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Ellabeaubella chapter 53 . 12/10
This is one of the best fanfics I've ever read (and I've read a few) I was really looking forward to you fleshing out the Alexander storyline and the state of the supernatural world after his arrival. I know it's been four years since your last chapter but I really do hope that one day you find your inspiration again and finish this wonderful story. Thanks again for the great read :)
Guest chapter 52 . 11/25
No matter how many times I come back and reread read your writing of this chapter and every single chapter you have written I am swept away from my reality to the Amazing world of your stories - all the sexy love and romance of Sookie & Eric in their exciting world. I enjoy all the characters and being swept up in their efforts and plots. It's wonderfully written totally captavating
Vonviking chapter 1 . 10/25
I really love your story n hope that your muse will be back one day! I like your story whereby Eric n sookie are king n queen. I find it creative that you come up with the concept of twice bonded. there is still many many things that are not answered. 1) how sookie will react when found out about her brother's real job n why he had join tiger. 2) the coronation n will sookie fairy heritage be revealed? 3) Amelia wedding 4) what is the real purpose of the fated couple? is their purpose to have kids that when grow up will safe something? maybe bring peace to the vampire n fairy world? 5) I really like Luke n Robert character n hope they have their happy ending. maybe luke's fairy was not dead but kept away at the portal? 6) I hope to see more development with Amy character. will she end up a better person eventually? 7)will sookie be able to publish her book? 8) i like it when sookie is being adored by the werewolf n when she safe bill. maybe there could be a story that she safe the Viking king? 9) story about the tiger 10) the draining of vampire to be stop.
Arizeri chapter 1 . 10/22
Its been four years and this story is still on my mind! Im worried you aren't alive anymore or terribly ill so please give us some kind of update. Update your profile or review your own story so people can see it.

If you have SOMETHING to post just post it we wont judge you whatsoever. Just 2,000 words. You promised us and yourself you would never leave a story unfinished and you said you discovered a passion for writing, have you written anything at all these passed years? Fanfiction or maybe a story of your own?

anti-emma chapter 29 . 10/18
Of course someone who writes nasty thoughts from their computer in their mommy&daddy's basement is going to be such a COWARD to write in anonymously so I thought I'd respond in kind as well by being anon, since that is the popular mode these days. This person obviously has too much time on their hands and really puts too much stock into fictional characters that she would attack you personally?! My goodness, get a life of your own 'emma'. It's just sad you let fiction make you so crazy. BTB, just ignore said person. It's obvious you've finished and that's ok. You have a life of your own and that's the way it should be. Thank you though for sharing your talent with the rest of us. It gave me a twinge of enjoyment in between grad school studies. Speaking of which, got to get back to that :)
emma chapter 29 . 10/16
I'm aware you finished this story some time ago now but after reading all this nonsense since the night in las Vegas to the current chapter where she didn't even read his letters before destroying them. Let me tell you I'm glad you've clearly stopped writing fan fiction. Your Sookie, is selfish and immature and yet you never make her pay for her cruel behaviour. She judges Eric for his past alliances, and yet you have her not only sharing a bond with another vampire who she frequently kisses and touches you now have her 'falling for a fairy'. Seriously how is anyone supposed to even like your Skokie, let alone want her to have her happy ever after. I find her selfish and cruel and above all a hypocrite of the highest degree. And if this is what you deem acceptable behaviour for a woman to treat her husband, then I sincerely hope you aren't married. Otherwise please send your husband my deepest regrets that his wife clearly has no idea what the word loyal and faithful mean. In short, your writing did intrigue me initially, but these last chapters have made me realise that your desire to add friction and angst made you abandon what this story is supposed to be about. A couple in love, who may have hardships but find a way to overcome. A constantly fickle and unfaithful wife who basically has no care or consideration for anyone other than herself, unless it's an ex boyfriend or a murderer (detainees) is not a hardship to overcome, it proves that she is not worthy of him. It's sad you betrayed your own characters so completely. May you never write again!
ebonyedlove chapter 53 . 8/17
What happen to you love this story want a ending please
randyzoopurple chapter 11 . 8/11
Love this story eventhough there hasn't been an update in years.
Dianne from Seattle chapter 52 . 7/5
Though this my first review I am undoubtedly one of your very most devoted fans. I have read and reread your amazing gift to us, of the world's most spectacular vampire his amazing vampire associates and of course, the intriguing Sookie Stackhouse Northman ! Girl ! You can never imagine the great pleasure your writing has afforded me. Being a Great fan of Charlaine Harris and having read every speck of her writings on this couple and been disappointed beyond hope with her conclusions, then to discover your awesome take on the story, words have simply failed me to this point. Thank You from the very depths of my heart. You are so extremely gifted in EVERY conceivable aspect of your writing! I feel I know you through these most lovable characters. What a sense of romance, adventure, creativity, humor and fun you have! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for Sharing your remarkable talent with your untold number of fans. I daydream where your story will eventually end and when it will come...with your promise and long silence, I believe there must be a Great deal involved there. Honestly-if for whatever reason, we do not have the indescribable joy of reading the end of your story-grievous as it would be, I can honestly say from my heart, I will remain ever grateful for every single thought and word you have given, us, your fans...BonTempBaby you are Fabulous! And I respect and love you for your gift you have shared with us! You have given me great joy and satisfaction through your hugely talented writing-(not to mention, carried me through some very difficult times-when all I had to look forward to, was your story). May you be richly blessed and watched over with God's loving again, my friend. (by the way, I understand what it takes to write and produce a story. I was published a year ago in January.)
curioussarah chapter 1 . 5/25
I love this story and the plot line. I would love to see it finished
SAM0987 chapter 53 . 5/1
Dear Bontempsbaby,
I have just finished reading both your stories, PSSOM and ATL.
I don't know if you ever revisit your site and look at any new reviews that might appear, but on the off chance that you do, I wanted to let you know how much I really enjoyed ATL and how sorry I was to find that you were struggling to keep going back as far as 2013.
It seems to me that your passion to finish might have been initially threatened by a negative review. You will never be able to please everyone and you must not let some "Bar Humbug" ever influence your enjoyment of writing. I hope that in the intervening years you have regained some pleasure in the writing process.
I personally, can't believe how far you developed as an author over your four year journey. Despite the Chapter lengths of ATL, this has been overall, much more tightly edited than PSSOM (which I still enjoyed). Consequently, the story flowed much easier. There was lots of drama (and lemons), but this was gently interspersed with tons of well crafted humour as well which elevated this FF offering significantly over many other authors. After all, I believe that is what makes Ericizmine a lasting all time fan favourite author.
I am so sorry (for you and for me) that you lost the energy and passion to finish this story, and selfishly I hope that you might one day revisit this story.
Viktrona chapter 1 . 4/24
Hope things are well I read your story a long while ago and come back on occasion in case it's been updated normally I forget fanfiction or stories but somehow yours stays in my head either way I hope everything is good in your life and thank you again for your lovely writing
Melanie Furmston chapter 53 . 4/13
Four years it took me to find your stories. Loved them. Made me laugh and never put them down. I hope one day you will get to finish them.
emiwat14 chapter 53 . 4/6
OMG! This is soooo good... You are awesome... please upload soon.
LdyJulanna chapter 53 . 3/26
Oh DAMMMN please I must know what happens I just love your story
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