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haylay chapter 71 . 10/9
btw,humans don't grow stronger when getting that's what i that's how it is in dbz...just a friendly review.I like your fanfic.
haylay chapter 6 . 10/1
but 5 chapter you say gohan didnt learn he knows it!He used it against goku in the anime/manga when they fought at the witch's place
T51b Moridin chapter 75 . 9/3
Broly has such a beastly power level. Its cause he's so used to Legendary Super saiyan with its constant power doubling effect going on.
CrimsontheBloodyDemonKing chapter 17 . 8/23
Isn't Popo's power level something like 1080?
david.teague.3950 chapter 62 . 8/21
You know Brutus reminded me of the thug and brutes from a DBZ game for the Game Boy Advance: Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury. I died the first time I had to fight it as "Saiyaman" after that I made sure to take Gohan out and about so that I could increase his level, from then on it only took about 3-4 hits to take him out. Course I could never find all of Hercules Crates to get Goku and Vegita to learn the fusion dance that was the most annoying thing ever.
david.teague.3950 chapter 53 . 8/21
So Mighty Mask is Broly, and Paragus intends to kill them like usual. You know what I find rather sad there aren't a lot of stories out here like Kervonj's story Dragon Ball Z Kai Broly Saga and its predecessor both have Broly growing up as Kakarot's brother, rather than being ordered to be killed Broly was sent to earth by Vegeta's dad, while its predecessor he was sent their quietly no one knew about it. But I especially like Dishon 3's Dragon Ball Reboot. In this story King Vegeta took Bardok's warning seriously and sent Vegeta to Earth with Kakarot and Broly. Together their jobs are to 1) train, 2) learn from the inhabitants of earth, 3) gain allies for the eventual showdown with Frieza, and forth restart the saiyan race by finding someone they can love. Kakarot has Chi-chi, Vegeta has Bulma, and he plans for Broly to be paired with Launch. Personally I'd like for there to be some stories out there in which other saiyans survived including female saiyans because to me it just seems wrong that not only were there no females left alive, but look at dragon ball GT Pan never became a super saiyan and she was supposed to be able to fight on par with goku.
david.teague.3950 chapter 52 . 8/21
Jewel reminds me of one of Bojacks henchmen, and Spopovich and Yamu were both from the Buu saga.
david.teague.3950 chapter 26 . 8/20
A bit of this story since Krillins death reminds me of another story, Celera: Sister of Goku. I assume you're the author he mentioned of receiving permission to make his story a spin off of.
majored chapter 54 . 8/19
just so were clear paragus was a total bitch when compared to any other living saiyan. net even reaching into the hundred thousands.
david.teague.3950 chapter 13 . 8/19
With how you got their battle powers Krillin should beat Chaozu, however because of Chaozu's Psychic powers Krillin will most likely lose. Shen will lose to Kakarot but it'll still be a difficult fight because Shen will most likely be having Chaozu use his psychic abilities. Tien despite being slightly corrupt wont go for the kill as he is honorable, so he'll most likely just knock Yamcha out.
david.teague.3950 chapter 2 . 8/19
Well I've found an interesting story, though I wonder how much, if at all, Goku will rely on the Zenkai boosts(for those who don't know, Zenkai or Full Release is the ability all Saiyans have it's how Gohan, was able to harm Frieza in his third form, and how Vegeta went from being Recoomes play toy to matching Frieza blow for Blow. Zenkai to put it simply increases a Saiyan's Battle Power{hence forth BP} Exponentially meaning it can be anywhere from a third of their power level boosted, to a quarter to even 10-15 times their power level. An example again is Vegeta, on Earth his BP was 18k, when he killed Cui{Kiwi} Dodoria, and attempted to take on Zarbon his BP was at 24k having increased by 6000, after his subsequent healing by Zarbon his power Level had increased by another 6k bringing him up to 30k then he went and fought Recoome and attempted a Final Flash which while powerful wasn't enough to take said Ginyu Fighter out, when he recovered this time he was able to face Frieza who's base form was said to be 530,000. Now the biggest details of Zenkai is the requirements for its boost, factor one severity of injuries, factor two length of time, and the third factor that I know of is the strength of an enemy. Had Vegeta been fighting Frieza in his other forms like Gohan and Krillin had been his power level could very easily have put him at half of frieza's full power. Factor one merely means that he's been hit like Piccolo was by form 3 Frieza, and had some of his internal organs hit, lungs adrenal glands his stomach etc that would have lead to a steeper increase of his powers than that of what he got from Krillin. Factor two was pretty good Dendei ran off to heal Piccolo rather than Vegeta increasing the length of time he was injured that further increased his power level when Dendei did heal him. The third factor doesn't need any explaining far as I know, however I do know one thing that makes no sense. We find out from Vegeta during the Namek Saga that Saiyans don't gain a Zenkai from self inflicted injuries, however Cell, when 18 was forced out of him, blew him-self up trying to take not only the Z fighters out but apparently the earth as well, now because of him having Piccolo's DNA he was able to regenerate him-self from a single nucleus, but what I can't understand is how he got a Zenkai boost he blew him-self up shouldn't that count as self inflicted?
gerardosan chapter 71 . 8/16
Muy buena la historia me gustarĂ­a que siguieras publicando
LoveBardockErasa chapter 75 . 8/12
I want Bardock to stay as couple of Erasa, not is fair that she will die or he the leave for Videl later, when she has gone through so much just for him. she's even a android but not is bad and cares by him, but can not do anything for the program which have ... also I love your fic because you put someone more than Videl as mate of Kakaroto's son, so please keep it.

Erasa is beautiful inside and out, and she loves Bardock, and Bardock also said he loved her, you don't plan than he to leave her by Videl, right? ... Really! I fell in love with this couple. I also want a baby of them, to be blonde without being a Super Saijajin all the time.

Create a OC for Videl
halo4hire chapter 75 . 8/12
great story. quite a few spelling and grammatical errors, but easily overlooked as they don't take away from the story (not attacking you about them, just letting you know they're there). I look forward to reading how the majin saga begins through this alteration, as each arc has kept majorly similar but all together different from the main story line of dbz. fun read, and i was on edge the entire time, so 9.5/10.
Guest chapter 75 . 8/9
When will you update
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