Reviews for When Love and Hate Collide
alwaysandforever430 chapter 39 . 10/8
This story is just flat out amazing. I have been reading like mad. It is a dark fic but in a very different and intriguing way. I look forward to the completion :)
The4Horsement chapter 39 . 10/3
find this story from amazing blogs called dramioneasks and guess what i realllllly like this story so pleeease update the next chapterr xoxo!
Guest chapter 31 . 9/30
loved this chapter :) actually I love every part single one :)
if you wouldn't mind, there's one thing I would like to tell you
its about the Japanese, and I thought that Go-ran ni natte might be appropriate than naru, because if it's naru then it would be like a question. that's just what I thought, so please don't be offended
anyways thank you for giving us such a wonderful fanfic!
SkyeMoor chapter 21 . 9/3
If you haven't read the Voynich Hotel, it's quite a read. (Doumei loves his references... glad you pointed this one out, I'd missed it).
Never a Writer chapter 39 . 8/25
Thank you for updating. You don't have to apologize for slow updates, we are thankful for any updates because you're a great writer. I absolutely love your fics.

I hope you get better soon. Chemotherapy, surgery and the flu are taxing on the body. I'm surprised you managed to update after going through all that. No matter what, focus on getting better first and stories second. We can wait. I'd rather have you healthy and able to write more fics for years to come than be sick. Sending well wishes your way, N.a.W.
Never a Writer chapter 38 . 8/25
I suspect that ultimately, Draco and malfoy will merge into the real Draco. So he wouldn't feel betrayed since Hermione was with a part of himself
Never a Writer chapter 37 . 8/25
Wow Hermiones a trooper. I can't imagine anyone willing to do it after such a horrendous experience
Never a Writer chapter 36 . 8/25
I can't believe I'm almost at ch 39, this is such a great fic
Never a Writer chapter 35 . 8/25
Omg I should be sleeping but I can't stop reading
Never a Writer chapter 34 . 8/25
Yes! Finally everyone is working together to solve this issue
Never a Writer chapter 33 . 8/25
This is killing me. Why doesn't he just tell her already
Never a Writer chapter 32 . 8/25
Argh! He's such a wimp! Just tell her already!
Never a Writer chapter 31 . 8/25
Please let her find out before he goes all bad
Never a Writer chapter 30 . 8/25
Oh no, dark draco's gaining control isn't he? Poor Hermione. I hope her suspicions are correct so that she's not caught unprepared
Never a Writer chapter 29 . 8/25
Just tell her the truth Draco!
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