Reviews for The Sense of Taste
mistyARfan chapter 26 . 4/15
What an amazing story. You are an amazing writer. I've read all of your HG/LM and HG/SS work. I can't pick a favorite! This one was intense. Of course I didn't want to see him die, but like you said, that it was the only way things would end. They could never do it themselves.
Bexes chapter 27 . 4/8

You could've warned me...


Fifitheflowertot chapter 27 . 3/6
Absolutely brilliant fic :) the way it was written is amazing and the flow of it is really good as well. I loved that ending, the epilogue was really realistic. And the smut was the best :D
Elluzions chapter 27 . 3/5
After reading nonstop for a couple of days, my heart is completely broken. I cried my eyes out at the ending and I am leaving this review with a bittersweet feeling in my chest.

Lucius and Hermione's story is heart wrenchingly sweet..I love love loved it! I'm new to the LM/HG pairing (DM/HG is my OTP), but I've found myself intrigued with Lucius lately. With that being said, this fic definitely landed a spot on my top favorite fics list. You're an extremely talented writer and you've found yourself a new fan.

Although I strongly root for a happy ending 99.9% of the time, I can understand your reasoning behind Lucius' death. Although it broke my heart, I do not regret reading this story.

Thank you so much for sharing this story with your readers!
Freddysgirl21345 chapter 1 . 3/2
Good keep it up
eilowynfic chapter 4 . 2/25
Wonderful description of the music - I checked out the piece on YouTube and it was exactly as you said - very heady!
PalePrincess chapter 27 . 1/13
I'm dying on the inside! Loved this story. Officially fav'd. Well done.
ohsnaptheresa chapter 27 . 1/12
Two things stopped me from putting this story into my favorites list:

1) OOC Hermione - she was wayyyyyyy too angst-filled for my tastes. I felt like beating the ever living shit out of her from time to time. Also, I felt that you gave her too much liberty with physically attacking Lucius - once I could have understood, twice would be pushing it, but it was like 4-5 separate occasions...way too much!

2) Lucius' Death - overkill. If anything, have him die a heroic death fighting the enemy instead of by a Muggle taxi car.

But overall, it was well-written and I enjoyed their torrid affair.
Moonraven81 chapter 27 . 1/7
What a beautiful epilogue. I was disapointed that Lucius died but it was a wonderful story. Love is a many splendored thing.
Midoriori chapter 27 . 12/28/2013
Oh my gosh you suck...this is one of the best stories I have ever read. I was so sure Lucius was going to die for a while but the story just said romance and not tragedy that I kept on reading it. (I hat sad endings) Then when I thought okay this story is going to end with them either being together, or just continuing their affair you make them leave with out their wands and I was like "OH NO!" I listened to Schubert Piano Trio No.2 in E flat major ever since you mentioned it in the story. I CAN"T STOP CRYING. If you changed the story a bit you could have your self an academy award winning movie.
Guest chapter 7 . 12/7/2013
I really dislike infidelity ... It makes me feel bad :(
elisyafitry chapter 27 . 12/6/2013
Oh my god this is heartbreaking WHYYYYYYYYYYY
bluewillows chapter 27 . 11/24/2013
I am feeling extremely conflicted about this story for many reasons. I'm still in a state of shock so how 'bout I just start with that I know for sure..
This story was gorgeously written. I am completely pleased with the style and skill of your story. You are obviously an accomplished writer. You conveyed emotion well and were creative in how you explained typically mundane tasks. Well done. I can only hope to be on your level some day.
The lemons were freaking hot! Holy crap. Thank you so much for going out of the box a but with them. I never at any point scanned over them quickly because of a repetitive nature- so many sex scenes on here are the exact same thing almost word for word. I was captured by them. Despite the nature of a lemon, you managed to describe everything in a classy, skillful way. Bravo.
Ok. Now for the tough bits..
This story was difficult for me because of the very nature of it. Recently my mother's affairs came out and destroyed my family. I know from personal experience how destructive an affair can be for a family. It was hard for me to sympathize with Hermione because her behavior matched my mother's so closely. And, like Hermione's, my parent's marriage didn't deserve to be destroyed. I have such deep and acute hatered for my mother, it's hard for me to believe Hermione's kids could have been so unaffected. Even before we knew of her adultery, I knew she had ceased to play the role of "mother" to me and my siblings. Children are perceptive. I hurt because of her for many years without knowing why. The knowledge of her affairs only validated the hate I already felt and, up until that point, had been trying to suppress.
I've seen how broken my father became, how truly weak and empty a man can be. Ron never deserved that.
But, on the other hand, you never claimed that Hermione was justified in her actions. You were weaving a tale that happens far too often in marriages now. Only, this time the story is from the point of view of the antagonist. You made me want to route for her- though I never could quite do it.
Lucious seemed perfectly described and in character for me. Magnificent man.
Brilliant story. I applaud your bravery in stepping away from the normal.
Unfortunately, this story hits too close to home for me to adore it. It hurts.
valitos chapter 27 . 11/18/2013
OMG! me has hecho llorar... por favor, nunca mas mates a un personaje!
estoy muy angustiada...
Eoz Moon chapter 27 . 11/10/2013
That was amazing, cried like a baby at the ending!
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