTH, AND TOGEPI. Run, run, RUN!
LRDrummer chapter 18 . 1/21/2010
OMG! HolyS! This was the end. Amazing. I ran out of words to say about this. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! I"M GLAD THAT YOU WROTE THIS SO EVERYBODY HOW READ THIS WILL LIKE BOTH SEIRES! See ya around on fanfic.

eevee-love chapter 18 . 1/21/2010

I'm back and had some catching up to do! After reading the last chapters and enjoying the ending I can only say the following:

I can only worship the ground you walk on! You kept everyone in suspence from beginning to the very end. If I had the talent you have I would be jumping for joy. I hope you get inspiration to write a lot of other stories as well! Whatever you do, I thank you very much for scaring me and keeping me on the edge of mu seat!


thank you once again!
Leone the Infernal chapter 18 . 1/21/2010
Grand, Aiselne. Simply grand. First, the Pokemon scorned from all, deemed as weak, showed his strength, helping in vanquishing the beast, giving his life so his friend could deliver the final blow. A rich boy became a rich man, rich in heart and bravery. Once his foe, a young lady was on side, till the horrors' end. Along them, the wise cat lived to see light again. They will mourn the heroes, but carry on with life, because the guardians want them to.

I can't believe it's over. A story so shocking, it leaves me in emotional chaos. A story that has me mourning ash's death has got to be special. This one certainly is. I've began reading a story called A New Order, set into an alternative DBZ universe. It's good, just like this story, but the events leave me in a mental mess. Is it just my inability to stop reading a fanfiction even if the events make me sad, no matter how well it's written, or something else?

I wonder what will your brain cook up next. Part of me awaits zhat moment eagerly, while the other part dreads, fearing what consequences on my mind will it Oh, and I haven't done something I should have long ago. I hope you'll forgive me for not putting your story into my favorites earlier.
CaptDutchboy chapter 6 . 1/20/2010
... y-you k-killed pikachu... i never liked pikachu, but killing it? your sick! definatly something outta RE, in fact, i shoulda seen something like that happening. hell, im still not over brock's death yet... poor poor brock. and now poor poor pikachu. you brilliantly evil word weaver... why must you pull at my heartstrings so? Overall great chapter with a violently surprising twist at the end.
CaptDutchboy chapter 1 . 1/19/2010
Hot damn! bringing back memories of the good ol' days when me and my little bro would stay up late playing RE, because night time was the best time for survival horror
Steveaaml chapter 16 . 1/11/2010
PS - I liked the "You're, you're insane" "I think everybody is. . .in some fashion" bit. Despite the instensity of the situation, I couldn't not remember that Simpsons bit with "You're crazy!" "Aren't we all? I know I am."
Miyamoto chapter 16 . 1/11/2010
Geez, fanfics don't mention Musashi's mom nowadays! Though, it's weird using Miyamoto's name mixed with English names. Then again, she doesn't have an English name, does she? Oh well. It's cool to know Miyamoto hasn't been forgotten. :)
Steveaaml chapter 16 . 1/10/2010
Well, this was maybe one of your absolutely best-written chapters.

VERY good. Incredibly Epic. Very moving.

The bit with Misty and Togepi really ahd at my heartstrings, and everything with people caring for each other. Oh Geez. the "a will to survive" continuity stuff worked very well too.

"History has an amusingly odd way of regurgitating itself." -Ths was a good phrase, and very fitting with the imagery of this story.

I considered making a comment about feminism not being about superiority, but about equality, but then I realized that that bit was in a paragraph where Giovanni was thinking the narrative, and he would be enough of a jerk to look at it that way.

The whole Jessie & Arbok section. Oh golly. Incredibly moving. Very heartfelt last bit. There's a lot I could say about her death, and how it feels different from the others, maybe because she wasn't infected, I'm not sure, and the stuck-on-the-other-side of the door thing is very moving (rather Spockish), but I dunno, I casn't seem to articulate it well, so I'll just say that Jessie really owns this story. I love how JJ&M became such heroes throughout. Great work.
Steveaaml chapter 15 . 1/10/2010
Oh man, I just realized that I read this a while ago, but never responded to it!

So here goes.

Exceedingly well written, and SO EMOTIONALLY DRAINING! Goodness.

Young Giovanni with a charmander is a rather cute thing to think about, and I loved the bit with James.

Very great work, and I'm so glad JJ&M are gonna go kick some ass.

Onwards to Next Chapter!
Kyarorain chapter 16 . 1/10/2010
This was a very dramatic, exciting and intense chapter. You've done a really good job with Jessie's character throughout the fic and it was sad to see her go. It was awesome to see Butch and Cassidy take Giovanni down too.
Zombiedude1274 chapter 16 . 1/9/2010
Hey, I am not gonna rip you a new ass over Jessie dying, but I am a little dissapointed. Heck, I am even a little sad. You have conveyed the emotion of the characters in this story well enough that I can feel, or sense as you will, the pain and suffering James, Jessie, Meowth, and Misty are going through. I pity Jessie and James, and overall, this is onewonderful story. For horror, this is THE best work I have ever read. Remember romancelover22446688? The one that said you stories inspired him? Well, that was me, but I had to cange my name because of your wonerfull ability to write. I am amazed by your talent, and you cul make some serious money off of this little story if yu ook it to publshers, bt of course yu would have to cange all of the characters names and not use pokemon as what Khimaira is, you could always just make it an animal created by an underground criminal organazation. To tell yu the truth it really wouldn't be all tat difficult to pull off. Doesn't your profile say you ae like 21? If so, yu can give yourself a lot of oporutunities if yu got this published into a short story. BBesides, once it was published, people would have t pay you to use it in those collections of short stories! Please reply to this comment, yu haven't replied to any of my messages.
Domino Shelby chapter 16 . 1/8/2010
Holy shit, you unimaginable maniac.

You did not just write that.

You'd think by now, that death wouldn't phase me as much as it still does. Granted, I don't plan out flaming criticisms like I used to. Maybe, making it all the way to Chapter sixteen, I've started to 'mature', or so to say, as I read these past few updates. I hate the fact that everything is so.. right, and that everything that you've done, and everything that you've written serves as a purpose. I am well aware now that you wouldn't ever kill off a dear without the best of intentions, and I congratualte on that. But still.. just when I placed all of my hope in Jessie.. damn you!

ALL THAT BEING SAID, god DAMN. I loved this chapter so much, some parts gave me the chills so badly. It was an absolute thrill. I don't even know where do begin. I guess by saying that no, I did not predict a single thing that happened in this chapter. And to think I thought I was clever the last time. Mind you, my scheming mind still wrapped itself aroudn BROCK'S death, so never in my life would I dare think of the pieces you've played.

KHIMAIRA. I have no words. That thing creeps me out beyond belief, though I can't help but instill some hope and trust in the monster. All this talk about it for so long, and its introduction was no letdown. God. SO good.

Another surprise: Butch and Cassidy! What a love'hate thing you've got going on there! I do love them for (starting to) bring down Giovanni, but beyond that, well, I am waiting for you to elaborate before I judge them.

And that ending.. I guess we couldn't escape that, now, could we? Well, you have made Jessie into the most admirable person in this story, in my opinion, and I could not think of a more fitting way for her to go. And James, Meowth, Misty.. Oh James. It's times like these that make me wish I never found this story, yet make me crave more and more. You are a master at this, in case you are still unaware.

I thought surviving Acheron meant surviving period, but we all know now how wrong that idea is.. You've had such balls to push this story to where it is today. YOu write with absolutely NO FEAR. Honey, you and I have a very bipolar love/hate thing going on because of that. Knowing that the death doesn't stop here, I am nervous and very excited what you've got in store. Misty, James, Meowth, Togepi... certainly not the final three I had thought up. It's going to be great to get into the remaining heroes heads in the chapters to come. Oh, baby!

And, biggest surprise: this was not the end?

Aiselne, you sneaky fox you!
Spruceton Spook chapter 16 . 1/8/2010
Oh, why—WHY?—with every chapter must you always KILL. ME. DEAD?

It just boggles me that after 15 previous chapters of proof that you know no bounds or limits, show no mercy to our favorite characters, and will not provide us any unlikely happy endings, you still manage to blow me away with shock? How many times have I said in these reviews: “I can’t believe you did that!”? Well, add another one to the list. Because THAT was…really, really shocking. And cruel. And…tragically fitting. Aiselne…dammit, girl. Again, you went there. And again, it was beautiful. You have managed to make nearly every grisly death in this gory tale…beautiful. How do you do it? What is your SECRET? How are you just SO AWESOME?

My heart aches with such deep sorrow for Jessie. You have certainly validated her supreme epicness. I will wholeheartedly admit that even though I SHOULD know by now, I didn’t think that was going to happen. I naïvely believed anyone who was to die after the escape from Acheron was supposed to be a bad guy who deserved it. Wow, was I glaringly wrong. I was terrified for Jessie from the very start of this chapter, but I didn’t WANT to think it could end this way. I was extremely proud of her—my God, what a brave backbone that girl grew, standing up to Giovanni like that. I just felt my heart sink to my stomach the minute the other agents took hold of her…at first, I thought Giovanni was going to “give” her to Khimaira. The irony in that feeling is that ultimately she gave HERSELF to Khimaira…to give it death. (But do I actually believe Khimaira is dead? Hello, Aiselne is still writing this, as far as I know. Heck no. :( Poor Jessie.) You gave so many of our beloved characters the most poetic, appropriate deaths, and Jessie was far from exception. I think hers was the most poignant, simply because of the transformation she underwent. You kept the original good guys awesome to the very end, but you yourself MADE Jessie awesome and then even MORE so in that final, distressing scene. You did her character so much justice, it’s incredible. I felt so bad for her. After seeing her pain and grief in chapter 15, I desperately wanted her to have a happy ending, just because she went through such a life-changing conversion—there was so much hope for her to realize the good she had done and what she could continue to do. That vaccine WAS meant to be hers back there is Acheron. I loved, loved, loved her line: "I think…I think I finally understand that cop. Why she did all that crazy shit for us. I never really understood Nina, or even liked her, but now…I understand why she gave her life for us." I just hope she DID die with that satisfaction, without ANY of the self-loathing she’d piled on herself. Her saying goodbye to Arbok and Wobbuffet was painful. And hearing James frantically calling to her on the other side of the door tore me in two. I just hope in that final second, she was at peace. Thinking she felt her mother’s embrace helps me believe she did. And her final plea, wondering if those who loved her were proud of her…oh, Jessie. God bless you. There is nothing to feel for you BUT pride. You are a hero. And in NO WAY is Hell your final destination.

Damn…continuing on. I can’t believe you freakin’ brought Khimaira to life. Wait a second, what am I saying? I CAN believe you brought Khimaira to life. It was inevitable and just plain crazy of me to think that we’d never see this magnificent beast. You did an absolute bang-up job describing her; she truly does sound like a creature remarkable to the eye. It’s so like Madam Boss and now Giovanni to make sure she was created as impressively beautiful as she is formidable—I mean, they even took the time to polish her hooves that would just be eventually covered in bloodshed, anyway! Sick jerks. And IGNORANT jerks, too. What seemed so obvious to anyone with a brain that was not permanently corrupted by blind hunger for power, of course a beast deliberately created with intelligence would develop some mind of its own. My reactions were all over the place as I read the chaos happening in that lab: it was SO satisfying to see all the warnings come true as Khimaira went crazy (and in record time, too—take that, you moronic TR scientists!) and seeing Giovanni flee with fear, and at the same time I felt nauseous knowing Jessie was in there. When that door locked and the final thing Jessie had to see was the gruesome abomination her employer was responsible for, I couldn’t stand coming to terms with what was going to take place. Like I said before, I doubt Jessie’s bomb destroyed Khimaira, but I do certainly hope that the base’s self-destruction will do the honors. They MUST! Khimaira may be pretty…but take a picture. And then kill it. Please!

You really got my love/hate relationship with Butch and Cassidy motoring. I hate them for trying to bring Tentagator back to life (I swear to God, will that thing please die? The suspense of whether or not Ash’s sacrifice will ultimately pay off in full is KILLING me!) and they made me cheer and brought the only smile to my face in this chapter when they took down Giovanni. Oh God, I hope that man suffers horrifically in his final moments. IF these are his final moments. I swear, if he gets out of this alive…well, I wouldn’t be surprised because it’s CN! ;) But I still have high hopes. Butch and Cassidy are evil, mean SOBs who apparently will never have good intentions, but they get a high-five from me for being so gratifyingly vindictive to their even eviler, more SOB-ish boss. You go, Botch and Cassidy! LOL Now please do get caught in the big kaboom that is going to happen soon, kthnx.

Very, very small detail in the story that did not go unnoticed—thank you for displaying the times these events were taking place. It really drove home the point of how so much can happen in such little time. All of that took place in under 20 minutes. Unbelievable. What stands out most of all is how Jessie herself went from desperately trying to save herself to realizing the grand sacrifice she needed to make in less than 10 MINUTES. You know, none of us can even begin to imagine what we’d do in such a situation until we are (God forbid) ever placed in it—I couldn’t ever see me strapping a bomb to myself and giving my life like that…and I’m sure Jessie couldn’t either at one point. Yet you do SUCH an excellent job of putting yourself in these people’s minds for the purpose of making it so believable…how the heck do you sleep after writing stuff like this?

Now all that remains is James, Misty, and Meowth. What an unlikely bunch. Also can’t believe in after all this the most fragile Pokémon of them all is STILL alive: Togepi. James and Misty were developing a bond throughout this short time, but nothing can tear them apart now in that they share the unspeakable connection of losing the most precious people in their lives. I’m dreading seeing how James will react to this. It won’t be good. And now is not a good time, either. He was doing such a great job encouraging Misty to conjure the necessary strength she needed to survive, but now if he collapses before her, their combined crippling sadness may be the weakness that easily costs them their lives. They NEED to put their grief aside for the moment and get out of there!

Geez…Happy New Year, Aiselne. :) Thanks for starting off my year with a renewed broken heart. Just kidding…sort of. This chapter was outstanding. I loved it. And hated it because it was sad. And I still can’t believe it’s not over. I’m starting to feel like I’M going to be one of the causalities of this fic—my heart isn’t going to last much longer!
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