Reviews for Personas Shattered
deaddragon95 chapter 4 . 10/14/2012
continue please
Syynistyre chapter 4 . 6/4/2012
Doom Marine 54 chapter 1 . 4/1/2012
Cliched angsty Naruto who has nothing to do with the actual one check, over abundance of cursing meant to compensate for lack of wit on the authors part, OOC character bashing, and glorification of rape due to authors own inability to land a date with the opposite sex (I can tell since you basically dressed tayuya likpe a hooker. Your content is the worst type of popular tripe, , you attempt to win simpathy through a long winded whine fest on your profile, and you use every possible cliche associated with "dark fics", you are a terrible author.
SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan chapter 2 . 3/30/2012
was naruto a virgin or not? if so who
SSJ3 Kyuubi Gohan chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
aww so sad at the end... also yay more sakura bitchiness ... great (sarcasm btw)
MizoreShirayukiFan chapter 2 . 6/4/2011
I don't condone rape but this is fanfiction so who gives a flying fuck. Its good story and I happen to like it. Also, don't forget to replace that big ol' note with the actual Chapter 3.
Colorful Mephistopheles chapter 3 . 5/25/2011
update please!

I begging you!

This story is just that good.
Goldrune09 chapter 2 . 9/12/2010
holy shit...I absolutely loved the lemon scene at the end but the overall storyline needs to be expanded upon.
RustKnight chapter 3 . 8/23/2010
Are you going to finish this?
Majestic Star Arceus chapter 2 . 7/22/2010
Damn Naruto Is Just So Damn Indescribable while I Don't like rape This naruto Is A Plus in my book
Graypdrink chapter 3 . 5/8/2010
not bad
spedclass chapter 1 . 3/5/2010
Awesome chapter keep up the good work and update soon!
ForeverFallen76 chapter 3 . 2/7/2010
Yeah! I went to a crappy high school and I haven't returned to college after my first year due to health reasons. I use to read Greek mythology for the simple reason that I found it fascinating! On that note, the names Orestes and Sartre sound vaguely familiar, but in the words of a respected lazy ass, its "too troublesome" to look up to refresh my memory. Later.
ForeverFallen76 chapter 2 . 2/7/2010
Well, that was slightly brutal and obscene. Okay, it was really brutal. Though, I do see the allure of Sexual Dominance, (from dominating to being dominated), but I couldn't stomach doing that to a woman. Anyway, I'll give you credit for having the shear audacity to write that entire scene

out as vividly as you did. I wonder though, if Sakura watched of even witnessed just the final results of Naruto's "Information Gathering" abilities? Cause you know damn well, (obviously), that she'd go screaming to Kakashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and then the council to see him stripped of his rank and thrown in jail, like the "good" little pink-haired Howler-Monkey. You'd think she was an outcast from Sarutobi's Primate

Summons! Alas, I digress, onto the next chapter...Later!

PS. I am truly against any form of rape, even roll playing is very difficult to do; for the simple reason as "what-if" the fantasy became a little too real? You know? On the other hand, its hard to tell your girlfriend "No" when she wants cuddle; let alone denying her of her stress release, in any of the forms she likes, would be extremely hazardous to my health! LOL! Later.
ForeverFallen76 chapter 1 . 2/7/2010
I have got to hand it to you, I really like how Naruto and Co. are being portrayed! I'm a little curious as to what Naruto's mission, his true strength, and knowledge is. I suppose that's the point, to make us blue-balled in anticipation to figure out what happened between Naruto and the pink-haired howler-monkey. Also, if I grew up in a manner similar to Naruto's, than I'd be a little dark and sadistic too. For those few who saw me as a person and are true friends and confidants, I'd be fiercely loyal to. To the point of razing a village to the ground to protect or avenge them. Later.
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