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TDI-Ryro-Eclares chapter 146 . 8/14
Loved it.
Kelsey.writes.fanfiction chapter 146 . 7/3
There are no words
Well, there are but I'm having some trouble stringing them together.
Your story sucked me in and wouldn't let me go.
There were highs and lows, and I realize this was written a number of years back, but I can so easily imagine you having something you wrote published. I could feel the pain and feel the elation, your words sang so often.
The tale of Aurian and Proxy, 'Sides and Sunny is easily one of my favorites, and I find my mind easily imagining scenarios in their universe as easily as I have in the cannon-verse.
Seeing this fic come to an end feels a lot like saying goodbye to an old friend. My consolation is that it's here when I want to revisit it.
Thank you for sharing your talent and your ideas with us, with me.
OtakuWhovian1224 chapter 47 . 6/19
Lol well I'm pretty sure I can't voucher for the 1000 review. Pfft way too late for that. And I get the feeling Aurian is feeling either Sides or Sunnys pain from the bond. Could be right could be wrong. Could be the anomaly. Oh well moving on to the next chappie to find out.

Caution chapter 100 . 5/24
A warning for new readers: it is utterly MEANINGLESS to read the first 100 chapters. The actual story starts at 100 and finishes at 146.

There is absolutely no point in reading *anything* prior to that, as the author abruptly changes focus and kills off the original main character.

So unless you like wasting your time reading about someone who's existence has nothing to do with the stories end, don't waste your time.

As it stands, the story that starts at 100 is clearly unfocused and poorly written. Frankly not worth the effort.
rjhaines699 chapter 49 . 4/13
I was listening to Raise it up (Rabbit Heart) by Florence and the Machine. It fits the story perfectly. I would recommend it as a cover for the story.
kirara the great chapter 146 . 3/19
damn its the end what am I going to do with my life now?!
kirara the great chapter 104 . 3/15
*sobs* I can't read this anymore now that Aurian is gone, I got attached
infinitelovee23 chapter 146 . 3/8
This fan fiction left me addicted for days; it caused the insomnia I got (and I still have it *sigh*). However, I'm not going to ramble on about how the story is the reason I couldn't sleep at night.
When I first read it, I thought, '146 chapters? How am I going to finish reading this?' I fear that my curiosity and impatient mind wouldn't let me read that much. So... long story short, I skipped to the end of the fan fiction.
But as the time goes, I find that my hunger for reading is driving me in the brink of desperateness. I decided to read this again, from where I left off before I skipped to the last chapter. I find the story intriguing, and never would I thought of how addicting this story is.
I kept on searching for answers. I have a curious mind that demands everything to be rational (hence why I love skipping to the last page of a book or e-book). Even if the fan fiction didn't answer all my questions, I let it through. No story I read so far could compare to this fan fiction. A Percy Jackson book, one of my favourites, couldn't make me so addicted as this.
I love the plot of this story. Most writers would directly skip to the point, however, you described each scene in such detail, missing out no parts. And you explained so well how things came to be. I like that in a story.
I realised that even though I finished the story, I'll always be wanting for more; it was a thirst that I hoped to quench. This story is a story I looked forward to see and would never get bored reading. I love that as such. No matter how much this story caused me insomnia, I'd have to say, it was worth it :)
U Don't Know Who chapter 10 . 2/25
I was a bit skeptical, I mean 'fangirl' I instantly think 'fan' and 'girl' and go; oh god, here it goes.
But you surprised me and I am really enjoying this story :)
CodeSixty chapter 67 . 1/6
I know Im late, but the song is "Owl city - Firefly's" (Im not sure about owlcity... Its something with owl atleast) I knew it was that song when it first was brought up in the story ;)

"You would not belive you're eyes, if ten million firefly's lit up the world as I fell asleep"

"I want to make myself belive, that planet earth turns, slowly, its hard to say that I rather stay, wake when Im asleep, as things is never as it seems, when I fall asleep"
Setet17 chapter 146 . 11/23/2014
I really like your idea of reformatting Barricade as Prowl. The ending is so sad... I want more.
Setet17 chapter 53 . 11/22/2014
I'm really ashamed that I got bored of reading this... Well, I'm back now and glad. You're a really good writer.
Dark-Enough-Conspiracy-Theory chapter 8 . 9/14/2014
could you maybe add in the story her actually building or taking apart some sort of device or weapon so you actually refer more to her job and what she does to me i would find that more realistic if that is something she enjoys and also she is on a military site wouldn't she surrounded by tech to play with. other wise great amazing story
TheGirlOfIronAndBlood chapter 146 . 9/13/2014
You are an awesome writer, girl!
Autobot Designation Glamour chapter 19 . 8/17/2014
Yes, I know I'm only on the nineteenth soon-to-be-twentieth chapter, but i would just like to say...omgomgomgomgOMG!I JUST CANT STOP READING! Seriously! I've been reading this day AND night for the past two days! I think i finally found the fanfic that was written just for me! I love Aurian and all the humor in this story! I am planning my own fanfic on this topic and let me just say something else main character compared to Aurian, your main character, are like not exactly alike but even before i discovered this story my main was going to be a chatterbox/rambler/just-won't-shut-up person. Must be fate.

One more thing to finish this up. That one fanfic I am working on will soon be posted under ShadowFangShalia on Wattpad named 'Meet Your Match'. It should say something about all credit for that story going to me, Niera, since i have yet to get a Wattpad account and have no idea when I will get one. Now, that said, your fanfic is in the hilariously epic section of my favs! Grr, i can't write enough. ONE MORE THING! Love how the mechs are portrayed, especially Ironhide, and how you kept Bee's humor up!
I will soon read that other recommender story, as soon as I get through all 146 chapters here!
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