Reviews for To Begin Again
Guest chapter 35 . 1/14
This is one of the most marvelous fic I have ever read! The characters, the storyline is absolutely gripping. From draco, hermione, to Cormac, su, will, jeremy there is so much more to know. I couldn't put out this story for 3 nights straight, it is that gripping! I feel so bad for Cormac (the last person I thought I'll fall in love with out of all the characters here and truth be told draco's still a bitch). I know I'm already a bit late as the last update was years back, but this fic deserves more. It's absolutely an epic! You are a brilliant author!...I hope maybe someday you will update. Till then stay awesome like this fabulous writer!
Guest chapter 35 . 1/1
Just reread this for the umpteenth time. Still my favourite fanfiction ever. I just love this version of the characters. Hope you are well xxx
MissyMoeDoe chapter 35 . 7/16/2021
Oh Dear Lord in Heaven. Ok, so you can't just leave this like this. There are so many questions that have to be answered. So many things left undone. Please Please PLEASE finish this. I got so hooked that I forfeited sleep so I could find out what was happening.
Like Ginny seriously needs to get a move on and tell Hermione what Harry told her. And what about contacting Bill and how in the world are they going to deal with Fred. And just what happened to George? Then there's what's happening with Cor. Plus Jeremy and Su and Will.
Oh and... ok so I might have some questions.
Anyway, So far I love this story. It's so far out in left field, so unexpected and wonderful. I really do hope that you continue this.
AngelWarrior1719 chapter 35 . 3/13/2021
That’s it?!

33 amazingly well written chapters...

An amazing plot and storyline...

Characters that tear at your heart strings every which way to Tuesday...

And you just decided to cliff it?!

This is a story worth finishing... even if it would be five years later.

To quote YOU: it’s time “to begin again” and finish what you started.
Natz Mercado chapter 1 . 3/12/2021
Still holding onto the chance that you will continue this pleaseI hope all is well with you
stupefiedkneazle chapter 34 . 3/7/2021
it’s been 5 years since this was updated, but I’m still hoping we’ll see through the ending of this riveting story, especially when it’s at its peak. Hope you are well and doing okay.
Natz Mercado chapter 1 . 2/7/2021
hello... still looking forward to the xo. pletion of this gem. please don't give up on this. thanks.
geoli12.xd chapter 35 . 12/7/2020
I really need this one please finish it as soon as you can
yeohmeishi chapter 34 . 12/4/2020
This is just as good as the first time I read this. Would love to see more x
geoli12.xd chapter 35 . 11/22/2020
2016?! really? omg this is a too good story not to be completed
please comeback! 2016!
Guest chapter 35 . 11/18/2020
I love this story soooo much! Do you have any plans on finishing it?
Guest chapter 35 . 8/18/2020
I hope you finish this story! It is really good and one of the first ones like this I’ve read.
celticscorpio chapter 35 . 8/4/2020
Hope you come back to this story! It's so beautiful. You and your beta's are all so incredibly talented!
LadyKahlan chapter 35 . 8/4/2020
Well maybe someday you’ll finish.
LadyKahlan chapter 27 . 7/31/2020
I don’t think Lily cast a spell to save Harry. She simply died protecting him which caused him to be saved by her “love.”
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