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xBitterSweetDreamsx chapter 6 . 1/15/2015
Ooooh, will takuya make it. From the summary, we kinda already know haha unless you decide to change it. Great story and great detail. Looking forward to some more
SupremeGuardianOfTrueLoveKairo chapter 6 . 3/2/2013
Im really enjoying this story,I love how strong and cute their friendship is.I especially love how their feelings are starting to burst forth for eachother,and the blushing moments? can't get enough.I truly look forward to more of this,great job so FTW
stitchfan93 chapter 5 . 12/29/2009
Hey! Wow great chapter! It was sweet of Zoe to plan the best birthday party for Takuya then! And everyone celebrating together was so heartwarming then! Zoe isn't exactly also the best birthday planner if you all know what I mean, but luckily Takuya's birthday party goes well!

Zoe likes Takuya then obviously, as we all can see, and Zoe gets all red faced when he's topless? Damm Zoe! Ha ha!

Keep it up then, I wanna see more! Take care and see ya! Update soon!

From: stitchfan93

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hEaRtBrEaKeR19 chapter 5 . 12/25/2009
It didn't sucks, it's great actually...

I like the... ehmm... car... you know... new moon... I'm a big fan of that... It's so... vampirish...

Anyways, love the surprise... and there's a new cast, Keith and Kris...

And ooh, ohh... The 'Say what?' thing that Takuya said, we always said that in school with my classmates...

You're right, pokemon is more popular than digimon... Well, because, digimon is now you know, past animes... And it is painful that there's only few of us that knows digimon T_T... I'm a past pokemon lover but I stop it when I watch the digimon... It's more cooler and more actions...

So, I want to great you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year in Filipino... MALIGAYANG PASKO AT MANIGONG BAGONG TAON!

Great to be pinoy... And I'm proud of it _
dingcs chapter 5 . 12/24/2009
I remember back in the days when I was 16, I got ehm... nothing. . Haha I'm not 16 yet.

Great chapter, Happy Birthday Takuya! Even though your b-day is in August and right now it's December...but who cares, happy birthday! Zoe made it especially perfect for you ;)

Update soon!
blackandblood chapter 5 . 12/24/2009
oh, that was so cute _ cool birthday present, wish i got one when i was 16. well, i cant wait for the next chapter. see ya later and merry christmas
BanetteGirl chapter 4 . 12/17/2009
well i'm with jp about the surprise thing but i like this story
stitchfan93 chapter 2 . 12/16/2009
Great chapter! I liked the way where Zoe is making Takuya train to prepare for soccer try-outs! The interactions between Takuya and Zoe is very good here, and I like it a lot! And Zoe thinks that although Takuya is kinda a bit of nerd and shy, she thinks he's hot? Wow!

Update soon then okay? And check out my profile and Digimon story if you have time! Take care and see ya!

From: stitchfan93
stitchfan93 chapter 4 . 12/4/2009
Hey, very nice story you got here! Keep it up, I wanna see the next chapter then! Looking forward to it then! See ya!

From: stitchfan93

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hEaRtBrEaKeR19 chapter 4 . 10/30/2009
I feel sorry that natalo kayo sa laban, which is I don't know what's the contest...

I really feel the hard works in school. Because I also update a long time too...

Great chap. I also like the scene in Takuya's room...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you say that you are in a part in Silang, Cavite... I'll tell you that I'm also part in Cavite. But not in Silang, I'm in the City of Cavite...

I know that you will win, because there's saturday, sunday and the holiday (Nov.2)...

Update soon, and pls R&R my fics...
blackandblood chapter 4 . 10/30/2009
aww, im sensing some takumi moments coming along soon _ good job, hope you can update soon. laterz
dingcs chapter 4 . 10/30/2009
Haha. Great job on the chapter. Hm, Takuya and Zoe sharing a room for a week? I don't know about you... but I see fairies and unicorns. Lol. Update soon.
BanetteGirl chapter 3 . 10/7/2009
Red Page chapter 3 . 10/5/2009
Wow, nice work. The fic's really coming out great. I liked the flashbacks. They sure were funny. Keep up the good work. Later.
hEaRtBrEaKeR19 chapter 3 . 10/4/2009
(Laughing from that incident)

Wow! That was hilarious!

I never thought they will say that... Great and long chap...

So anywayz, update soon... And also R&R my story, Lot's of Craziness...

(note: Pls say on your review if what region are you living... But if you don't want to say, it's ok)
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