Reviews for Reflections in the Dark
Geeksandlies chapter 16 . 12/1/2009
WAHOO I got a mention :) ...Your welcome :) I keep coming back waiting for the next round so you must be doing well lol! Cant believe you have kept me on a cliff for so long, am i going to have to push a badger off to get the next installment? *taps foot impatiently*
Lanhar chapter 16 . 11/30/2009
Ok i love this, the evil alternatives are always fun to read, and you do them so well. the switch when they came back was well done i thought, with him beating Mckay to get them back in. The way McKay flinched in the infirmary - is that hints that there is dissintion between the two evil twins?

cant wait for more

angw chapter 16 . 11/30/2009
Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I would not like to be the evil twins when Sheppard catches up to them.

Nice twist with the 'influencing' power the twins have over everyone - except Ronon.

Looking forward to the next installment...
Se-chan91 chapter 16 . 11/30/2009
I really saw this coming...

Carson and Elizabeth, Evan and the rest feel resposible for what happens...

Maybe they are...

But maybe the were all tricked, like they think...

Poor John... when i Read Rodney is crashing I really hold the breath for a few seconds, that was shock...

But Rodney will live!

And John and Evan will find the evil copies and Teyla and Ronon- they are cold out yet, but...- and will hopefully clear the situation...

Read you soon,

iamkagomeiloveinuyasha chapter 16 . 11/30/2009
*sigh* well at least all the important ppl now which set is which now...

update soon please

Poor Rodney, poor john,...poor everybody
Shadow Chaser chapter 16 . 11/29/2009

That's all I'll say to that...

Man, this isn't even a proper review...

-Shadow Chaser
ElisaD263 chapter 16 . 11/29/2009
Yay! Another chapter posted!

Finally, the boys are back on Atlantis and Carson and Lorne believe them! Now, what will happen to Ronon and Teyla! eek!

Hope to see the next chapter soon, because you know, you left us with Rodney crashing and Ronon and Teyla passing out!_
x Varda x chapter 16 . 11/29/2009
Oh, ouch! Hope everyone's gonna be okay :O
Shadows-of-Realm chapter 16 . 11/29/2009
Good chapter. Glad to see people are coming to the realization. Seems to be almost a little too late though doesn't it?

Good work! Please update sooner, thanks!

Keep it up!
Geeksandlies chapter 15 . 11/26/2009
Awesome, keep up the good work :)
Geeksandlies chapter 15 . 11/26/2009
Awesome, keep up the good work :)
DeeCee2 chapter 15 . 11/25/2009
Just wanted you to know that I'm anxiously waiting the next installment of your story. You've doing a great job!
rd8425 chapter 15 . 11/21/2009
Argh - it has been 2 weeks now yet there has been no update. Just what are you trying to do to us? I don't think John was OOC in this chapter at all, other than using GD - which, I'm sorry, is just not something he would say - period. F-word, possibly - in this extreme a situation, but GD - never. I usually stop reading any fic where the author uses that particular slang since to me it demonstrates an inability to convey meaning except through that disgusting word. Good writers can make the scene without such unnecessary foulness - and especially when the character in question has already been established as someone who didn't say such things. That said, I have invested 2 months into your work - and it is very good - despite that one thing. I am anxious to see what you have in store for the evil twins, so I hope you will be posting again soon.
Shadow Chaser chapter 15 . 11/11/2009
Shadow Chaser humbly requests a big brawl. Patch Shep up quick so he can go after his doppelganger! Shep vs Shep! MWAHAHAH.

Or pretty much anyone on Atlantis vs Shep and kick his ass back into the damned quantum mirror. O, what would be a nice twist is if the Trust came through the mirror after our rogue twins and then they have to plead to Atlantis to help them. MWAHAHHAAH...

-Shadow Chaser
Black Koneko Ribbon Princess chapter 15 . 11/10/2009
GO CARSON! \(_)/ Well, bunjamina, you've completely wrecked the Colonel. Happy now? I am . Yay! Beat them up and shove 'em in the hands of an irate Scotsman, I always say _ Good job :D
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