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AngelOfMusic387 chapter 1 . 9/2/2009
So I'm rereading this set of stories, and will review all that I didn't review the first time around in hopes of inspiring a new chapter of Hidden Paths. :D

Tamahome saying "So let's talk" gives me more shivers this time than it did last time. Probably because I know what's going to happen this time. I love that Tasuki doesn't really deny his feelings for Miaka, but still wants nothing more than to see her and Tamahome happy together.
Kamiko chapter 2 . 5/10/2009
AH!OMG! I'm freaking out!(screams of terror and horror, not of delight and exitement) Oh my god, oh my god *holding legs to chest while rocking self* this is so bad, not the story, but for me.I do NOT do good with rape, especially gay rape *shiverS* WHY WOULD YOU WRITE THAT! WHY!WHY!WHY! Okay you have scarred a 13 year old for life, I am out of here until I'm old enough to process it, and will drown myself in romantic good hearted tasuki miaka romances,like mer de vasages, and..uh..caught in a web of love! WHATEVER, SYONARA SADIST!
grasperfanboy chapter 22 . 10/10/2008
All I can really say to this is 'wow'. When I first watched this series, I hadn't ever really read any fanfiction for it. Recently, I decided to re-watch and have dusted off my love for Tasuki. I'm glad that I was able to find this fic. You've had me on an emotional rollercoaster since I started to read. Some scenes had me quite depressed and some had me choking on chocolate(angst is more bearable when you have chocolate). You made me cry these last few chapters XD; I'm looking forward to sitting down and reading the sequel to this, but I just thought you should know that even if this fic is older, it's still wonderful. Thank you for the lovely ride :D
penpaninuSessh chapter 22 . 8/18/2008
recommended song for this wonderful epilogue... Shes like the Wind from Dirty Dancing, sung by Patrick Swayze. If memory serves me right, its in the part of the movie where Johnny gets fired for being with Baby and she's hugging him at his car. kinda like Tasu and miaka here... this was a great fic and a great way to spend a few hours!
penpaninuSessh chapter 21 . 8/18/2008
damn... didnt see that one coming. it was GREAT! my heart broke. Tasuki crying, and wondering why he felt like he lost something important. Reminded me of Amiboshi with his amnesia at the end of the series when his brother died in tokyo.
penpaninuSessh chapter 14 . 8/18/2008
chichiri is hardcore! good job!
penpaninuSessh chapter 11 . 8/18/2008
erotica, really? Yes! Loved the tree flying scene. it made me smile to see them happy.
penpaninuSessh chapter 10 . 8/18/2008
love your portrayal of hotohori fightin with tasuki! It was too sweet an image! and miaka and chiriko tumbliing in caught eavesdropping. I had a smile on my face! glad to see that little tyke getting into some mischief
penpaninuSessh chapter 8 . 8/18/2008
good anaylysis for mits! He is a very big man, adn could do some damage if he really tried. Guess there is a violent streak somewhere in his mildness _
penpaninuSessh chapter 7 . 8/18/2008
no rest for the wicked, no da! dubbed inuyasha said that once, and I thought it funny to see it again!
penpaninuSessh chapter 5 . 8/18/2008
your music selection is very good, I put youtube on a notehr window and have been listening to the tracks of Secret Garden you noted. They really carry your mood very well! Good job! Can't wait to see more and maybe more romance...
penpaninuSessh chapter 4 . 8/18/2008
wo that was hot! and really good O_O I love a tasuki/miaka pairing...
penpaninuSessh chapter 3 . 8/18/2008
DAYUM that was good... heartwrenching but good! I wrote a rape scene in one of my Inuyasha stories, that wound up HAVUNG to be in place to proceed the plot along! I agonized over it for days, even had anightmare before I wrote the chapter. I don't like the subject of rape adn I treat it with all seriousness. You did the same and I commend you for your treatment of such. It was a good chapter and I could see this all animated in my head, Miaka with her woefully sad sad eyes...
penpaninuSessh chapter 1 . 8/18/2008
this is great so far! a couple of my fy fics are on this C2 listingand I finally had some free time to look around. great work! I personally love tasuki's character, he's the most complex yet open person. And he genuinely cares for miaka. I always thought she should have gotten with hotohori in the series but thats just me... (never saw the thing with tama)
kitsunephoenix chapter 22 . 3/25/2008
It’s 2:50 am so this might not make much sense, gomen ne Roku -

Well, you’ve done it. You’ve officially gotten me to sit through a Tasuki/Miaka fic all the way to the end and like the damn thing too. Hell, more than like. By all the Gods Roku, you are a fantastic author. I was laughing, crying, shouting, shaking, just about everything at this fic. It was a rollercoaster ride through so many different emotions. The first few chapters were packed with raw emotion that made it hard to catch my breath and encouraged me to read the rest. The characters and their feelings are so incredibly real all the way through that I found myself responding and reacting to situations with them. You bring up the darkest feelings of human nature, throw them into the mill, and bring the characters out the other side whole and, while still hurting a little, stronger for the experience. Several chapters you leave the reviewer gasping for air with your wonderful comedy, then, still with their stomach hurting from being doubled over in laughter, throw them firmly into heart shattering scenes that leave them wanting more and more. Your storylines are complicatedly wonderful, leaving me reeling in shock and wondering what on earth will be happening next. Your characterisations take the basics from cannon and build them up into fabulous, complex characters. The emotional journey each of the seishi goes through is unique, yet has common elements that allow them to bind together flawlessly in the end in a heart stopping, brotherly friendship. Your Mitsukake was a constant delight, making me near wet myself with laughter in his scenes with Tasuki, but then again some of my favourite quotes from the series are his. Such as his line to Hotohori sometime in the 6th book, “Your highness has many boyfriends.” Your characterisation of him was perfect to the one I had in my mind. As a devoted Chichiri fan I bow down to your wonderful portrayal of him. I was actually physically shaking after reading chapter 11 it was so intense, and he continued to delight me through out the rest of the fic. Oh, and have read up to chapter 11 in Casting Stones and am very jealous over your dealings with the monk -~ Speaking of which, that fic is as wonderful as this, hysterical even, and I am laughing so hard I can barely breath most chapters. The Knights who say Ni? Priceless. The seishi playing Volleyball is now my favourite ever image, including the fight over Chiriko. Who knew Chichiri was so awesome with a ball, ne? -~ But my favourite ever funny moment still has to be Hotohori’s disastrous speech to poor Tasuki. And Tasuki’s subsequent reaction, creating one of my most favourite lines ever. don’t worry, Tasuki-chan, I hate the shoes too - My favourite serious moment… Chichiri’s confrontation with Taiitsukun. I’ve always said the hag needs to be knocked down a few pegs. And my favourite sweet moment? The moment Tasuki rescues Tamahome from his private hell, of course -

Truly, your story contains a perfect mix of comedy, angst, sap, and everything else. I am incredibly glad I read it and am forever grateful to you for writing it. But Roku, that last chapter damn near killed me. I read it through a haze of tears that fogged up my glasses. I was crying so hard I could barely read the words. You better make it better in the sequel! -Mock threats, I swear. Muse-chan is asserting herself again -.- - The length of the chapters isn’t too long! I love your long chapters, though I know the feeling. I recently wrote a 9,0 word chapter, stopped, and went “What the hell?” But I digress. I did guess it was Chiriko who knew the truth, those scrolls after all. And that was another amusing scene. Ahh, poor Chiri-chan having to clean up after everyone else got drunk XD And the subsequent morning… I haven’t laughed so much at a fic since I read Another Story and All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Oh, and I had been thinking of that picture ever since you mentioned them all laying on the grass in a circle and was grinning hugely when Miaka got up in the tree to take it - You really explained the book well, before I looked at it and thought “Eh?“ But now I have your wonderful explanation! Again I’m rambling… I’d better wrap this up, but not before I comment on Flight. Wow, I loved that chapter for the images it conjured up -

Anyway, thank you again for such a wonderful story, and I am definitely reading the sequels (one involves Chichiri, so how could I not? -). Ja ne, Roku.


P.S: How did you come up with your name? - Just a random question to finish the ramble, though I am quite curious -
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