Reviews for Savin' Me
Bronzeapollo chapter 10 . 4/21/2014
Good job on the story had a lot of fun reading it. Keep up the good work in any future stories you write
Spider's Thread chapter 10 . 12/12/2011
Thank you for writing this story *bows*. I really enjoyed it. XD
Viridian chapter 3 . 5/21/2011
I think it's great that you've chosen to explore the psychological aspect of Allen's struggle against the 14th and his memories. I disagree with some elements of your interpretation though - namely, that Allen was forced to tell his Exorcist friends to kill him. In canon, it was demonstrated rather clearly that Komui was going to give the order, as befitting his position as the commander of the Exorcists. However, Allen interceded and said it himself, because Komui was struggling so hard to force it out. I feel that making that declaration Allen's duty rather than his choice lessens his courage and pain it took to say those words.
Lilac Lenalee chapter 10 . 12/3/2010
What a lovely story! And it's great to find another huge DGM supporter on ! Anyways, that was a lovely story! I envy your superb plot-creating ability, it's really quite wonderful! You have such a wonderful flow to your wording, it all just glides in my head like some kind of lovely literature melody, I just love it! And I like how you bolded certain lines too, to make the, stamd out... I found that very effective, and it just adds a nice extra touch to further defining the mood. You are very talented! I hope to see more AllenxLenalee from you someday 333
UraharaX chapter 10 . 10/25/2010
Why not write more? It was a lovely story, you write very well, and the plot is nice, writing more would be nice
the Composcreator chapter 1 . 9/9/2010
nice one
LilyMoonstone chapter 4 . 8/7/2010
I know u hav already kill him so many times, but Aye!
Infinity78 chapter 10 . 6/27/2010
I loved the story.. Can you write another story or something that has to do with allen fighting with the 14th? This one was amazing
xTinXion07 chapter 10 . 4/7/2010
I enjoyed the story.

Thought what I was expecting that

Allen would turn into the 14th then

Lenalee would save him :)


xxemily92xx chapter 1 . 3/11/2010
i love this fic and this pairing! would u be able to do any more allen/lenalee fics?
Angel Fantasy chapter 4 . 12/13/2009
I say aye for 14th to kill Leverrier!
DevissiTRHW chapter 10 . 12/7/2009
*Gasp* It can't be the END! *Faints* In my oppinion though you should do a sequel!

mysticwolf1896 chapter 10 . 11/24/2009
they kissed! i thought this was a sweet ending to the story. allen and lenalee are so cute together. all in all a great story.

truegenius13 chapter 10 . 11/24/2009
aw fluffy moments! this was a terrific ending to a very good story.
Rivenoir chapter 10 . 11/24/2009
You should write a sequel in Noah!Allen and Lenalee!

The story plot was nice
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