Reviews for ashes of devotion
beauty chapter 15 . 5/15
Si ella lo ama
beauty chapter 14 . 5/15
Si por fin la hizo suya ya no hay marcha atrás
beauty chapter 13 . 5/15
Ho , no! La tomará por coraje , su papel de aioria totalmente sensual.
beauty chapter 9 . 5/14
El poder de hacerle llegar sus pensamientos, es tan erótico muy bien
beauty chapter 8 . 5/14
Lo enfrentará sin armadura , ingenua
beauty chapter 7 . 5/14
Matar al de bronce, amar y quedarse con el de oro, que difícil elección.
beauty chapter 5 . 5/14
Parece que shaina se vio reflejada en la pequeña, ella también se confrontará con su hermana por el amor de el León.
beauty chapter 4 . 5/14
Hola desde México,seré breve pero consisa lo he leído 3veces y me altera, este capítulo en especial das a conocer a un aioria diferente completamente para mí el pequeño toque de perversión en el es exquisito, . Saludos y seguiré
Anne chapter 37 . 11/11/2012
This is truly an amazing story. But is it finished?
You should really continue writing it!
mary-sintome chapter 37 . 4/18/2012
as an english teacher and an avid reader, I relly enjoy your picked two charachters who aren't usually paired together and made them had me rooting for aiolia and hating seiya (He does have an Harem andHe's just after her so that He doesn't loose her, ehile maintaning his other girls).

It's been a while since the last you intend to finish this? if not, congratulations on what you've achieved so far.
mapo chapter 37 . 1/7/2011
First of all : happy new year to you. You haven't updated this story for a year. Did you drop it ?
Rihannon chapter 37 . 7/19/2010
Wow! So, you updated! Yay! I'm so glad... I hope you're doing great, and I hope to read more of you soon. Hugs.
Rihannon chapter 36 . 11/26/2009
Well, now that I'd been having a little free time to write and read, I'd been looking for nice stories. This one of yours called for my attention a while ago, but only now I had the time to sit and read in calm and peace.

I must say your writing has a lot of poetry in it, and is very intense. You can describe the feelings in a way that really touches the heart and imagination… and that, my friend, is a rare gift. I'm glad you updated and I hope you get to continue with the story soon. :)
Fuego V S chapter 34 . 11/24/2009
Dear Spirito:

Oh my god, oh my god, oh myy god! Damn, you're so good! No wonder you're writing your own book,you got plenty of talent and resources!

I cant believe that you can achieve so much with such few words, I can't believe your capacity for making so short chapters with so much movement and poetry in them at the same time. And altough I know I'm giving you this review kind of late, I have to say that I just adored this chapter! Your description of Seiya made me drool!

I'm sorry if I seem too enthusiastic about it, but it just turns out that I've been in love with the Pegasus since the very first time I saw him, like five hundred years ago, jaja. And of course, I feel I was melting when I read that he and Shaina are soulmates and that now Shaina knows it! This it's getting so complicated! Because at the same time, I've already begun to like the idea of Shaina marrying the impetous and deliciously sexual Aioria, and she has the elisir and Marin it's so jealous and ah, everything!

I guess that I don't have to say that I'll be eating my nails while waiting for the next chapter, and that my heart was very disapointed when I read in your reply your promise of a next chapter the following day and it didn't happen that way, but don't worry, I also understand that you must have a lot of work to do, and the results worth all the wait.

Congratulations again. Excelent work!

Read you soon, hopefuly,

mapo chapter 34 . 11/15/2009
Finally you're back ! I'm so glad to be able to read your work again but it's so short. You're so cruel T_T

I'm (half) kidding, we all know that everybody here has a real life It's just, don't forget us and keep going with your so interesting story.
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