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Magus Black chapter 16 . 1/7/2010
"Another one bites the dust." "And then there were three."

First the twerps die and now the pretty Rocket blasts off for the final time...who is next, the next to die I wonder.

To the End!

(You know I just realized that if any of them where Ghost-trainers this whole problem would of been easier, ironic too.)

"Ah Ha! Let us dance on the edge of Blades, and sing songs of Battle."

-Magus Black, the Oracle of Blades
AMG22 chapter 16 . 1/7/2010
poor Jessie( once again another amazing chapter! that was really sweet of James and Meowth to do that for Misty,also ooh scary Vincenzio!
Kios chapter 16 . 1/7/2010
Next time, on Dragon Ball Z...

That's exactly what I was thinking when I read that this still wasn't the last chapter. That's what are heading for unless you really do finish this story up. Not that I'm complaining. That show was awesome, up until a bit into the Buu saga. Then it just started getting... draggy. Feet-draggy. Actually, that show was feet-draggy from the start, who am I kidding.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love a nice dramatic character death? Back when I actually used to write things of my own, that was always part of my character creation process: How can I kill this guy? I love that you can kill someone with out covering it in angst.

And, in response to your PM: You have incredibly low self-esteem. Seriously. I mean, Chroist, woman! (Say it out loud, emphasizing the oi sound. That's how I'm saying it right now.)

Let's go take a look at our nice little history we've built up: I've stated a few times that I enjoy reading your writing. That still stands: You are without a doubt one of, if not -the- most impressive writers I've seen here.

Two: Most of what I critique on is what someone can improve upon. That's my nature, and it still stands. You oughta know by now that me having nothing to say, but still taking the time to send an albeit brief review, would have a positive connotation.

Also, try downloading OpenOffice. It can read and save as almost any type of text document, and I think it works as a file converter as well.
LRDrummer chapter 16 . 1/7/2010
That was fricken great! Can't wait! Finally a story that had Jessie do something good at a cost. See ya!
Leone the Infernal chapter 16 . 1/7/2010
Damn. Not listening to what old people say hurts, and in Giovanni's case, it's fatal. By God, B&C are insane! Throwing the vials into Tentagator? Imagine that thing and Khimaira jousting... How do you kill something that was engineered to be perfect? I hope someone thinks of a way. Many casualties have been caused by the rampaging experiment already.

Alas, another character makes a sacrifice. This story has nerve-shattering chapter ends. I wonder will any of the characters be alive after all is said and done?
Jacks chapter 15 . 12/28/2009
Question: if the cure for the jectamajiggy is purified blood, wouldn't that just mean uninfected blood? Meaning just a healthy person you have taken a syringe to their own arm and voila cure for the damned.

Just wondering, though you've got this story pretty wired with intricacy and reasoning that i wouldn't be surprised if there is an explanation. Aislene is a mastermind. This story is the shit, in case you're wondering. Deaths and all.

Anyways, have a marvelous New Year.
djfhldkjhglkajshflkjahslfkjhas chapter 15 . 12/27/2009
Ah, sorry about the uber late review _;; with christmas going on, I've been so busy! xD Merry (belated) Christmas, by the way~

SO...! The beginning of this chapter almost made me cry~! It was so sad-flashing back to before this whole story even started. When not one of them had any idea of what was going to happen D:

And i must say~~I loved that scene with Misty. As heartbreaking as it was. The Drips and the Bangs all helping to build up the drama.

The whole gossip thing about Giovanni was rather interesting. xD I wouldn't doubt that he does all that, either. xD Also with how Giovanni ended up praising Cassidy was funny to read xD

And I also *LOVED* how you explained why Cassidy and Jessie aren't on kind terms with one another anymore. It really fit in with the story, as well as both Cassidy and Jessie's personalities~

...Poor Jessie and James D: Especially Jessie. THat's gotta be horrible. D:! But the Rocketshippy kiss scene was very much so apprediated~ Soo cutee~~

Nyaa~ I can't wait to see what happens between Giovanni and Vincenzio! xD I can't see anything good coming from that situation x] x] x] :D




-ps409 (aka allyy) x.
Distant-Moon chapter 15 . 12/23/2009
Giovanni just doesn't learn his lessons, does he? Nothing good is going to come from that corrupt L-Ject. Nothing at all. His pride and arrogance is going to be his undoing, I can tell.

But then, I'd be a fool to assume that the death count is going to stop rising just because they're out of Acheron City. Clearly you have some more drama in mind. And I doubt Vincenzio is going to take this sitting down. He's bound to have more tricks up his sleeve.

Hm...excluding that introspection on Misty's part, she's been awful quiet. I suppose we'll see more of her next chapter. Oh, noes! Poor Togepi is going to be inconsolable when he finds out that Ash and Pikachu are both dead! WAH! Spare the eggy!

Hah. Like that's going to happen. Anyway, I can't wait for Team Rocket to bust in and save the day! Woot! This story just keeps getting better and better! Happy Holidays, and thanks for the update!
Rockets rule chapter 13 . 12/22/2009
Adding 3 of the more popular REAL rocket guys into this story was a great surprise! Yeah, Butch and Cassidy's roles are smaller than Jesse and James', but they still rock. You haven't turned them into OOC good guys, either (though turning Jesse and James into good guys is acceptable than doing it to Butch and Casidy). Now Giovanni is in the fic, too, and not just some dumb villain...he's the freaking SON of the crazy dude who caused all this! O.O Dude! Damn, this poetic irony of yours never stops (and please, DON'T STOP IT!). :P
Kyarorain chapter 15 . 12/22/2009
What a sad chapter... poor Misty... love the Jessie and James scenes. Like the way you opened the chapter as well. Wow, Giovanni really is a sick maniac.
dello11 chapter 15 . 12/21/2009
I'm so psyched! :) Just read the last 3 chapters I hadn't caught up with and I'm still not totally forgiving you for killing Ash, but if you finish it well enough I might just change my mind :D
Cardente chapter 15 . 12/20/2009
I really enjoyed this chapter. The tensions between Cassidy and Giovanni were well done. And you were right about this being a more TR chapter, but that's no problem. The bastards also deserve some time in the spotlights, no?

Safe to say I'm gonna stick with this one to the end. I'm curious about how it will end, but I like to be surprised. And you have done a great job of doing so!

Take your time for the next chapter and Merry Christmas!
Domino Shelby chapter 15 . 12/20/2009
I really liked this chapter. You're right, it's refreshing.. a nice mental break from continual gore and action. I liked this so much, I read it a second time.

The beginning was so bittersweet and so perfect, because I loved reading the classic Ash and Misty banter; it was knowing how the kids' ignorance led them to.. now, I guess, that broke my heart.. and then Misty's part right after.. Oh GOD. That was just so perfect. Her anguished self was word for word one of the best things I've read thus far. One of those things you read where you really do feel for Misty as if it were you. SO AMAZING!

But what's got me nervous most of all is the supposed 'foreshadowing' of the big finale. This is another reason why I spent extra time going through this chapter again, in case I missed anything. I don't know how blatanly obvious or suttle you've made some of the implications, and I don't know what's in store.. but if it's anything that I've made guesses and put two and two together about.. then this story is going to get VERY interesting (I'm especially curious about Jessie confronting Giovanni.. maybe I'll read through this a third time!) And I don't know whether or not that's a good thing. Ha, but knowing you, making all of my favourite characters death's so JUSTIFIABLE and RIGHTEOUS (damn you!), I'll be sure to have my mouth cramped open and my hands gripping onto my chair. And I don't mind a delay... the past few chapters have yet to sink in completely (Ash's headless body brought me back to square one, my GOD! You are cruel!)

You've set the stage wonderfully, and now we wait for the final curtain call. I know I will be impressed, and that it'll be well worth the wait. This has been a thrill to read, and as much as I can't wait to read what's in store, it will also be sad to see this story end. (After all the emotional turmoil you've put me through, too! It's just that good.)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, and good luck writing! :)
The RoseBlade Ninja Alchemist chapter 8 . 12/20/2009
Yesh! I’m starting the review ALREADY! And I just sent the last review not FIVE minutes ago! I’m getting BETTER with this! XD

Well, it begins! I don’t know which is the extreme, drama/angst like last chapter or horror-gore like this one. I guess I’ll start by mentioning how many memories of Resident Evil 5 you brought back for me with “Much to Nina’s sighing relief, nothing leapt out in front of her, or charged from her side, dropped down from the ceiling, or crawled across the floor. Bulbasaur remained on alert, but never launched an attack, either.” It made me recall the creepy Lickers (who are an ass to kill) that are really creepy the first time you encounter them in RE5. AND the Reapers, who are cocooned in eggs the first time you encounter them, and there’s always more than one, so you never know when and if they’re gonna pop out at all. Plus, even though those guys were pretty annoying, they’re like ninjas, the way they use some sort of illusion-like ability so that you can’t shoot correctly at them. And they drop silently onto the ground to eat you. …Anyway, I liked that quote. Actually, about 40% of the quotes from the whole story stick in my head.

Awwz, those poor mutated Growlithes! But when they showed up, I feel like that quote was foreshadowing for them. Speaking of them…they remind me so much of the Lickers. Except the Lickers can’t see, but they use their hearing, whereas the Growlithes can’t hear but they can see.

Also, another thing I constantly find myself liking (wow, I just like so many things throughout this story) is that in the action-y events such as this whole CHAPTER, everyone always has their own little dilemmas and problems, just like in an actual action movie. It just pumps more adrenaline into the reader, I feel, and, once again, adds to the drama. Actually, imagining that whole thing is sort of reminiscent of a high-school-movie food fight, except gorier…and creepier…and people die…yeah. Real reminiscent. Anyway, I have to say, when Meowth that it was over, I did, too. In that moment, they SERIOUSLY seemed ab-so-lute-ly FUCKED. No way out, whatsoever. You just can’t help but think: “Damn, that sucks, but I wanna read more!”

And I have to know, how much of Resident Evil 5 have you played? You seem to be getting a lot of the locale in the game spot-on, especially the place where the main action takes place. It reminds me of the area where you first meet the Lickers. Of course, if you actually HAVEN’T played up to that part, then please forgive my fangirly, somewhat wistful rambling.

Also, to me, it did seem kinda pointless to mention the fact that Ash never backed down from a fight. Even while that IS true, he got a front-row seat as to what happened to Pikachu, so he wouldn’t have risked losing two more of his Pokemon. To me, he cares too much about them to put his pride before them, especially when it was never mentioned that Ash was fully over his guilt.

What was ironically funny in all of the madness was Misty pitting Togepi against Tentagator. I dunno, just imagining Togepi hitting Tentagator with its…triangle arms is really funny, so I got a hoot outta that. Also, things like this don’t normally apply to me, but right when I read about Tentagator having five tentacles now, I had a strong inkling that Tentagator had regeneration abilities. I mean, while I thought about a SECOND Tentagator even being POSSIBLE, I didn’t think you would be THAT cruel! Plus, the idea was never really traversed, so I quickly discarded the idea.

Despite Nina being overall an OC, I’m actually getting pretty attached to her. Especially when she yelled at poor James. Actually, it seems like wherever you go, it’s always the chicks yelling at the guys for being stupid. Of course, 85% of the time, it’s pretty justified.

And yay! Wobbuffet actually has use! Of course, in every situation, or at least in situations like this, the annoying ones are always the ones who saves everyone else’s life. But to be honest, even though Wobbuffet is pretty annoying, I don’t want it to die! I was seriously hoping Wobbuffet would be recalled in time. Of course, that also could be because it just saved Jessie’s life, and Tentagator already ate someone else…

And, of course, like I mentioned before, I’m growing pretty fond of Nina so naturally, I was seriously scared when Nina mentally devised the plan to make herself bait. That’s TWICE that someone ALMOST died. In the same chapter! Are you trying to give your readers heart attacks? Nina is almost literally the backbone of the entire group! The leader! Chief, boss, director, head, person in charge! Whatever you wanna call it, she’s possibly the most crucial element to the group! …Overall, she’s really cool, and I just couldn’t bear it if she died.

As for your notes, I think you overall did well for the action sequences! Although, the attention was a little one-sided. In Tentagator’s favor, that is. It shifted focus from Ash and Misty to Nina, Jessie and James, and Tentagator, and never really went back. That was one thing that bothered me. But it was pretty awesome overall, so that sort of compensates for that. I know it would take me quite a bit of concentration to string up something like THAT.

Something that I just noticed now, is that whenever I find fault in the story (which isn’t often), there always seems to be some sort of compensation for said fault, so the story is almost INVINCIBLE to flamers! As a matter of fact, anyone who flames this will get a very detailed retort from ME! Of course, I probably don’t much of a right to say so since it’s not my story, but damn it, THAT’S HOW AWESHOME THIS STORY IS!

I think this is officially one of the longest reviews I’ve ever written! It broke three pages in Word! Of course, I never bothered to document my reviews before, so I can’t really compare. Well, I guess I’ll wrap up this review. I’m gonna read a little bit of the next chapter, then go to bed. Or maybe just read the whole chapter…Tauris, you bastard…Until next review! Laterz! w
Spruceton Spook chapter 15 . 12/19/2009
A lighter, more refreshing installment? Ha! Uh, sure…if you wanna call it that, I guess. _ All I know is, I was terrified to read this chapter. ;; As much as I was dying to find out what transpired in the next scene, I also didn’t, because I knew it was going to be heart-wrenching and tragic. So what a pleasant surprise it was to open the chapter to innocent twerp travels in happier times! Which…then made me teary-eyed. ;_; Dammit, I’m totally ruined. I’ll probably never watch an episode or movie ever again without thinking of the image of Ash’s headless body on top of Misty’s…

Wait, stop! I’m trying to talk about the opening scene! While it was nice to smile at a scene in CN, naturally it still tugged on my heartstrings, as I could reluctantly tell we were returning to the very first scene of this catastrophic day. Seeing a time when the worst possible things to happen to Ash, in his opinion, was having Gary be two steps ahead of him or not having a full meal for a WHOLE DAY just made me want to cry my eyes out and shake some sense into the kid. To think that 24 hours later this poor little boy would be experiencing such pain and horror drove a knife through my chest. The last thing I certainly want to do is point fingers, but it wasn’t just Ash whose stubbornness and childishness led to their happening upon Acheron—Misty definitely had a hand in it, too, feeding his ego drive with her own antagonism. They’re just little kids, though, just babies…ugh, how heartbreaking it is to know what was about to happen to them. Did they need to be taught that constant squabbling is not the answer? Of course! But they didn’t deserve THIS. :( And what a way to throw in Misty’s mystifying uneasiness as they approached Acheron for the first time…my God, if that alone doesn’t teach her to trust her instincts, what will?

And then the scene you followed it up with, throwing us right back into the horror… I LOVED how brief it was. Haha, not because you spared us the grisly details, when in actuality you didn’t (we got that story later on), but because it just played out SO WELL. Of course Misty was going to black out, and the way you did it worked extremely well. Barely hearing Jessie and James, their reactions, and other voices, clearly illustrating her dwindling consciousness and confusion brought on by trauma, was incredible. The power of this scene lies in its length and its scatteredness. Great job!

In fact, every scene with Misty was perfect. Waking up in the strange cell, soaked and CLEAN, leaving her utterly befuddled and alone except for her haunting recollections (just a preview of what’s to come for many, many day/months/years to come) was spine-tingling. I not only felt like I was there with her, but I felt like I WAS her. The way the scenes of the night flashed before her eyes, you really made me connect with Misty here, and it…totally brought me down. (Don’t feel bad about that, haha, I’m glad the story is creating such feelings! :P) “For the first time in what felt like years, Misty wailed her throat dry with a heartbroken scream.” Wow. Just wow. *_* How overdue was that? And how believable it was that it only came about now, when she finally had a moment to let it all sink in? What a dark and powerful scene.

OK, so this chapter has officially validated the fact that Jessie is my favorite person in CN. You’ve made her just absolutely full of WIN. Never before have I read a fic in which I’ve been so blown away by her character. You’ve given her such depth and integrity, extending her makeup way past the normal scheming, narcissistic, and seemingly heartless girl we’re so used to. I think next to Ash and Misty’s kiss, this is my second favorite scene of the fic. Jessie’s grief was so believable and so intense, and for like the thousandth time (but with no less reason) my eyes stung with tears. And not only that, but you’ve written her in such a way it’s clear that this tragedy didn’t shape who she’s suddenly become… this compassion and sensitive person is who she’s been all along. And sadly, this is what ultimately brought it out. Did she ever really HATE the twerps? Maybe she thought she did once. But hearing her cry and grieve and bemoan Ash, Brock, and Pikachu’s deaths and what poor Misty had to endure (I LOVED when I heard that they made sure Misty made it through the quarantine process like protective parents!), makes it clear that I don’t think we ever really knew the real Jessie…and she didn’t even know herself. What a stunning and poignant scene, hearing her scream out her self-loathing and despair. This line made me shiver: “It was not Jessie’s vaccine! It was Brock’s vaccine, and it was also Brock’s sacrificial gift to Ash and Misty. Jessie had absolutely no right to accept that antidote, even if the twerps insisted. “A-and…and n-now…” Her shaking arm balled a fist before the furious redhead screwed her eyes shut. Jessie knew she did not harbor any right to cry like a baby over a mess she made! “…Ash is d-dead…because I’m so Goddamn selfish!”” I hated to hear her say this stuff just as much as James did, but poor Jessie: you DO have every right in the world to cry like a baby. I really, really love how guilt plays such a huge role in this fic. This whole story is turning into one harrowing woulda-shoulda-coulda! D:

James, likewise, was fantastic, and again, like with Ash and Misty, their kiss was so authentic. Bravo for writing love scenes that are not in ANY way uncalled-for sappiness. Jessie being saved by the vaccine, I am certain, is not going to be a waste, like she fears and believes. If she and James do wind up putting an end to the nightmare, I hope she realizes that James is right: she was meant to be saved. Jessie has already done so much good in this fic: she doesn’t deserve to feel such remorse and hate for herself. Totally, totally love her. She's too awesome for words.

DUDE. Is Giovanni gonna feed his father to freakin’ Khimaira? That is just too whacked out and sick! LOL I love it! I’m really glad you brought Giovanni into the fic. He is just as messed up as Vincenzio…totally like father, like son—like, to nauseating proportions. _ All these scenes with him made me blanch. First we find out that Tentagator is technically NOT dead, and ugh! That made me gasp out loud. I mean, Ash meant to protect Misty, and Misty is alive and safe. So he did accomplish that goal and didn’t die in vain, but to hear that monster is temporarily still breathing—and being tended to, no less!—made my stomach clench. It’s not gonna matter now, though…it looks like this Khimaira thing is gonna come to life soon…that is, if J&J don’t have something to say about it! I’m kinda rooting for Butch and Cassidy, as well…actually, I’d really love it if they somehow joined J&J in their quest…that would be too great. Yeah, B&C are jerks…but I really felt bad for them back there with Giovanni…they are rebellious, yes, but in no way disloyal…they don’t deserve that treatment for, technically, a job-well-done. Stupid Giovanni. :( “All around him, countries wasted time and money on multi-billion-dollar bombs and fancy high-tech weaponry. Yet, there was Vincenzio, a pruned old man with a handful of virus needles and infected sewer rats, and look what he did!” WORD. Craziness! Loved that line so much.

I’m displeased with this review but definitely not this chapter. Thanks for the surprise treat this Friday. “You faithful readers deserve medals!” Uhh, WRONG. We clearly aren’t the ones who deserve a medal. ;) Can’t wait for chapter 16!
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