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akight1216 chapter 53 . 5/5
welcome to Maryland! I don't know how to pm on here but I'm from Baltimore and would love to do coffee and pick your brain. I love this story and can't wait to see more
MissingEric chapter 53 . 4/21
It’s been so long! Please come back!
xXmenkoiXx chapter 45 . 4/14
Okay, so I know I'm late getting on this train. You may not even write fanfic anymore or monitor this account for that matter. But in the event that you do, I thought I'd leave a note. When I saw your A/N on this chapter, I thought how dare they! I absolutely love your writing style and attention to detail! And the POVs too! It was one of the things I appreciated when I started reading this baby. The "feedback" you got reminded me of something another reviewer said to California Kat a while back. I was a bit peturbed then too. For what its worth, I think you struck the perfect balance here. Perhaps that reader's tastes just weren't refined enough to appreciate you talents. Cheers!
Doubletrouble318 chapter 1 . 4/12
Does anyone know if someone else picked up this story, or even expanded on it? I absolutely love BonTempsBaby’s original characters, especially Sir Robert! I mean who doesn’t love him?!
BonTempsBaby, I hope you are well and come back to this story! Obviously there are many of us who still love it!
Tayjj44 chapter 50 . 4/10
Going through and rereading some my favorite stories so naturally I got to yours. Hope your life is being good to you and the desire to jump back into the Sookie/Eric pool returns. Peace.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/25
Please come back! Please return to complete this fantastic story. Anyone else feeling bonding sickness! I have hope you will return to finish this!
Stephanie2397 chapter 53 . 3/22
you left me with the intrigue! It was the best story I've been reading so far, and now I feel like you're leaving me empty . please update your story! you have a loyal follower here. you're the best !
Guest chapter 53 . 3/19
This is just amazing. I can only hope that this will be completed. I wonder where this has been all my life. Thank you so much for sharing!
Guest chapter 53 . 3/17
Wow, just Wow! I am so very thrilled to have found you and your amazing stories. Like other reviewers, I pray that you are well and may find your muse again. Thank you for inviting me in and allowing me to immerse myself in your World for a time. Blessings to you and yours!
AngelicFanReader chapter 53 . 2/17
I broke my own rule and read a story that I knew wasn’t completed. And after 7 years, it seems unlikely it will ever be completed. Despite this, I encourage any new readers who come across this story to read it, especially if you enjoyed the first story, Pour Some Sugar On Me! Obviously in its un-completed state, there are a lot of loose ends and unfinished business. Although an ending would be satisfying, the author has peppered the story with plenty of clues as to the direction it was taking, so it’s not difficult to figure out what would eventually happen. However I remain hopeful that maybe one day it will be completed!

To the author: I’m not sure if you still receive or read reviews. After so many years, it’s probable you don’t interact with this site anymore. But thank you for writing some epically long stories. I know your goal was always to finish this story, and while I doubt that will happen, I still thank you for sharing your talents with us. I hope you are doing well in life and have found another creative outlet. As you told your character, Faeryn- creativity never truly disappears! It’s always there waiting for you.
jewelpearl chapter 50 . 2/7
In my 10 years of reading fanfiction, this is hands down one of the best chapters ever! Trying to imagine Eric taking in the shoddy décor of Crystal’s house, and the phrase ‘angel infested’ (I think it was) made me laugh out loud. I know it’s been more than 7 years since you’ve added to this story, but I live in hope that you will eventually return and finish it. Holy cow, it’s already almost a million words long with well over 6000 reviews, for heaven’s sake, and you’ve put so many mysterious puzzle pieces into play… Not to mention the creation of Sir Robert, an amazing original character… Please, please, please? Relieve our extended anticipation!
loretta57 chapter 1 . 12/24/2020
I'm very sorry you lost your muse I started reading this story many years ago I to have my ups and down but every now and then I would read this store I truly love it and I still have hope with this covid-19 that is running throughout the world that we still have these wonderful storys to take our minds off of all this I still have hope that one day you write start writing again and this story is the first one you finish thank you
kleannhouse chapter 53 . 10/25/2020
it was a great chapter and it flowed nicely. I understand the writer's block you have experienced and I do hope one day you will return to this story. writer's block is a hard thing to get through and all of us have it in one form or another. just stay true to yourself, write dribs and drabs if you have to but it will come back eventually. what I had to do with one of my stories was read it and then the ideas started to flow of what to write. would love to see where you were going to take this and how. good luck and hope to see you come back . Hugs and Love KY
kleannhouse chapter 52 . 10/25/2020
that was the best chapter yet, from chaos comes perfection. Quinn is a dead man … as for Rhys/Preston I do not believe that fairy will give up anytime soon and I have a feeling the Prince will have to step in or Eric will kill him. KY
kleannhouse chapter 50 . 10/25/2020
i do wonder what Eric will do when the Prince tells them they might be able to have a child as a wedding present. I also do wonder what Sookie is going to do when she finds out Rhys is Preston and her stalker... I have a feeling Cooper will figure it out first. KY
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