Reviews for Life Repeated (WIP)
uss71832 chapter 7 . 2/23/2013
Who knew? Wish my guy had been so understanding when I was pregnant./
shadewatcher chapter 7 . 1/5/2013
Sqweeee! This part is soo adorable. Poor Uly though, ouch! Heh, noticed this one isn't listed as complete, can't wait to see how it ends. _ Love happy endings. Will be waiting for more.
Kusa chapter 6 . 5/9/2012
Oh man, after the cliffhanger of chapter 5, I was really on edge, you really have a way with reeling in the readers.

Hope the rest of the story is just as amazing as what I've read so far.
Draculella chapter 3 . 2/23/2011
Oh so tantalizing! Your dangling a carrot in front of my nose here. We know who the bad guy is, we know he has Feral and kid and T-Bone thankfully has a tracker on him. Then you go and end the chapter! Wa-ah-hah! Whoever invented the cliffhanger needs to be shot post haste. Then drawn and quartered. Next chappie please? Pretty please?
Draculella chapter 2 . 2/6/2011
You wouldn't by any chance have the next chapter of this would you? I want to find out what happens, you've left us a lovely little cliffhanger right at the 'oh s**t' spot. Update? Please?
Fafa Fai chapter 2 . 10/4/2009
oh oh this is not good, poor Feral.
shadewatcher chapter 2 . 9/23/2009
Whoa! 0_o i can see this is gonna get intense really fast. poor Uly, how's he gonna ge tout of this one. can't wait to see what happens next. will be waiting.
missfae chapter 2 . 9/23/2009
Yay, a new story. I love all your writings, but my heart's desire is pregnant Feral/Chance. I can't wait to find out who this Kat is and what he has planned for Feral. Also, what his reaction is going to be to Kiara.

And Chance... I look forward to more. Hugs...
Jovianokami chapter 2 . 9/23/2009
This dose not go well. Chance is going to scraed and angry that such thing happen to Feral and Kiara. I hope Feral can up with a way to get Kiara to safty.
Jovianokami chapter 1 . 9/22/2009
Sweet, a other part of your great stories. So were is this going? And is the kitten going to be a tom or a other little she-kat?