Reviews for AU: A Saiyan Warrior
Guest chapter 76 . 8/21
This is the best dbz fanfic there is.
So please for the love of everything you hold dear, continue the story.
We want to know what has happened in this world
Please at least do an update to let us know
Its been half a year
Please 7_7
Weirdshipper chapter 24 . 8/15
ITS OVER 9000!
Weirdshipper chapter 24 . 8/15
ITS OVER 9000!
Guest chapter 76 . 7/26
Great story can't wait for the next chapter
Gold Testament chapter 76 . 7/22
I at least thought in Betrayal, Erasa would've turned on Bardock
Gold Testament chapter 61 . 7/22
When's Videl going to learn that her school's Martial Arts teacher is Bardock's uncle?
Gold Testament chapter 52 . 7/22
Gold Testament chapter 41 . 7/22
Saiyan or not Vegeta's reaction is actually common. Tons of men would be overprotective of their daughters.
Guest chapter 76 . 7/18
Dragon ball the way it was meant to be.
Chezhran chapter 76 . 7/15
Really great story. I've always wondered what could have happened if Kakarot hadn't hit his head as a child. And this story give a really good guess on it. And I'm very much looking forward to more chapters
The Road In Between Worlds chapter 2 . 7/14
Please keep on making chapters for the story it's really good!
SonGokuSS3 chapter 76 . 7/2
You do make the best stories i ever read. I hope you can make more stories in the future.
romeosami7 chapter 6 . 6/28
why does bulma even has any power level. XD XD XD well done, bro. I like non canon pairing, specially this one as it makes sense
SaiyanPrince541 chapter 3 . 6/20
LOL I love this story! :D

You're truly something!
rookieboy999 chapter 46 . 5/27
Ok, dies no one else realize that the androids and c lol are way weaker. The heroes were op at first but now it's like, weaker than they were in canon. Don't get me wrong, not following cannon makes a story better. But I was used to you making the heroes stronger than the ones in cannon. And well...the androids were at least 5 times stronger than frieze in power levels. I don't care a looooot...just I checked others reviews, and no one else seemed to have noticed.
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