Reviews for A sort of Reti
licoriceallsorts chapter 3 . 12/6/2009
No one else has reviewed this yet? I always love a good Reno fic and this made me laugh until my eyes watered. Especially Rufus. All of his characterisation was brilliant, but this bit was my favourite:

“My computer works. Have you ever tried online gaming? I’ve built myself a miniature empire. Much less dangerous than the real thing, and less prone to collapse. It’s ‘Tifa’, isn’t it? Forgive me, it’s been some time since I needed to know the names of the members of AVALANCHE, and I always thought of you as ‘the one with the breasts’ anyway.”

Also, Operation Seduce Tifa!

I admire the way you so boldly and casually killed Cloud off.

Also - and you probably know this - your use of English is wonderful. Really readable and articulate and fun. You have a fine ear for the characters' different voices, and a great sense of comic timing. I think I'd better go read your other stuff now.