Reviews for Green With Evil
animationiscool chapter 1 . 2/24/2010
This story was really funny, and t sounded like real episode. Some of my favourite parts were the fiesta, and Perry checking the potted plant, and the "Plant-inator".
Sydney chapter 1 . 12/31/2009
Haha, awesome. I loved Doof's plan. xD
Boolia chapter 1 . 10/11/2009
Nice story! I liked how Doof wrote on the leaf not to install any more self distuct bottons on his inventions, Perry's devise telling him the potted plant wasn't evel, and Carl and MM miraca dancing.

The potted plant that Dof got could be Potty the Plotted Plant from No More Bunny Buisness.
ExtremeRainbowRaiderPrincess chapter 1 . 9/16/2009
*Bursts into hysterical laughter* Great job on that one! It could be right out of the show!
Rebbeca Tennant chapter 1 . 9/13/2009
nice story :D very good reference to aglet at the end!

well done! keep writing!

AC2 chapter 1 . 9/13/2009
Hee hee! Another mad day in the life of the platypus secret agent! I love the way you bring a cartoon I've never seen before to life. It doesn't matter that I'm unfamiliar with the fandom, this stuff seems familiar and your vivid style makes it seem immediate. I can almost see what you're describing here.

This is ideal for the challenge because it shows that Perry and Doof will always be opposed to each other, and that's the way it is. Great stuff. I expect you'll do well in the challenge again, O winner!:D


You're mixing tenses again, mate.

clutching [onto] his brown fedora so he [doesn't] didn't lose it.

[But h]He wasn't in his usual green uniform this day, but in [a] very brightLY colored [and] festive [m]Mexican fiesta attire. [Despite this,] Agent P [remained unphased] sat there unfazed.

Then again, it could've been [used] to make him look [like his was being] professional.

located where his usual lair [is.] was.

nearly pressing the self-destruct button [on] by accident.

I will unleash thousands and thousands of," A secret wall in the back of the greenhouse opened, revealing a cage of rabbits "cute little bunny rabbits!


"There was one more part to my plan, but I didn't get to tell you because I was so rudely interrupted," HE SAID WITH AN EVIL GRIN SPREADING CREEPILY ACROSS HIS FACE. "When all the buildings are made of leafy greens..." HE PAUSED, APPARENTLY LISTENING TO A DRAMATIC REVERB THAT ONLY HE COULD HEAR AS A secret wall in the back of the greenhouse opened, revealing a cage of rabbits. "...I will unleash thousands and thousands of cute little bunny rabbits who will then eat the buildings. People will have to come to me, because I will corner the market with my next invention: Building-For-You-inator...or...something."

monolouge monologue

[as] to get the laser ready

just in case the plant, which was actually harmless, BECAME too much for him to handle

it released [it's] its hold

various flashing lights on [it's] its round body

It's is a contraction of "It is." Its means "That which belongs to it."

From far down below, although probably not heard by him, was a young boy's voice that said: "Oh, there you are Perry."


Far below, a young boy said, "Oh, there you are, Perry."