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SoulWeaver Balinia chapter 91 . 5/23
Please. Do the Stargate story. Would that be Atlantis or SG-1? If you don't, I'm tempted to do it for you.
bookgirl18 chapter 91 . 5/22
Would you please write more, a continuation of what happened after the war? I want to see people's reaction to Sokka being a heir, and Jia being an ambassador, and how Azula would run the Fire Nation. I would like to see how Zuko and Toph would get together, and her parents reaction to a marriage proposal from a Lord. I would like to see Hakoda's reaction to Sokka being heir to a Fire Lord, instead of runner up for the Southern Water Tribe's Chieftain. I also want to know how Dragon's Wings looks like, and how the SWT has been rebuilt. I want to see the political ramifications to Dragon's Wing, with the mixing of the nations. I want to see it work out practically, like would an earth bender be subject to an Agni Kai, or how it works out with Zuko being a water-bender as well.

Could you please please please write a sequel? I don't care if it takes forever, and I know that you've moved on and have a real life, and can't write for fun all the time, but, as always with a really good writer, I want more than what I was given. I have the bad habit of wanting to know everything about the characters, from the moment of their birth to their death, and every moment in between, and I love your characters. Shirong, Temul, and Teruko are amazing, and I want to know more of their lives after the War, and what happens with Keui.

I love your story! I've read it at least three times, and I keep finding new details every time I read it, and I love how everything is connected. I love the politics, and the culture clashes, and how each nation has its own binding value. I like how they are able to be used together, if people can understand the other's values, like the Wen clan and how the Yukame and Lu-Shan got along, by finding the balance between their values.
bookgirl18 chapter 81 . 5/21
Could you write a continuation, with the confrontation between Temul and Hakoda, and Sokka visiting Azula, or Jia visiting Azula for diplomacy, and the Fire nobles going nuts?
Guest chapter 91 . 5/18
I have just one question: what happens when Piandao kicks the bucket? Would he have a Fire Nation heir by then, or would Sokka get stuck with it? Because I don't know if that's a good idea for a Water Tribe boy...
VJ Riddle chapter 9 . 5/13
Every time I read this chapter - I imagine Zuko's thoughts on Azula's potential offspring, and can't help but snicker in sympathy. Reread this fic again and again and just love it more, thanks for posting!
Killua Zoldyck chapter 35 . 5/10
Just wanted to let you know something; in Japanese, 'in the direction of the field,' using your words, would actually be 'nohara no hou e.' No is a possessive article in the same order as 's, and e is a direction indicator thingy. Nohara is field, and hou is direction - nohara no hou. Add e, and you have 'in the direction of the field.'
I never actually thought about the words before, but I realized this time that it was a bit off. Sorry... And yes, I have read this entire story multiple times. This is my fourth. Yay. It's ruining my productivity and I'm not even sorry.
EbonyWing chapter 90 . 5/9
Brilliant, fantastic, amazing story!
I just don't have the words to do justice to something this epic!
I just love it. So. Much! XD
Shawn45 chapter 29 . 5/6
This story is really well written and is a great read, but I'm going to stop here.

It's been bugging me ever since Katara had such a severe reaction towards Zuko when she was with him under the city, but I stuck with it in hopes that you'd ease up on it later, but it just gets worse as it goes on. I HATE how you're writing the Avatar and his friends in this - they're coming off as hopelessly naive and borderline idiotic, and it's driving me insane. They weren't this petty and childish in the show! Katara actually did listen to Zuko in the show when she was down under the city, even offering to heal him! They didn't start actively hating Zuko as much as they do in this until he betrayed them and his uncle by siding with Azula at the end of season two!

Another issue I'm having is how you're portraying the Fire Nation and more specifically Zuko in this. It's as if he can do no wrong - he's always in the right because he's honorable and loyal to a fault. Contrasting this is Aang and his friends, and you always keep portraying their actions as wrong and horrible, the battle at the North Pole, stealing the scroll, and so on. What makes it even worse is that you made up an entire story regarding Kyoshi and how much of a monster she was to build even more sympathy for the Fire Nation, and it's driving me nuts. Are Azula and Ozai going to be revealed to just be corrupted by evil spirits that the Avatar brought into the world? Is there going to be a scene in a future chapter where Bumi is seen slaughter innocent people?

It's like Nightmares of the Future's Past - another story that's well written, but the author also went out of his way to portray Snape in a terrible light and make him go WAY overboard because the author disliked him so much.

You claim it's not character bashing, but it's really coming across as such, and that's one of my least favorite things in a story.
The Dolma chapter 91 . 5/4
This was beautiful! Thank you for making such a great piece! Im amazed with the amount of detail that you mannaged to add in!
GauriGanga chapter 52 . 5/4
GauriGanga chapter 49 . 5/2
Its Sanskrit and Hindi mixed, isn't it?
Evani chapter 91 . 5/1
I've adored reading this. I've spent every waking minute for the last week trying to read this all, and let me tell you, it was a terrible I idea to star up so late xD worth it though. Thank you so very much for writing this. I truly appreciate all the work you seem to go into for the research, and I'm honestly really glad I don't have to wait for updates xD I love you did characterizations, and how you dealt with how these things would have gone down in the real world. Anyway, truly adore your writing, and for once I'm totally shopping Toph and Zuko, though I'm really curious as to who Azula would have found worthy to be consort
Jeremiah Bull chapter 1 . 4/30
This is obviously the best Avatar fanfiction ever written.

But Vathara, you deserve credit not for that, but for making a slight alternate-universe that both makes more sense and is more entertaining than the original plotline/world dynamics.

Plus, you do a great job with Zuko. His character totally gets screwed over for lazy plot purposes by the end of book two (character development right out the window). Thanks for fixing that without doing something like making this all about forbidden romance with Katara or some other unimaginative thing.

On that note, also great job with Toph-Zuko dynamics. I could go on and on about what you did right, and I will later, and end this by begging you to write a chapter for Scarlet and Black. I know you could make a truly awesome story from that well reasoned premise and I want to read it. I want to read it very badly and I can't be the only one.
circumstancesRirrelevant15 chapter 91 . 4/30
Wow..just wow... This story is amazing and I love it! You write amazingly and I absolutely love the way you wrote the characters, and the whole story itself was awesome -
CharmGirl24 chapter 91 . 4/30
It was a certainly epic in length and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Usually a story this long you would have lost my interest halfway through however your portrayal of the characters was so captivating. I adore Zuko and how far the story progresses from him chasing after the Avatar to discovering his healing abilities and breaking his loyalty to finally founding his own domain where every element could coexist. Aang is alot more fortunate than Zuko and he's rarely had to face the consequences for his actions and the cartoon was all very convenient glossing over the implications of the damage he wrecked as an Airbending monk. Azula and Shidan were among my favs I think Azula is scary and evil and ruthless, but I would like to think she isnt a lost cause in the cartoon and given better circumstances she could have seen beyond her own benefit and assumed true loyalty to her ppl. I wish there was a continuation I would love reading about Zuko's adventures as a great name I mean things will never be dull around him and I think his friendship with Toph was a highlight for me in this fic. You are obviously a very talented writer and think this story is even more fantastic than canon. Brilliant job!
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