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bg3929 chapter 18 . 13m
Lol “I was interested in stones when I was 11.”


Also, why do I feel like Harry’s going to consult Shika about this ‘Clan Heir” bullhockey and then get drawn in to some unwilling board games? XD I love this story a lot, and I always brings me great joy to see it updated!
Kuroudia chapter 18 . 13h
You know? I was thinking on checking your blog for something to read (again) because I had a very stressful week and OMG! I found your very new chapter already on FF. How lucky! Thank you for all your work, for sharing this amazing story with your fans ( specially me XD)..
With every update that I readed in the past I always thought that no matter the wait, that wait is always worth it.

Love for your eternal fan...
wildtrance chapter 18 . 16h
That is not going to go over well.
Silvanon of the Orchard chapter 18 . 9/23
Yup, still a great story! Thanks so much for the update!
Dalilt chapter 17 . 9/23
Well an interesting development that's for sure. What happened to never call yourself an Uzumaki? Does it only count if he introduces himself as such?

Regardind the heir stuck in Konoha situationIm assuming canon values please ignore if it doesnt apply). Clan heirs seems to have no problems in leaving the village. Canon wise we have 2-3 heirs. Hinata, Sasuke and Chouji. Excluding Sasuke (can you be an heir to a dead clan?) we have two distinct situations. Hinata whose status as an heir was never stable, that may have been a reason to allow of village missions. However Chouji is the Akimichi heir to a noble clan and he was allowed to go out. So I assume the following: Naruto's bam on outside the village missions is a plot to make Harry a citizen. This way if the head clan leaves the village the clan heir remains.

Sounds like something possible.
The Green Eye chapter 18 . 9/23
Omg I was so happy to see this was updated! I’ve read this fic from beginning to bed at least 5 times. I absolutely love your writing and loved this chapter! Can’t wait for the next one.
ficreader2011 chapter 18 . 9/23
can harry get the knowledge of how to make a portkey from Hermione, it would be really useful here and without any ministry regulation and detection. harry could do a lot of forbidden magic here without the ministry control.
ficreader2011 chapter 7 . 9/22
this is one of my fav fics because Harry uses reparo to make money, no OP bullshit just common sense and ingenuity.
Little Kunai chapter 17 . 9/22
The syrup craze is spreading.

Loled at the line about using a good friend to get hot dates
mer chapter 18 . 9/22
Thank you!
Just a Blank Space chapter 18 . 9/22
Love this! I had to reread it entirely... :P
ms.meow1968 chapter 18 . 9/22
I have read this all the way through this is the most human and beautiful story yet written thank you very much. Just one thing when will Hinata join in to all of this?
Ranmaleopard chapter 18 . 9/22
This is just really interesting and I can't wait for more
Secret-H chapter 18 . 9/22
Thank you for continuing to update. I love this story, I love the characterization and the twist and the writing style. Please keep up the good work, cause I will continue to read this until you stopping writing.
And honestly more than a little after that.
OoNakuoO chapter 18 . 9/22
It's been 9 years already ? Well it's just prove how much I like this story that I always feel really happy when I got a notification saying you put a new chapter online !
I'm really curious about the Uzumaki's connection to the Daimyo. And the finally found out about Tsunade's connection to them. But not Jiraya's...
So what will happen with Naruto being the clan heir ? A lot of his peers are clan heir themselves after all...
Well, I'm looking forward to read what will happen next !
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