Reviews for Used to be a Superhero
cloud 9123 chapter 2 . 12/14/2009
While I normally hate all things slash this story seems to put it far enough in the background to make it worth following although using James Evans as a fake name is really really cliche and the fact that losing Draco meant more to him than Ron or Hermione seems stupid in my opinion. That being said I's still interested in how you plan on developing your characters
BringOnTheChaos95 chapter 2 . 12/8/2009
hi, i really like this story so far, pleaze update soo. i was also woundering if u new any harry/spike stories i cant seem 2 find any:)

good luck with the next chapter,


Silver Bezoar chapter 2 . 9/20/2009
This story is definitely worth more then 2 reviews.

It's a little early to tell only 2 chapters in, but from what I've read so far this could be an excellent fic if you keep going the way you are.

I'm a big fan of this crossover when it's done right; and I'm glad that you made Harry all dark and broody. He fits really well into the Buffyverse, and it doesn't seem contrived or artificial like some fics that try to merge the two worlds.

It's still too early into the story to comment on the rest of your character development, but everything is looking good so far.

Hope you keep updating

henriette chapter 1 . 9/16/2009
Nice, I'm lokking forward to see where you'll will take this story line. I've never seen a whole season of Buffy so i can't really help you here
Never Odd Or eveN chapter 1 . 9/15/2009
great start, I love the bunnie, can't wait to see what happens, update ASAP