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LiquidNitrous chapter 6 . 4/1/2013
PIKACHU! Aiselne! Killing Brock was bad, but you killed PIKACHU! A...Aiselne... Why did you kill Pikachu? What the fuck is that monster?

Again, this is an original idea, and I'm still enjoying the story. Kind of sad, but enjoyable. The part about Ash's dream was...well, I believed it for a second, but then I remembered that there are 18 chapters, or something. A very entertaining fic so far

Sincerely, Liquid Nitrous
LiquidNitrous chapter 4 . 3/31/2013
NO BROCK! Brock DIED?!! I...I...I saw it coming. Brock is one of my favourite characters. Best Wishes only sucks because he isn't in it. Brock is...awesome. I reviewed the last chapter after reading the first, as I only review the story once its finished, as you may know. I should have read the whole thing first. I honestly thought Brock would take the cure. I wanted Brock to take the cure. I was happy when Ash and Misty found him. I miss Brock... , maybe I shouldn't get too attached to a FICTIONAL character, like how you love Ash's 'cuteness'. Ash isn't cute! Well, not to me, as I'm a male. The story's going great and I look forward to reading it more. I know I'm reviewing WAY after it was written, but please respond to my idea of attempting to write my own story: should I, or shouldn't I?

-Sincerely, Liquid Nitrous
LiquidNitrous chapter 18 . 3/31/2013
Man... I'm 14 and you've given me nightmares Aiselne! This is the most gruesome Pokèmon fic ever! I have had a dream that I was in this kind of situation, as a Pokèmon Trainer as well! Very freaky! I did like it, as I like all of your story's, but the Pokèmon I know, is all happy and carefree. Very interesting to see someone turn it into a horror story like this! I was at home by myself when I read this and now, my heartbeat is racing at 100kph! (Kilometres per hour) I feel sorry for 'Our Heroes'

-sincerely, Liquid Nitrous
Rain Dove chapter 18 . 2/16/2013
This last chapter. It's beautiful.
BiblioMatsuri chapter 18 . 2/11/2013
I'm probably going to get nightmares from this story. Still, it was absolutely worth reading.
BiblioMatsuri chapter 17 . 2/11/2013
Okay, wow. Normally, I loathe stories where all or most main characters die, let alone get killed off in progressively more gruesome ways. On the other hand, this was very well written, and you've put a great deal of effort into characterization. I was pretty constantly by turns cheering, whimpering and just wanting it to end. This is a horror story. Those are reactions the audience should be having.
BiblioMatsuri chapter 16 . 2/11/2013
I'm crying. Over Jessie. *whimper*

...It's like watching a giant car accident happen from a distance. I can't look away.
BiblioMatsuri chapter 8 . 2/11/2013
Ah, question: What was the Pokemon fanfic with the really good action sequences?

...I want to cry. Or scream. Or possibly puke.
BiblioMatsuri chapter 3 . 2/11/2013
Nitpick: "wretched" (horrid) not "retched" (past tense of retch). Not that I haven't wanted to, a few times.

...Darkfic like hell. *strangled noise of fear*
BiblioMatsuri chapter 2 . 2/11/2013
Oh, yep. I recognized the mythological references, though I didn't know Acheron was associated with pain. It fits the story, though.

You're very good at description. Maybe I shouldn't be reading this so late at night...

Nitpick: When Misty scolded Ash near the end, you mixed up "except" (other than) for "accept" (opposite of give).
BiblioMatsuri chapter 1 . 2/11/2013
*smacks head against wall* First, NEVER freaking SPLIT THE freaking PARTY! Second, never go through a door without checking the room for potential threats first. ...Sorry. Standard horror genre spectator reaction.

Never read your fluff fics, might later. Never played Resident Evil, probably never will as I'm not much of a gamer (meaning game systems cost money which Matsuri does not have). Oh, I can follow it, though. This is going to get very bad.

...Poor kids (and Team Rocket). That's what they get for being out in the wilderness in a setting where very few people (if any) have cell phones.
ZachFlame chapter 6 . 1/18/2013
Dark... dark everywhere.
Reliastion chapter 18 . 1/6/2013
OH MY GOD. Just... OH MY GOD. Carnage Necropolis is actually the BEST STORY in the ENTIRE WORLD. I am way too young to remember (and/or have played) any of the RE games (seriously, I know what Revelations 3DS is, and that's it), and probably classified by most as too young too read this (Year 7's rule!), but I am sooooooo glad I did. I mean, you pulled off killing Ash, Brock, Jessie AND Giovanni, and I'm pretty sure no-one has done that with any kind of integrity before. Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus, you are the best Horror authoress EVER, and you seriously cannot even realize how much this Fanfic has proved to me that writing can be scary, funny, extremely gory, and just totally mad but brilliant at the same time. God, I've been ranting for a paragraph and it still does hardly any justice to the amazingness of this story (kinda ironic how words do no justice to a good story XD). I so hope you carry on writing. Thank you so much for broadening my imagination, shocking me, making me gasp and even laugh at points (I so didn't expect Cassidy and Butch to turn up!)- I will never think about horror fiction in the same way again.
Reliastion x
apocalypticSkeletons chapter 7 . 12/1/2012
I cried. I actually cried :,(
Maxren chapter 18 . 8/15/2012
My. Deepest. Greatest. Respects. It is rare to find authors with the gals to actually make their characters DIE. Less a lot of them, or even the main character! Really, I had a pretty hard time admitting Ash's death. "She didn't... No... 'can't be... No, she actually DID IT!" At that very moment, I knew I would press de "favorite: story" save button.

CN is a masterpiece of ff .net. *bows*
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