Reviews for Never Trust A Werewolf
Takerslady chapter 33 . 6/29
Yeesh, I’m sure this will end up wrecking poor Solace’s life anyways
Tagay2 chapter 33 . 8/14/2015
Yay so good. Fate rewarded her for letting him go. Now onto the sequel. I'm sure William will play a big role ;)
Tagay2 chapter 30 . 8/14/2015
Aww hearts shatters "give her your shell, she'll fill it"
Tagay2 chapter 29 . 8/14/2015
Yes she is making the right decision. If you truly love someone let them go. And it's sad that it took a miscarriage for her to realise. But its what was planned. It was meant to be.
Tagay2 chapter 28 . 8/14/2015
Ahh reading it the second time round, I wonder if the abduction was fates way of making solace see Maddox more.
Tagay2 chapter 19 . 8/11/2015
This is my second time round reading this story. And it's interesting reading it again and trying to see the moments of the imprint before etc. I still think amber has a lot of growing to do considering she was angry and hated Trisha for what she did with Ethan and David. And now amber is legit doing the same thing. She even loves Maddox but will still male solace fight the imprint! Great writing! Really developed well.
nickomyer chapter 1 . 11/3/2014
Really enjoyed this story! Was amazing.
Does anybody know where I can find the story about quil and Claire's daughter Maddox and her imprint solace?
FanFicChikk chapter 33 . 9/25/2013
It started out good but now I'm sad. And in the sequel how she treated Will... Sorry but at that point she's just being an ungrateful slut. K bye!
Anon chapter 33 . 7/7/2013
Sweet. I'm so glad she found joy in her life :)
Amber seems just right, making mistakes, but finding the strength to go on. Isn't that how life actually is, and it's better than fairytales !
GK chapter 33 . 6/28/2013
This was super depressing for me. The ending made it worse. :(
tagay2 chapter 33 . 2/25/2013
Very nice fluffy ending. I want to to read more about Ambers future, especially cause she ends up with William! It would be cute to read about them. Hopefully there will be glimpses in the other stories of this universe. Great job with this fic and you were amazing bringing Amber and solace character to life. All the best with your future plans.
tagay2 chapter 32 . 2/25/2013
At least they got a goodbye. Great companion piece to yays universe.
Tagay2 chapter 30 . 2/25/2013
Wow intense chapter. Nice line with the shell. I hope she can fill it poor man has had a pretty bad streak.
Tagay2 chapter 25 . 2/24/2013
I love Elena
Tagay2 chapter 23 . 2/24/2013
Weddings always bring people together!
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