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Mouse-size-Dragon chapter 91 . 2/27
This was epic and awesome. But also tedious about halfway through and I almost gave up so many times after about the 40th chapter. It, by the end, maybe strayed so far from canon that it was annoying at times. While I thought, in the beginning, that Zuko's creativeness in bending hot water and hot sand/dirt and even hot air/burning stuff in the air was cool and relatively believable (in the context of an AU and all) and that all elements being able to heal was totally legit and awesome, the whole two element benders thing was perhaps a bit far. Also so many original characters to keep track of. Like wow, this was an ambitious project. And I salute you for attempting it and completing it. All in all it was pretty darn good (and I'm favoriting it so that should tell you something; even though I had issues with some of it/getting through some of it I still over all liked it).
muchachomomo chapter 90 . 2/24
aaahhhh this is the third time I finished reading this! I can't believe it's been more than a year since this finished, when I started reading this I think I was only in 6th or 7th grade and I didn't get all of the references you made. Reading it again it makes much more sense and I enjoy it more as I keep rereading :)

I would post this on the last chapter but it won't let me cuz I already left a review on chapter 91
Ashcrow Knight chapter 91 . 2/22
Pwease, tell me that Toph, in the future, tries to tame the a certain Dragon, named Zuko?
Magpie bullen chapter 91 . 2/21
This has to be one of the best, if not the best stories I have ever read. It is incredibly long and complex with numerous different factions and characters. It is amazing. These complexities make the story whole. I personally think that if it did not start out so intertwined to ATLA, this would be a book that I would happily buy. This is an impressive piece and I loved reading it.
Nihil Asara chapter 33 . 2/17
Not loving Langxue. Concept of the reincarnation suddenly being activated and the character himself to a degree. Feels too easy. Any chance he gets randomly hit by a meteor in a chapter or two and dies before he derails the plot?
littlemelonatplay chapter 91 . 2/16
My ghost is writing this after dying of laughter. I cannot believe Aang told Koh to "go to your room!" Speaking of, spirits are cool (though destructive) and I always thought it was weird for there to be so few outbreaks of them for the Avatar to handle. I like what you've theorized and put together. It makes much more sense for Spirits to cross over more often than portrayed in canon.

There have been many epic lines, developments, thoughts, and ideas in this. The way you've woven this story together has been so phenomenal. I truly don't think I can express how much fun I've had reading this (which I've done any spare moment I've had this past week). Zuko was always my favorite character from AtLA so this story made me very happy.

The character development in this was fantastic as well. My favorite aspect had to be that you showed that truly understanding people takes time (some people take longer than others), which you captured wonderfully here.
MillionDollarNinja chapter 91 . 2/16
I finished it. I finally finished it... It took me a year! A year because I took a break and waited! Omg the ending just drove me to tears and it probably me being just over emotional but gosh damn it this was a work of art! Brava! Thank you for such an amazing journey, Thank you thank you! Though just one question, what are the little girls names?
ZettaG514 chapter 91 . 2/16
An absolutely phenomenal work. I would love to see it continued in an Stargate crossover. SG1's reactions to bending would be hilarious. I would also love to see the next generation and the new relationship dynamic between Azula and Zuko. My sister and I were never as homicidal as the two of them, but I can understand where Zuko's coming from in regards to Azula. Also, I noticed that Shih and Gyate are based on Kenshin Himura and Kaoru Kamiya. Ever consider Aang learning the reverse-blade sword like Kenshin used in canon. It'd be funny if he figures out who his birth father is and learns that he can learn to use a sword that won't actually kill anyone. Just saying. Though, I'd love to see Zuko's reaction to learning that everyone's favorite pacifist is the son of the Fire Nation's most prolific assassin. I would love to read some one-shot continuations of the Embers universe. Thank you for all your hard work. It's a masterpiece comparible to The Lord of the Rings.
Miyu Hinamori chapter 22 . 2/13
So wait. Ursa and Ozai are not so distantly related? Ozai is a descendant of Roku?
xXduchessXx chapter 91 . 2/13
I want a paper physical copy of this story. It's a masterpiece. I've beenreading it for years and it gets better every time!
littlemelonatplay chapter 5 . 2/9
I loved the analogies in here and the way you explained fire-bending. The dance aspect was epic
littlemelonatplay chapter 3 . 2/9
Wow. That is the most interesting take on Zuko's Agni Kai with Ozai. It's very unique, subtle, and intriguing. It is heinous to imagine, but Ozai didn't follow any moral code. Looking forward to the next chapter!
Hekateras chapter 81 . 1/31
Gah, I clicked send before I meant to, but continuing: The unbalance being set up between them isn't appealing, and destroys much of Zuko's initial appeal as the underdog with the world against him. Plus, if I had to choose a drinking game theme for this fic, it would be "take a drink every time someone comments in their thoughts or aloud about how scary/hard to kill Zuko is or how impressive it is that he's survived", and "take a drink every time Zuko does a shouty lecture at Aang about something Aang doesn't get that goes on for several paragraphs". By the way, in keeping with the theme of the fic, I should think that Zuko wasn't in the right to shun Aang like that, since Zuko isn't of Air, and that there should be consequences for that. Maybe you do introduce them later on, but I've only got ten chapters more to go and it's been getting harder and harder to get through them. The revelation of Zuko being a waterbender was kind of wasted, imho - a major appeal of it early on was blurring the lines between nations and serving to illustrate a point of being Not That Different, and that could've helped knock through the black and white morality of some characters, but what's the point of Katara finding out about it when she *already* feels bad for nearly killing him by mistake and is already questioning her motives?

I'm going to finish this fic because I've been reading since you were only on chapter 45, but the approaching climax is shaping up to be nowhere as fun as I'd hoped it to be. At this point I'm reading to see how you'll tie it all up, and for less central characters like Azula. Most of the more central characters are just a little too quick to empathise with Zuko despite little to no emotional investment in him, and it's been getting more and more grating to the point where the chapters are a chore to make it through. Suki trying to be the voice of reason but Sokka cutting her off was kind of sadly ironic. Aang's mistakes are milked for what they're worth, even ones that weren't even an issue in canon, like him breaking his promise to be a prisoner way back at the beginning, but Zuko's mistakes and the things he's done aren't treated with the same kind of moral complexity.
Hekateras chapter 81 . 1/31
Nghhh. I love this story for the worldbuilding and the much more indepth handling of morality - or rather, the *realistic* handling of morality as opposed to the children's show that straight up pretends that as long as no x_x face is visible, the random soldier's still alive. I've followed this fic for a while (though I took a break from reading it for a time, and now came back to finish it), I've recommended your fic to a friend, I really enjoy the focus on spirits (which was lacking in the show imho) and the essence of bending, Teo and the others becoming airbenders was a great and logical touch. I liked Aang's way of going about things being challenged and Katara's extremely black and white morality being addressed. I enjoy the idea of yaoren even though it's a little out there, at least initially I did. Did I mention I love the worldbuilding? Your research and the insight into different cultures and technologies and how geography and trade and realities of location and resources have shaped culture and customs and history are nothing short of fascinating.

Buuuut here come the buts. All good things are good in moderation. Canon's dorky and takes-himself-too-seriously Zuko who was also at times genuinely badass and scary determinator Zuko? That's what millions of viewers fell in love with, and for good reason: he's appealing, well-written, and the writing was balanced. And I truly feel that the balance was present earlier on in this fic, but gets hopelessly lost later on. Taken separately, none of the incidents that bother me are noteworthy, but it's what happens when they get added together. It's simply that so many worldbuilding elements and reimagining of canon events and introduction of OCs and their personalities have coincided to create a Zuko who's supposedly not powerful or lucky but has everyone from other characters to literal dragons and their entire extended clans to ghosts to the entire spirit world care way, way too much about his wellbeing and obsess over him, to the point where events keep just happening to line up in such a way that when Aang wrongs Zuko, like when he was fighting mindbent-Katara, it is milked for the maximum possible drama and shame value for them and rubbed in their faces by every possible character and even a random boiling lake spirit until Zuko graciously shows up to save them despite them nearly killing him. It's just... uncomfortable, because it sets the relationship between them up as Aang basically owing Zuko a thousand apologies and favours and never being able to hope to make it right no matter what he does, while Zuko can do no wrong.
TheBraveGallade chapter 91 . 1/30
Just wow.
I'm at a loss of words to describe this fic.
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