Reviews for The Sons of Thunder
triolet chapter 46 . 5/20
Love this.
triolet chapter 28 . 5/15
Love this!
wenduo chapter 46 . 4/24
So finally they can relax and setle things. Wonder what kind of adventure they choose next time x) It have been a really enjoyable time with reading
wenduo chapter 45 . 4/23
Yay they are alive. Haha wonder if Gimli will ever learn what "nana" means? xD
wenduo chapter 44 . 4/23
What did they both die? O.o
wenduo chapter 43 . 4/23
Scary kind of poison he got o.o I thought first it sounds like the ones in Mirkwood but i guess it's not the same.
wenduo chapter 38 . 4/23
Hmm sounds like Aragorn is keeping something from our favourite Elf. Haha what a friendly wager, sometimes i wonder if Pippin even have gotten in to his head who the father of Legolas is.
wenduo chapter 36 . 4/23
Interesting way of how Noldor and Silvans may think. In our eyes today most of us would say the Silvan one, where they allow love in both ways is the wise one.
So i guess getting other Noldors to agree with that relationship can be very easy. Well if Legolas not magical becomes a Elleth.*laugh* Still i guess itsn't recommended.
wenduo chapter 35 . 4/23
You know you just made it sound quite romantic to fall of that ledge.*laughs* Well at least they had some luck. Exiting will the twins change way of see things or will both stay immortals in the end?
wenduo chapter 34 . 4/23
What a rude creature. Spoiling a moment of "lovely pleasure" xD
wenduo chapter 31 . 4/23
Will Elrohir do something really stupid or reckless now? O.o
wenduo chapter 30 . 4/23
Woah i wonder if they can stop Legolas or not. Sounds like he is alright of body and stubborness o.o
wenduo chapter 28 . 4/23
Haha i laughed so hard of the story about the horse race. Just joked Legolas about only own two very nag horses? Aie soundslike Legolas have lost his mind, how will he recover?
wenduo chapter 26 . 4/23
It can't be possible that they all stand like whole after this as before o.o
wenduo chapter 25 . 4/23
Aww poor Gimli well he better help getting the stubborn Elf back. It would be sad if he stays like a ghost. x.x
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