Reviews for vapor memento
S.Zix chapter 1 . 9/26/2009
My eyes dropped into my sockets and rolled over my lungs, this was so grand! I loved the subject of psychology and psychoanalysis creating a paradox here. In one sense, this was a distant story. They never really knew each other except for observations, but at the same time, they knew each other well enough for this to slice through me for Tifa when Cloud died. This connects with that on so many levels. Psychoanalysis requires you to get in touch with what makes a person tick without developing a personal connection with the subject, which is almost impossible. You say that here. Quite easily.

I loved the opening. It was so slow and curious, and it built into a great dead empty feeling of sad. I'm in a mix as to whether or not I want to know the details of Cloud's paper. Because that would make me know Tifa too well and ruin the spell, which would be unnecessary since I already feel like I know her well enough to feel her pain.

You had some great imagery here, but you mostly left it bare, which fits the story again. It leaves me JUST WANTING TO BE ABLE TO WRITE LIKE THIS.

BUT, and I always have a but, I really wish that this were not fanfiction. Not that fanfiction isn't great and all, but I feel like you gained pretty much nothing by making it that way. Tifa did not feel like Tifa from FFVII. Cloud was maybe Cloud-just because he avoided her until it was too late like he did in the game. And Lazard was a completely abstract choice. Actually, I think making this piece fanfiction detracted from its power because I kept trying to associate the characters with the characters that I already knew instead of just loosing myself in this little college bubble that you have created.

Also, totally not spiritual. But that's just a silly interlude. Angst?

Other also, and this is just nitpicky, but I doubt a college professor would give a percentage score for a paper like that. Probably just an A: no numbers :\.

Third also, significance of Tuesday? Or is it just arbitrary? I'm curious.

Thanks for such a great read after my mysterious absence! It was awesomely refreshing. So nice.
ajax710vv chapter 1 . 9/25/2009
Holy cow that was amazing. Really good... definitely an A in my book. Keep it up, I loved this.

ThrowawayAccThing chapter 1 . 9/24/2009
Beautiful. Simply amazing... and yet heart-wrenching. Now excuse me while I wipe the tears from my eyes.
mom calling chapter 1 . 9/23/2009
Hello xoVanilla-Bean, this is an unsettling story. There isn't much here, and I would think it was a nice little read, without much passion, without much depth... though that sounds rather snide. I don't mean to belittle it. I would have been glad I read it, but wouldn't have anything to hold on to later. Except this line:

" much as it breaks me, it seals me back up too."

I would have liked the story to go deeper so I would know this Cloud and Tifa better. We don't have much to go on here. But that line is so touching. Cloud is utterly mysterious.

My son rides a motorcycle.

thx mc
AquariumJello chapter 1 . 9/23/2009
I think that this caused some tears to fall. That has never happened in a fan fiction to me before...

This I mean, it was a typical AU with the stereotypical “college girl who falls in love with a boy” stories but at the same time it wasn't that at all. It was just so unbelievably beautiful. I call it love but not in the predictable, typical sense that we all expect.

Anyway, I can ramble on and on about the amazing-ness of this piece. But I won't because I am still a bit teary-eyed. But I hope you know that this is truly beautiful and you can no doubt do all kinds of genres as you have demonstrated in your other stories. :)
manhattan martini chapter 1 . 9/23/2009
That was heartbreaking.

Great job.
teacupz chapter 1 . 9/23/2009
hey, there, Vane!

despite of the fact that I have never played the game, this fic is enjoyable... I like that -cool- ending, especially when you mention: the walls fading and cracking into a photographed memory.

haha, I like those kind of phrases... great work and I hope to see more from you...
serenbach chapter 1 . 9/23/2009
This was really interesting- I like how their realtion developed through such subtle encounters but became quite intense. The ending was pretty unexpected, as befits a good tragedy, and the irony that she could have got to know Cloud before made it worse for her.

I'm glad she knew that Cloud cared for her in the end though. It was really touching. I enjoyed it a lot. :)
Valentine'sNinja chapter 1 . 9/22/2009
VB, you made me cry! But I'm a crybaby anyway, so it's okay. Goodness, this was one of the saddest, things I've ever read. I had a bad feeling right about the time she started to rip up at the letter, and wow... it just pulled at my heart. Still, I very much loved it, especially your description of Cloud's eyes(have I mentioned how much I love your descriptions in general? No?). As much as I enjoyed this piece, I really hope you give us some fluff soon to balance things out *wink*wink*... Sorry for rambling.