Reviews for He Sleeps Lightly
BenRG chapter 1 . 8/8/2010
An insightful little short exploration of what it means to be James Bond.

How many lives taken? Not just the /big/ lives either - the Bloefelds, Draxes and Strombergs of this world. Those monsters he could kill without an eyeblink. No, it is the /small/ lives. The nameless, faceless guards mown down in an instant. The technicians in an illegal laboratory making poison gas. The innocent civilian laborours caught in the blast as some terrorist's compound is blown sky-high by sabotage or a volley of cruise missiles.

Then there are the women. How many women has he glibly lied to, telling them that he loved them and relieving them of their innocence to gain their co-operation, only then to abandon them, possibly to death? How many survivors of his adventures has he casually forgotten when the time has come to begin a new mission? How many has he /really/ loved and, as a consequence, has he held as their lifeblood bleeds out over him in a bullet-riddled Aston Martin?

To be James Bond...

An uneasy conscience is a terrible companion. All in all, I do wonder how sane the man is after all these years. Maybe M is right. Maybe the reason he takes those risks isn't because he is brave; It is because, above all else, he desperately wants to finally be able to sleep.

A nice piece of work.
Pudachuck chapter 1 . 10/28/2009
I really enjoyed this! There's enough random stuff out there with James Bond, but I love it when someone like you tries to really get in his head. I am polishing something sort of like this right now, but it's a long way from what this is!
dulceInvierno chapter 1 . 10/7/2009
nice :)