Reviews for Chemistry of a Car Crash
Amanda chapter 1 . 9/16/2012
Fantastic story! Loved it! :)
LikeYouBelieveInMe100 chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
Ok this was pretty good. I thought it was funny how she kept getting cock blocked! Lol this was really long... I think it could be continued but hey that's up to u! Nice job! And I hope to hear from you soon! Adios!
chele681 chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
Monumentally Hot.

Unf Forever.

Office sex FTW!
Freaks with Fangs chapter 1 . 3/30/2011
Holy fuck! I can see why you won now...
Kats Flower Girls chapter 1 . 11/17/2010
I'm a sucker for friends turned lovers! Seth and Angela are a great couple! I got a kick out of all their flirtations at work and how they would inconspicuously touch or share smoldering looks, LOL! The grinding on the dance floor was hot, & I loved how they didn't just jump into the sack right then... you let them build up & share more flirtatious 'almost' moments... They were so cute!

Bella and Alice going all girly as Angela's friends were lots of fun too, even Lauren the cockblocker cracked me up, LOL!'

This was a fun one-shot!
writer'sblock7777 chapter 1 . 7/27/2010
YUM! Wow, I want some Seth! Ang is one lucky gal!
Lynn7808 chapter 1 . 5/15/2010
This was hot, Seth and Angela.. I like it!
Coriejo24 chapter 1 . 5/10/2010
Yeah, after reading this I'm a sucker for Seth too! DAMN...
91BlackMoon chapter 1 . 1/1/2010
I liked it alot but you should've explained some stuff. Why did he keep leading her on and then nothing? And why the hel did he tekst his ex girlfriend? You should've let them talk afterwards. I liked the rest though!
connect2tjb chapter 1 . 12/19/2009
Well, well now. Whoa! Thank you for sharing this wonderful one-shot with us. Part of me wants a story to come from this if you have time.
deleteteled chapter 1 . 11/3/2009
oh HOT

you totally deserve that award for this story.

woah that was amazing.

i wish there was a FAVORITE*OF*ALL*TIME list that i could add this story to...
irishphoenix89 chapter 1 . 10/27/2009
Loved the story and loved the pairing.

Well done on the win aswell!
mnggl chapter 1 . 10/19/2009
wow... just wow...

i'm definitely seeing seth in a new light!
TwilightJemS chapter 1 . 10/18/2009
rainbowsherbets chapter 1 . 10/17/2009
What a spectacular story :)

I'm biased 'cos I've always had a thing for Seth hehe but I truly adore this story from start to finish!

Good job honey.
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