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Celine Phoenix chapter 9 . 10/11/2017

I want to thank you a thousand times for this story : I just finished the entire set of The Dark Tower books, and I can't remember how many times I wept... The ending of the the last book left me with a huge feeling of loss.
But reading this fanfiction helped me cope with this. Seeing an alternative future for Roland and his ka-tet, a happy one, is wonderful. And I feel as if, by writing it, you "sealed" it : I can believe that, in the imaginary world of Roland and his friend, this is what really happened.
Thank you again, and... may you have long days and pleasant nights :)

Getsunohimesama chapter 9 . 1/28/2015
It was not a perfect ending for me- but then again nor was the one in the books. And frankly, it made me by far, far happier. First and foremost, Roland finally achieves his redemption- a redemption well-deserved in my opinion. Roland may he an anti-hero and maybe even a villain in a twisty way, but he has paid hell for every single one of them. I think the only blessing was not remembering, because he would probably end his own life in madness.

Susan still dead but Jake as his son and Susannah there as well- though I wonder where Eddie is. Cuthbert is a personal favorite of mine- the guy totally rocks. However, if, as I suspect, Eddie and Cuthbert have merged in the end due to being so very similar, it's a bit unfair to both of them. Other than that, a little more elaboration on how everything came to be and especially what became of John Farson would have been nice. But then again, thus leaves room for our own imagination to kick in. ;)

This story is absolutly amazing, maybe the best Dark Tower fic in ffnet! :D
Getsunohimesama chapter 8 . 1/28/2015
Should I be happy that Callahan is dead? Oh yes I should. It sounds mean but still, I am glad that Jakevis safe. On the other hand, isn't Roland supposed to do the trip to the Tower on his own? Or not anymore?

I am not leaving a proper review. Too close to the end for sanity and coherence to be kept intact.
Getsunohimesama chapter 7 . 1/28/2015
I... don't know what to say. I really, truly believe that, with a bit of polishing it here and there, this story would make King himself proud.

The final confrontation- although the problem I mentioned with The Man in Black's characterization still exists, you do add an element that makes it tie in in a small way, throwing in a direct referrnce to The Stand by bringing up Nadine Cross. Although according to Walter himself, Gabrielle is the only woman he ever actually loved. In thr Marvel edition it even is revealed how her death was truly caused.
I was always a bit dissapointed at how Walter dies in the book- a villain such as he deserved a better death than being food. I cannot say with my hand on my chest that this was the perfect ending for him either, but it was satisfying.

I keep this short because I cannot wait any longer to finish the story, although I have a lot to say... although it's mostly praise about how good this chapter was. I especially loved how Dani, Tedd, Dinky and Sheemie played such an instrumental role in killing Walter- and I will not even begin on the epic drawing by Roland and Jake. It was like watching the father/son Kamehameha in Dragonball Z, only infinite times more epic.
Getsunohimesama chapter 6 . 1/28/2015
Nuh, even fillers have their charm- what's worrying ME is that I seem to be dangerously close to Chapter 9 and I pray that it is not the last- this story is too good to be icer so soon! :D
Getsunohimesama chapter 5 . 1/28/2015
This was such an unexpected twist! I guess I did have some speculations about what was next and you did warn us about Flagg. But to have him actually kidnap Jake... yep, totally did not see that coming.

Here I have to make a little observation. I am in no way trolling or saying I would do better in a similar occasion, just an attempt at constructive criticism on my part.
Although in general you have an excellent grasp at King's writing style and I believe that, had Stephen King actually read this you would get a very praising mail, the Man In Black is really off. I am not a fan of that person but I do respect him as a villain- even more so than I could ever respect a crossover betwren a cow and a spider that suffers from schizophrenia and swallows sharpened spoons. The characterization and his actions in general seem to be... beneath him in a way. I felt like I was watching Randall Flagg and not the Man In Black actung out HIS scheme. And before you argue that they are one and tge same and that Randall is just one more of The Man In Black's many faces, you have to admit that the man in The Stand and the man in the Dark Tower ARE quite different in character. Of course Walter, as maybe the oldest and most complicated (and recurring) villain of King's imagination, has a certain reputation of being impossibly hard to write- unless of course you are King.

Othrr than that, this story has me hooked so well it almost hurts. I am totally on my toes!
Getsunohimesama chapter 4 . 1/28/2015
Oh my God... this was so intense. So... There have been very few stories here in fanfiction that made me feel pure, unadulterated rage. Tick Tock and his band of bitches deserve many, many more than ten thousand years as their first day. It was just so... it's another thing entirely to have it implied and another thing entirely to have it almost acted out. I really believe that for all the times I've read The Wastelands, this is the first time I've grasped the actual severity of the situation- though to my defence, the translators for the book in my country did smooth it over a bit aparently.
You've done a spectacular job- and yes, I know that given the concept it is a rather bizzare thing to say.
Getsunohimesama chapter 3 . 1/28/2015
Oh dear! I was as excited to read this as I was while reading the actual book- maybe even more so since things feel now better, if you get what I mean. Also, Jack Mort HAD to die. That bastard staying alive would simply ruin the mood. I already loge THIS version of the Dark Tower a LOT. I cannot wait to see what else changes from now on. Beautifully done, this story. :)
Getsunohimesama chapter 2 . 1/28/2015
See? SEE? I bet that it's the first time in MILLENNIA that Cuthbert's spirit does not feel the need to smack Roland on the head with a wooden board full of rusty nails at the smacking end. I know it is for me... ;)

This seems to get more and more awesome. The awesomness practically hurts!
Getsunohimesama chapter 1 . 1/28/2015
Oh look- Roland finally does something that is not related to the Tower! I think I may need to lie down for a while and then read this again, because I may have missed something.

On a serious note, that's one awesome way to start a story! And yeah, Aileen is NOT a Mary Sue! :)
psychomvh2571 chapter 7 . 11/7/2014
I am enjoying everything about your story so far. Its wonderful, keep it up!
Righteousham chapter 9 . 10/24/2014
Hello and good day,

It was mostly idle curiosity that saw me finding your story. I finished the series proper years ago, but recently finally got around to reading, The Wind Through the Keyhole. This of course got me thinking about the novels, the journey Roland and his Ka-tet had been on and most especially that ending.

Personally, I loved it, and immediately which was not the case with my best friend who got me into the books originally. He hated it quite a bit and felt not only was it lazy but also written as such due to King being somewhat disgruntled with his audience for even wanting an ending. This was so silly that I demanded he accompanyme to dinner so that I could disabuse him of these notions; something I'm typically not want to do: explain a book's ending and the idea of culminating themes.

In the end while I didn't convince him to like the ending -subjectivity and objectivity being what they are- I was able to show that King was far from lazy in his writing. In any case, this process took so long that my own enthusiasm for the series was exhausted. Hence why I never bothered coming here to see if any brave writer had tackled the next cycle and what changes would be wrought by Roland carrying the Horn of Eld.

Interest rekindled, I sought out such a story and found yours. I completed it in one day, though not one sitting, and liked it better than I thought I would. Your ability to emulate King's tone and style were impressive and on only a few occasions did I feel it off. Namely anything dealing with Walter (excepting the first scene under the mountains) It felt wrong for He of the Broadcloak to be wielding a gun and taking hostages. Though Walter is a notoriously difficult character to write, and as he may be King's oldest literary creation (see the poem: The Dark Man) it's not surprising to see others struggle with him.

Perhaps it was that I simply wasn't all that fond of his and the Red King's replacement plan. I was never sold on it, nor did it fit well in my opinion. It didn't feel grandiose enough. I did like your exploration of what changes would occur with Jake remaining alive. I agree with you that The White always wanted Jake to be with Roland and that was why he came back, similarly I agree that much of what went wrong later may very well have gone differently if Roland hadn't made the decision that he did under the Cyclopean mountains.

However, I felt as if certain aspects weren't well considered. It's difficult to criticize any timeline like that of Mid-worlds, what with it breaking down as it is. That being said. Jake had it right, "This changes everything." Roland skipping his palaver with Walter means he doesn't sleep for those several centuries. This of course lead to broad, sweeping differences in the narrative that I was sad to see you ignore.

I will acknowledge that it's possible you simply hadn't been thinking along these lines as you wrote this, but after a certain point in my time in Mid-world it was a thought that weighted heavily upon me. I won't overtax this already long review by going over every change that should've taken place, but I will point out two.

1. Shardik would be younger by several centuries so it's possible he wouldn't be mad as he was. However as Shardik had been operating for several thousand years a couple of centuries might not mark that big a difference.

2. Lud would be in much better shape overall. No gray's and no Pubes. As the final fall of Lud seems to have occurred in the time of Andrew Quick's grandfather which is certainly not several centuries in the past. Blaine might not yet be worshiped as a god, Patricia might not yet be gone. The City's inhabitants certainly wouldn't be nearly as hostile and ignorant and downtrodden as they'd become.

I, like you, seem to feel as if Jake, the mountain, and Roland's decision there are the linchpin of the series. I simply feel as if the journey would've been much further altered than you showed here.

As to your ending: I liked it for the most part and those things I didn't like (Susan being dead) are more down to personal preference than any literary complaint. Though I was confused Eddie didn't seem to have a place in the refurbished Gilead. I suppose he and Cuthbert could've merged but that hardly seems fair to either man. Overall, I did enjoy the idea of Gilead alive and strong again.

I'm not wholly convinced the timeline works out for the ending, but I've not thought on the implications long enough to have a solid argument yet. I will say it has to do with the Old Ones though.

A few notes on structure, spelling and grammar.

By its very nature this story is disjointed. In one of your notes you said you had neither the time, skill or drive to write the entire story. I'd argue that you do certainly possess the skill even if you lack the other two qualifiers.

At times the breaks were written abruptly and there were some sloppy transitions. Too, at times it wasn't clear where you author's notes began and this lead to immersion shattering shifts in perception. This is easily addressed by simply staritng any such note with a larger space than typical and a "AN:" before it.

Grammar and spelling were fine for the most part. Certainly nothing that detracted overmuch from your work. I found the normal host of grammatical gaffs that one is prone to seeing in a story as large as this. Spelling mistakes normally took the form of dropped letters, which is quite common and not all that easy to spot in one's own writing.

Final Verdict: I liked this story quite a bit, more so than I thought I would when I found it. It was, as I wrote above, mostly idle curiosity that found me here but sometimes that is best I think. Should you ever decide to revise and add to this work I'd certainly be interested.

Keep writing.
Guest chapter 7 . 12/4/2013
delah, the direction your taking the is wonderful,the characterization is true . the relationship between roland and jake is beautiful ,the writing is beautiful. you wrote this in 2011 , i am writing this review in 2013 i hope you are still writing stories. sai king would so proud of out of darkness. i know i am.
pyxiestix chapter 9 . 8/4/2013
This was, perhaps, the most perfect ending to the DT series. As a die hard fan of Sai King, I want to say thank you. Had I not been reading this on this site I would have sworn that I was reading his words.
NoSecondChance chapter 9 . 2/14/2013
I loved this story. Love it. I cannot express how much more content I am with this ending. Although I love and respected King's ending (and really couldn't have imagined it ending any other way) I wanted to see how the horn's presence changed things and I adore this interpretation. Thank you! It's hard to write and truly represent this story. You did it well :)
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