Reviews for Paper Mario: The Temple of the Sun
Chlstarr chapter 26 . 7h
I will forever LOVE this fic and read it over and over again! Even if that takes me a few days to do word by word.

And I will always LOVE how in a few small simple sentences, this chapter describes the EXACT same feelings of shock,sadness and betrayal I felt during the ol' switcharoo bit in Chapter 4 of Thousand Year Door. Thousand Year Door will always be my all time favorite,but this is one glorious fic that I would play over and over again just as much if it were a real game!.
TheCopyUniverse chapter 58 . 10/26
Oh, man, this story was AMAZING. I kinda regret pulling an all-nighter just to read this but at the same time I enjoyed it so. Thank you for making such a wondrous story.
Cole Mage chapter 58 . 10/4
This story was amazing. I can pretty much guess who the storyteller was: Goomblaine. The story was beautiful, and just because everybody and their parents made their own Paper Mario story doesn't mean that yours isn't great. I encourage you to write more, and can't wait to see. Just one thing. I read this story when you completed it, so I don't want you to make long updates.
Pheonix of the Trinity chapter 1 . 8/15
Sounds like Descole. Mysterious, cutscene with lots of exposition, too!
horror101 chapter 48 . 7/12
Cusi chapter 58 . 7/9
Ok, guys. I need an elite team to storm Nintendo and force them to make a game out of this story. Any volunteers?
Cusi chapter 35 . 7/6
Well, Paper Mario games are rather dark for Mario games, so don't worry about this chapter being a little darker than usual.
Cusi chapter 8 . 6/29
I swear I could hear the chapter end music from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door in my head when I was reading the last part of this chapter.
Frederic Marile chapter 58 . 6/20
I just finished this fic, so many years later, after I stopped reading it for only God knows what reason, and I just want to say that this is truly the greatest thing I've ever read. I wish I could write a big long review explaining everything I loved and everything I feel for this brilliant work of art, but I'm not so great at that I guess. Basically, I just want to communicate to you that I am so glad this exists. Some years ago, this fic was one of the only reasons I ever got on the Internet; it brought me so much joy every time there was a new chapter, and even though that was a long time ago I still thought a lot about this fic in the years since, and finally I realized it was time for me to actually finish it, now that you'd completed the story. I just want to thank you, so much, for writing this, and to say that I am sincerely humbled by your talent. This has been said again and again, but it's true: this story deserves to be an actual Paper Mario game. It has everything-engaging storyline, delightful characters, true-to-the-form mechanics, and so on. The entire world of fanfic writers could take serious lessons from you. So thank you again for everything you accomplished here-it takes so much time and effort and soul to create something this stunning, and I hope you always know what an inspiration you've been.
1Thunderfire chapter 58 . 4/8
This was truly brilliant. What can I say? Your heart and soul was put into this: memorable characters, detailed scenes, well-paced story. I read it all in one day. Kudos to you, that one little guy. And with that, I shall finish with this...
1Thunderfire chapter 55 . 4/8
Gnarly stuff, dude. Now this is a final battle. Also, all that business with Goomblaine in the earlier chapters? That was really refreshing and different. I guess we all have our flaws and while Mario does care and damn well tries his hardest to save the world, Goomblaine did have his points. Sweet.
1Thunderfire chapter 44 . 4/8
I definitely find Mario sympathetic. Being a hero isn't all it's cracked up to be. You're forever in danger of not only losing your own life but those you love too. Poor guy. He has the whole world on his shoulders a lot, huh?
1Thunderfire chapter 38 . 4/8
Loving these little references here and there and especially THOSE TOTALLY GROOVY BUMPTY BOARDERS, DUDES!
1Thunderfire chapter 32 . 4/8
Ohhhhhhhhh... I didn't see that one coming. Dark times, dark times...
1Thunderfire chapter 29 . 4/8
Random quizzes are awesome! I think we possibly need more of these in our lives. :D
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