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GracieMeredith chapter 11 . 5/22/2016
AMAZING! But why did it suddenly end?
Guest chapter 11 . 5/14/2013
Whole storyadorable.
AngelCutie ChildAtHeart chapter 11 . 4/20/2013
Aww! This story is AMAZING! I can't express it enough! Definitely LOVE it!
Heidi-McCarty chapter 6 . 10/22/2012
Awesome. It's different from the usual fanfiction characters. These Cullens are badass.
AussieNinjaChick chapter 1 . 7/21/2011
Oh gosh, just a bit teary. I love that song, it's quite sad though. Great job on the first chapter )
ForeverWovenStars chapter 1 . 6/10/2010
possibly one of the best stories I've read on fanfiction. keep it up guys :) i love it xx
pnkrchik chapter 1 . 6/9/2010
oh my damn this chapter had me sobbing!


this story sounds great :D
JaceDamian23 chapter 6 . 5/28/2010
Not always, but they want you in blues right?" He asked, looking me over. I nodded as I tied the laces of the shiny black shoes. "Well, then cords are required. Look at as if you're meeting the President."

"I don't think Obama would care if I forgot my honor guard cords," I joked, earning a chuckle from my father.

"Ah, but he would gladly shake the hand of the one carrying this country's flag." He countered.

"I hold a rifle Dad," I said as I stood up and put the dress shirt on. I watched him from the reflection of the mirror. He had a strange expression on his face but he didn't say anything to clue me in. "Don't worry, sir. When we have drills, we use wooden rifles. Besides, I know how to shoot a gun and I doubt the others do. And what was the one thing you always taught me?" I challenged.

His lip curled up slightly as he tried to fight back a smile. "Take 'em to the woods if they're inexperienced, less witnesses." We both started laughing at the joke.

good part. liked that son/father nice bonding. loved the obama joke


"Fuck, I should've woken your ass up. I fucking knew you were there..." he said hanging his head. Why the fuck is he feeling guilty? "I was just tired."

she should have told him to go home or to warn him about her strict father

"But anyway, my Dad basically thinks that you're just gonna use her and that you are the rudest young man he has ever met."

i dont understand why he doesn't realize that jasper is alice's jasper...her hero. the boy that took care of her when she was hurting...her best friend...her love..the one she talks about all of the time...why don't they tell him that jasper thought mary was dead all of these years and that is WHY he is how he is...his life was over when mary died. he was pain.

alice walking out of class...a class that the teacher hates her was very stupid of her..especially because carisle wants to send her off to boarding school and jasper is in that class...they'll probably call their homes and they'll get in more trouble lol

it would have been smarter if they skipped the rest of the day after their history the teacher doesn't know that they are skipping

"Was that for me or my very sexy car?"

He gave me a super seductive smirk, the same one he gave me when I asked him if he wanted a blow job. "Can't it be for both?"


"Alright I'm busted. Yes, I really want a cigarette... And I would love to ditch with you and get out of this uniform." He relented, smiling a cute little half a smirk at me.

"So, we going to your house?"

"Well that would make sense... since my clothes are at my house," he smirked.

No shit, smart ass. I shrugged at him and offered my own cheeky remark. "Who needs clothes?" He smirked, and looked me up and down. Yes Alice, way to make yourself look like a whore.

lmfao so naughty

"It's nice…" I continued to look around as I plopped down on his bed. "Is it soundproof?"

He smirked, watching me, "No clue."

"Wanna test it out?" I said in what I was hoping was an alluring voice, biting my lip and wiggling on his bed.

"Sounds good to me." He drawled, loosening his tie.

haha love how that is one of the first things she says

You don't need to give me shit Mar, these," he pulled on the still captured tags a little, "are until I can get you a real engagement ring." He gave me an almost panty-shattering half smile. "And I promise it'll cost more than fifty cents."

that is cute but he didn't seem to notice her wearing her engagment ring when he gave her that toy ring...I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for him to say something lol

Before he could start groping and teasing, I moved off Jasper and began tugging his pants off. Impatiently he pulled them, along with his shorts off and tossed them into a pile on the floor, picked me up and positioned me so I was straddling him again. He looked into my eyes seductively and bit his lip, pushing some of the cotton of my panties aside and I felt the hot tip of him touch my lower lips. I moaned out as I slid carefully down, his velvety shaft stretching me.

fuck they forgot a condom lol

I needed to see her again, I loved her so much when I was little I couldn't help it, I uncovered my head. "Hi Momma," I called out gently, giving her a small wave.

She looked at me and then looked taken aback, from my gall to say hi while her son was still inside of me or the fact that she recognized me, I don't know.

holy crap lol so embaressing...loved the hi momma part though

once again the poor girl didn't orgasm but then again she is too pissed and emotional for not making sure jasper uses a condom to care

I nodded my understanding then looked over at my panties that I left on his sink, "You wouldn't have extra panties by any chance?"

He laughed, "No, but I got some shorts with draw strings in them if you don't want to go commando with the jeans."

"Have you ever gone commando in jeans?" I raised an eyebrow at him. It's uncomfortable as hell.

He laughed at my question, "No and I never will. If I want my shit raw, I'll just rub one off a few times."

The thought was hot. "Yeah... well I don't wanna look bad when I go up and face Momma, so I think I'll go commando."


It's open," I heard his strong, silky voice boom. Fuck, that accent is enough to just kill my panties, thank God I am not wearing any.

its hilarous how she used to crush on the father and still gets turned on by him...and she is dating jasper. poor guy haha

He pulled me into his strong arms, he still smelled of fuel with the slightest hint of Irish spring like Jasper. "We missed you too little lady." I felt his bulge in his pants and hugged him closer. This was the closest I'd ever get to The Admiral while he was even slightly aroused and I totally needed to soak this up. He laughed, "And I see you got stronger," he teased.

omg he is aroused and hugging her lol...nice day for alice! Jasper would be so pissed off lol

i love how rose and alice talk to each other..calling each other whore and bitch and stuff . my best friends and I talk to each other like that

"Oye! Chap! That's my best friend's girlfriend and sister you're making out with!" Emmett hollered at Jasper from his window with a really lousy attempt at a British accent

aww how cute...emmett considers jasper a best friend:)

I felt Jasper's grip on me tighten. "Mine," he growled, glaring at my brother as Rosalie got out of the car and jogged over to us, her hand outstretched.


"Have fun at dinner and no finger play!" she wiggled her fingers at us before jogging over to my car. "At least not for the first dinner," she called as she opened the driver's side door."Damn take all the fun out of it," I teased hr



"You're aging very nicely Admiral," Mary's voice brought me out of my thoughts.

"Thank you very much, Alice," he said with a half smile. "You've bloomed into quite a beautiful young lady."

She smiled at him. "Thank you," she responded batting her eyes at him. I sighed and stabbed the brownie with my fork. Nice to know some things haven't changed.

i love how she still likes him lol

Dad laughed, "Couldn't do better, eh, Alice?"

Alice's eyes went wide. "Um… What?"

He just shook his head, "Nevermind."

I knew he was joking with her, which made me laugh. "Sorry Dad, but you don't count 'cause you're married." I teased him, making Mom laugh.

"Yeah, you're married," Alice agreed before winking at him. "Might as well get the next best thing."

"Thanks," I said sarcastically.


"Don't your feet hurt?" Mom asked making Dad snort into his drink.

"No, my feet are used to them." Mary explained. "I've felt worse pain," she said with a small smile. "And I like the extra four inches it gives me..."

"Welcome to the world of dating son. She's always right," Dad interjected, changing the subject.

lmfao yup!

i loved the whole flirting part at the dinner table...especially the milf brothers part

made out it was awkward and a little wet..."

Her face flashed pink as the blush over took her cheeks. "Sorry, I didn't know what I was doing there..."

I walked over to her, placing my hands on her hips. "Well neither did I and I remember you," I said as I lifted her up to sit her on the counter top before kissing her quickly, "broke apart to wipe our faces with your sleeve."

She blushed again. "Some birthday present, huh?"

I used my hip to push her knees apart so I could stand in front of her better. "I don't know... I liked that you were letting me do that... I mean, the whole making out. Not drowning you," I joked and wrinkled my nose at how bad I was.

She laughed then clapped. "Yay! I was the first girl you went to first base with."

I nodded. "You were."

She bit her lip to try to hide the smile I knew was coming. "And second," she added. "But you never know... you could've secretly been handing all the girls cupcakes and feelin' them up behind the school."

so cute lol

. What happened with that Seth kid? You were so happy with him and he was nice," Carlisle asked.

"I couldn't give him blow jobs anymore," I spat before standing and glaring at the shocked expression on Carlisle's face. Not as great as you thought huh dad

lmfao hilarious
JaceDamian23 chapter 5 . 5/27/2010
And your mom is a fucking MILF."

Mother fuck. First I grow up with Mary wanting my dad all the damn time. Now Emmett wants my mom?


darling I love this chapter. love how the boys went to see jasper. that whole part was hilarious. i love how edward kinda made it out that alice is a whore and emmett slapped his head, jasper slapped emmett, emmettt slapped jaspers head back and jasper punched him...the mother laughing. just kept on giggling

We walked back to the kitchen were mom was laughing about something and Edward was looking at her lovingly. Oh for Christ sake!

hhaha and she seems to be crushing on edward. adorable

"Do you boys want milk, water, or lemonade with your dinner?" Mom asked as she opened the fridge. She bent to look in it.

And of course Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb tilted their heads to get a better look at my mom's ass. Kill me now, PLEASE!

"A niiiiiiiiiiiiice tall glass of lemonade," Emmett responded.

I smacked them both upside the back of their heads. Ed rubbed his glaring at me. "Ow, dude. Just ow." He said shaking his head, while Emmett smirked at me.

"That's," I said point at her, "my mom," I hissed.

"What about you, Edward?" She asked look up at us.

"And she's hot," Emmett hissed back at me.

"Eww! Seriously, that's my fucking mom!"

Edward blushed. "What were the options again?" he asked.

"H. O. T." Emmett spelled in a teasing whisper.

"Milk, water, or lemonade," Mom repeated for Edward.

"Dude!" I hissed at Emmett.

"Come on now... I'd so tap that!" Emmett responded.

"Water is fine," Edward answered my mom, while blushing. That's it!

"Ma! How about you just go and visit with your husband," I emphasized while glaring at Emmett, "and I take care of the rest?" He clutched his head over his chest as I stuck my tongue out him quickly.

"No need," Dad said poking his head into the kitchen. "Pizza's here."

"Break my heart, why don't yah?" Emmett hissed at me.

"One word," I warned. "Rose." He looked at me in utter shock. Yep, that's his weakness. Rosalie.

lmfao that whole scene was hilarious hun. I really love your edward he is just so adorable lol and your emmett makes me giggle and well you know I Love your Jasper lol .

haha what were the options again

ow dude just ow LOL

"No honey," Mom said laughing as she grabbed his hand and squeezed it gently. "That was our childhood."

"Oh dear god," I groaned, while Emmett smirked again from my left.


"Okay," Emmett said nodding before taking a drink. "You get my sister pregnant, dude, I'm the lawnmower..."


loved the end of the convo with the boys and jaspers mom...about them finally realizing that alice IS mary. I feel bad for jasper though

. Fucking traitors. Apparently Jay's mom was a MILF that Ed and Em were lusting hardcore over. Ed said that she was hot enough to lose his cherry to, which earned an indignant growl and lack of any loving from Bella as she left. Ed was in trouble with his lady, which made me smile a littlle

LOL she is good enough to lose his cherry to lol

that milf convo was hilarious. loved how daring edward was being lmfao.

Ed's head turned to the direction of his brother. "Isn't that what you do with another guy? Are you secretly a pillow-biter, Em?"


He shook his head. "Nah… she tells me that is an exit only and the only way I am putting stuff up there is if she's dying and it's a suppository to save her life."

I shook my head, "Shame."

Edward's eyes were bugging out of his head as he gaped at us. "Seriously?" he asked in almost a squeak.

I laughed. "Don't knock it till you try it, Virgin Boy."

His eye narrowed at me. "How about with your mom?"

You don't have the balls.

lmfao funny...especially what rose says

"Ed is still all hurt over lasting six seconds when Bella licked his dick. Not even sucked, mind you, fucking licked." Emmett said clueing me in.

"I hate you right now," Edward muttered while glaring at Em.

"Uh... It takes practice?" I said trying my best not to laugh.


Edward's jaw about hit the floor. "Alice isn't a virgin anymore?"

Emmett chuckled at him. "You don't like being the last virgin or what?" he teased. Edward flipped him.

"Buurrrrrn!" I laughed out, suddenly craving nicotine.


"Well, I guess, first things first, you don't smoke." He said before taking a drag of his cigarette and smirking "like I don't smoke."


"Why those choices?" I asked, although I was pretty fucking sure Emmett just wanted a reason to play with titties all day.

"I like kids," Ed said with a smile.

"I like breasts," Emmett said with a smirk.

Thought so, I said internally as I laughed.

"Do you tell Rosie these things?" Ed asked his brother. Emmett just shook his head 'no' in a very somber manner.

"Yeah, I can see that convo," I said laughing. "Honey, I want to play with tits all day. I'm gonna be a plastic surgeon!"

lmfao good answer

Edward walked over and held out his hand. "I officially love you in a non-homosexual way." I just smirked at him and shook his hand.


"You're lucky you didn't have to see her after," Emmett said.


He shrugged. "At the hospital," he looked down at the ground. "You know?"

"You mean when I thought she was dead?"

"Yeah," Emmett said softly.

"You know, I wish I could say that you're right," I shook my head, "but I can't. I honestly think had I known she was okay... just with a new family, I would have an answer for things like ya'll have." It came out a lot harsher then I had intended, but I didn't see how I was so lucky. It would have been the first time that I had seen her bruised and broken. I would rather to see her then than to think of the years I spent trying to erase who I was.

"Sorry," Emmett said sadly.

"Yeah, sorry," Edward agreed.

thats so fucked up of emmett to say. He is lucky that he didn't see her that way. lucky that jasper thought she was dead! how horriable!. Jasper never moved on in his life because of losing her! He became a little shit head as his father loves to call him and a whore because of losing mary. he was depressed. now he has her back and people are threatening to take her away again

And he who did not make the effort to get in touch with me somehow was going to be there too, probably laughing it up and making fun of me while he palmed Lauren's expensive breasts

and why isn't edward and emmett telling her he is grounded also and can't see or talk to her?
JaceDamian23 chapter 4 . 5/27/2010
i agree about the uncut penises lol.

btw love the whole ma convo...though I figured he'd be angry at his mother for lying to him...

i'm glad that she gave her first time with jasper and loved that they shared their'i love yous' during their first time making love

that whole sex scene was hot but Alice didn't get to orgasm...that sucks

Alice flew up quickly into a sitting position. "Uhhh it's not what it looks like?" she stammered out. Judging by the reaction of whom I'm assuming is her new dad, it was probably best not to laugh at her failed attempt not to get us busted. So I feigned trying to sleep by pulling her back down, tighter to me and burying my face in her hair.

"Well, it looks like there's a boy in your bed." Wow, and he's a doctor, I snickered in my head.

"We didn't do anything." She tried to defend.

"How stupid do you think I am Alice?"

"I don't dad! Nothing happened I swear

lmfao its not what it looks like. haha

I smiled up at him. "Yeah," I said as I opened the car door. "I got my Mary back"

I watched as he smiled down at his feet. "You're not pissed I didn't tell you, are yah?"

"Oh you and Ed are so gonna get your asses kicked for that," I informed him while laughing. Well Emmett I could take, he seems like a predictable fighter. Just goes in for the kill. Whereas Ed, now he's a tricky little shit. I bet he's fast

good part

carisle is a bastard in this

its fucked up that emmett and fuck anytime he wants and not Alice...but then again she is his little girl

"It was Mary, ma," I said softly.

"Jasper William, I want more than anything for you to be reunited with Mary, but honey I told you she's in a better place. You need to let this go."

"You saw her in the hospital ma!"

She pursed her lips and turned on her heel out of the kitchen leaving me alone. This wasn't fair! How could she still act as if Mary was dead if Mary remembers seeing her? I know I've done some pretty fucked up shit in the past, but I never once lied to them. Why can't they believe me now?

they cant believe him because the mom lied the whole time. she is a jealous spoiled bitch!

and wow his dad is a jerk. wait till he realizes mary is alive and his wife lied!

and did jasper kill james?

"We told you what you needed to hear. You were a wreck that night Jasper." My father sighed.

ha so they basically made him think that mary was dead and more him

wow I don't know who is a bigger jack ass Carisle or Mr. Whitlock. i feel bad for alice and jasper but more for jasper. his parents are heartless bastards that lied to him for 7 years and he found out his mary is alive and then carisle is threatening to send her off to boarding school
JaceDamian23 chapter 3 . 5/27/2010

What about Seth Alice? The sweet side of my brain asked.

He'll understand. I think.

the thing is...alice basically told seth she was going to fuck the new guy.


I smirked at her, "And you are forgetting one very important thing."

"Besides the fact that he makes your panties wet, what did I miss?"

lmfao i loved that!

ver and saw that concentrated look on Jay's face and well… my mind placed that face in bed.. With me. Oh god. "Fuck Rose, you dirty bitch, stop putting dirty thoughts into my head


"Yeah…" I sighed lightly, "I just wish no one would have to get hurt... and if you fucking tell anyone I said that I will stab you in the eye."

well a slut like her should not be having a boyfriend..especially a cute little puppy dog boyfriend that she knows she will hurt badly.

but I'll see her again when Saint Peter laughs at my ass at the golden gates before kicking my ass into Hell.


these two are so naive. I mean even I remember what my child hood best friend looks like. its been over ten years since I seen her and I'd be able to spot her anywhere...and I don't even look at her picture every day or dozens of times each day like these two. jasper has an excuse. he thinks that mary died..but alice has to know that jasper thinks mary died...she has no excuse

i don't know why she doesn't go by mary anymore..not even alice mary...i think she changed her name so james and her mother cant find her..but still there are lots of marys out there.

its funny they still never even met and they want each other so badly.

alright i love when bella and alice made out then emmett pulled her off of bella and dumped her on jaspers lap. that part was funny and also hot...but I"m surprised that her adoptive brothers are ok with the nasty talk and alice grinding him and stuff...and once again how can jasper not notice her? he isn't drinking and he is looking right at her and hears her voice...

"Jay…" I heard Rose ask bringing my attention back to the card game and away from a dream come true. "Need a drool bib?"

I flipped her off, refusing to look in her direction. "That shit is fucking hot." I defended, trying my best not to go over there and let Alice grind on me.

Emmett looked over his shoulder. "Well fuck, they are at it again," he groaned as he stood up and placed Rose in his chair. He and Edward, who was shaking his head made their way to the girls.

I raised my eyebrow at the cock blocker Rose, "Again?"

She shrugged, "Edward isn't ready yet and the pup isn't doing it for Alice so they get each other off

alright i loved the drool bib part. very funny but I find it amusing how edward allows alice his sister to make out with bella his girlfriend becasue he isn't ready yet lmfao

ohh and i loved that 'why was eddy getting a hard on scene' lol

I gave him a crooked smile as I said, "I'll take off mine if you take off yours


I'm glad they finally stopped being so clueless and know whom each other is lol...but alice is pissed that jasper stopped talking to her but mary changed her freaking name to Alice is he to know that...she should have contacted him. SHE is the one that moved away.

I'm surprised that they are still flirting and want to make out...I'd be pissed off. If I was Jasper I'd be so hurt and confused. He just found out his mama lied to him for 7 years about mary dying.

i just don't understand why mrs. whitlock did that. maybe mr. whitlock but his mama. She seemed to live Alice. she was sticking up for mary and crying and loved her...why would she hurt jasper on purpose. why not just tell him she got adopted and have them write to each other. why break his heart

if the mom didn't lie then they would have been together that whole time. happy. each others firsts and not turn out to be such players lol. alice seems so happy now though. new family. parents. brothers. best friends...boy toys...she moved on...she lived without jasper and jasper? he didn't. he fucked around but is miserable

"So how long have you been interested in lace panties?"

"Since about Tuesday morning'." He looked at me and smirked again. How the fuck did he know what I was wearing? I decided to stop thinking too much about it and just go with it.


i loved that whole convo at the end of this chapter hun. jasper asking if alice still had it bad for his father..the panty talk...and want to come inside part. it was funny and very hot
JaceDamian23 chapter 2 . 5/27/2010
"So Ed, if I beat the New Kid do I get a date with Bella?" Jake asked as Edward got out of the car. I watched Edward glare at him which made me snort.


"I lose, Jay here gets your sister.. you cool with that?" Jake asked.

"You ain't gonna lose, so fuck yeah." Em agreed as Seth nodded in agreement.


"Fuck me," I breathed out in disbelief. I thought he had me. "I did?" I was expecting either one of them to yell "psych!" at any moment.

Emmett chuckled, "Dude, I won't do that, but yeah you did."

I snorted at him. That wasn't an invitation fucker, I thought. "Hand me my money bitch." I smirked at Emmett and held my hand out.

lmfao i love jaspers attitude

i liked jaspers convo with edward and emmett and the way edward is acting I think he knows that their alice is mary.

No worries doll," I smirked to show that it was okay.

She rolled her eyes at me. "You did not just call me that."

"Consider it a term of endearment," I said, laughing as I closed the hood of the car.

"You'd be lying on your back if I wasn't your bitch, I hope you know that." Emmett said from behind me, earning a laugh from Edward.

"Clearly, your Rosie is not my type Emmett, put the grizzly away." I teased.

"I thought she was everyone's type," he countered as he looked her over and smiled.I laughed at their obvious moment of eye fucking as Edward shook his head at them.

lol loved what emmettt said about being his bitch

Well, Lauren showed up at the school and tried, but he told her he didn't have time for cheap whores," I laughed at that one. "When Jess tried he told her that he had to talk to a guy that had more interesting coke to blow." God, I think I might be a little bit in love with him. Bella shrugged a little, "Every time a girl hits on him he pretty much tells them to fuck off in a new and different way."

haha I loved that blowing coke reference

I just don't get why Alice doesn't recongize Jaspers name. its driving me crazy.

And I am going to be so fucking pissed off if Jaspers mother knows that Alice is alive. She didn't exactly say she was dead but in a better place and techincally mary/alice is in a better place with the cullens. but mrs whitlock cared for alice so i figured if she knew the girl was alive she would adopt her or at least give her info to jasper...besides she has to know he thinks that alice/mary is dead and is miserable.

i think that she knows mary is alive

"It's not that I don't want to worry Jay. It's just… I know you still hurt over everything." I turned my back to her, not wanting to have the conversation she was side stepping.

"Well it's like you said ma', she's somewhere were she's not getting hurt anymore." I stopped to grab a bottle of water and felt my mom gently touch my left shoulder blade.

"I still think you shouldn't have done this Jasper," she said sadly

ya for some reason I think that she does know. if she does what a fucking horrible mother she is...poor jasper
JaceDamian23 chapter 1 . 5/27/2010
great story plot and start of your story. Good first chapter. Its sad.

Though this is so confusing so far lol...

Jasper thinks she is dead...

Mary now called Alice has a new family...emmett and edward and changed her name and lives in Forks and is ALIVE yet she wears her engagement ring and has been waiting for Jasper...not contacting him because she didn't think he would want to hear from her. But its confusing because she is the one that isn't contacting him. He thinks that SHE is dead. that she has been dead for like 7 years or so...but instead she has a new life. She is totally different. Has a good family and best friends and is whoring around...glad they both are because I would be pissed off if Alice was whoring around and not Jasper because jasper thinks she is dead so that would be kinda sad.

now jasper is new to the school and Alice doesn't recongize his name which I am sure everyone at that school and town knows that the new kid is Jasper whitlock son of an army guy..kinda like everyone knew bellas name before she introduced herself lol.

they think each other are hot as hell and want to fuck lol.

they have not met each other yet..but they don't find each other familiar. yet they both look at their kid pictures at age 11 and 12 (not TOO long ago) and they don't see a resemlence yet... that is odd.

well she wears her ring and he has a memory of mary and the dates and an angel on his once he takes off his shirt and hears his name and where he is from she should know its her jasper...and when he sees the ring he will know.

but the summary kinda makes me think that they don't find out for awhile which is very fucking confusing lol...its so obvious. why don't they find out yet...

and I'm trying to figure out if alice is a vampire or not. she was lying in bed without sleeping and she said something about not being able to smell him or something...but then again she beat up a girl and didn't snap her in half or anything so I duno.

oh btw i loved the jasper fight with laurant.
Abertha chapter 1 . 5/13/2010
That made me cry, that Jasper is so sweet to care for Mary like that... er, Alice. :'( I hate James and Victoria even more now... *sob*
Izzycullen6 chapter 1 . 4/28/2010
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