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randomdork11 chapter 91 . 10/16
First to anyone who is reading this to decide if you should read this fanfic, do it! This is an amazing story and very different from any other fanfic I've ever read. It's worth it, I promise. There will be spoilers in the next paragraphs, read at your own risk.

To the writer, if you ever actually see this review. I loved this story. It feels like your story instead of just Good fan fiction. You knocked it out of the park. Now that I've got that off my chest I did want to add some constructive criticism. Not in a way that you should take as me saying you did a bad job, but just from one writer to another.

You are an amazing world builder and your writing improves so much from the beginning to the end of this story. You handle battles beautifully and your characters were very well rounded. But I feel like you had too many moving parts. Too many bad guys I guess. If you had left out Makoto as a bad guy and just made her a flashback like Kuzon, I feel as if there would have been less happening. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a good character for the story.

You said you had a hard time writing Aang and I could tell. He went on too many tangents of the same nature and didn't learn until the end. Unlike Zuko who was growing in some areas, but didn't have any faults in his character. Sometimes we get so into a character that we forget to make them human. Zuko had a temper and he could act too quickly at times, but he had no real faults by the end. Even though his character did grow from beginning to end. I'd advise balancing all characters well here. You created such rich extra characters, but sometimes at the expense of the original cast, like katana and aang. But I freaking adore what you did Azula!

You're so talented, but at times we all get rushed. I'm sure by chapter 91 you were really ready to be done with this story. But it felt like the end was very rushed. You spent so much time and build up for this huge climax and it didn't really live up to everything. My advice is to preserve at the end and not get in too much of a hurry.

The last thing I'd say is that sometimes you imply things or have a character think something and the reader has no idea what's going on. I do this all the time. It's something I struggle with because I have it all laid out and I think it's obvious what I'm implying, but the readers don't get it. My advice would be to have someone outside your story to proof read everything. If they don't get something, make it plain.

That being said, I loved your story and I'm recommending it to everyone. You are so talented and I can't wait to read more of your work. I really hope you keep doing what you're doing, because you could really take your writing skills somewhere if you haven't already.
Wowza48 chapter 91 . 10/13
welp. All I can say is if Korra's still the next Avatar, the world's going to be very, very different than in the show, that you did a great job writing this, and it was a glorious past few days reading this. Thank you for the wonderful experience.
Mr yo chapter 91 . 10/10
I read this in a period of 4 days, so pardon me if I have gotten a few details mixed up.
This was an amazing read and quite rightly so the most favorited piece in the fandom. Your writing style is delightfully simple and completely unobtrusive when it comes to conveying the plot. The amount of detail and research that must go into it is quite inspirational, from the mention of As2S4 in chapter one to the interaction between the 4 nations before Kiyoshi was pretty realistic as well.
You also managed to make the characters feel more like people with real prejudices and biases instead of cardboard cutouts created just to further the plot. Katara was more than an altruistic, goody two shoes love-interest. Iroh was more than an omniscient, benevolent tea enthusiast and even the effect Aang’s airbender upbringing had on him was very well depicted. All this after the creators did a fabulous job on them all ready.
Even your original characters had great depth and received good attention and development. They were people, not Gary/Mary sues.
I also liked how no one was completely in the white. There were consequences of the actions of Kiyoshi and Roku and even the Gaang and that’s how it should be, I mean look at the Treaty of Versailles. The greatest minds of the time got together to write it and at the time of its inception it was nothing but just and prudent, but it was a reason why the wronged ended up turning to fascist dictators in their grief and spite. The air monks were portrayed to be the embodiment of all that is good and holy, but no culture survives without taking up arms, just look at the warrior buddhist monks of Korea or the Comanche people of America. Both of them are thought as righteous people living in harmony with themselves and nature. They still took up arms and fought when wronged.
The only weak point I felt that this work had was perhaps the ending. After 90 chapters of a rollercoaster I was expecting something more…

Thank you for writing this and best wishes
Ginnya chapter 90 . 10/9
So. I failed to review the last two chapters right after reading. Partially because i couldn't figure out what tp say.

I love the way Aang dealt with Koh. Especially because it was too simple but it worked.
I also like that Iroh got to see what Zuko had to face. Not conquering a place but keeping it together.
DeathLadyShinigami chapter 1 . 10/7
Just stopping by after week long reread number ? (I’ve read this fic so many times I’ve lost count lol). This is still THE greatest fic I’ve ever read and it’s been 8 yrs since you started posting this and nearly 4 yrs since its completion. Thank you so much for this fantastic work!
YorkyOnTheRun chapter 91 . 10/5
This truly was a marvellous read. One of the best fanfics I've read, truly. It was slow paced yet never seemed boring. It carefully constructed an AU that was both believable and an incredible dad on and diversion from the original series. I swept through the entire book in five. days. straight. I lost maybe a bit of sleep clinging into the chapters but... I mean; I don't regret any of it! This was just so great and I can't wait to read more from your collection!
Gillome chapter 91 . 10/4
I adore your fic. It's the second time I read it, and just like a good book, it gets better the more times you read it! ) Your world construction it's astonishing as is your attention to detail and your take on the characters. I can honestly say, I wish you make a sequel!
Ginnya chapter 89 . 10/3
And the firelord is dead. Long live the firelord.
Ginnya chapter 88 . 10/3
Go Aang. Tell the old geezers what they needed to hear.
Ginnya chapter 87 . 10/3
There there Zuko. It will be ok.
Ginnya chapter 86 . 10/3
This. Yes. Azula when she is focused and determined vut not crazy and protecting what is hers. Im so glad glad you are giving her the "redemption" she deserves.
Ginnya chapter 85 . 10/3

I'm glad Aang had the time and peace to finaly realise these things.
It is ok to be pacifist and to seek solutions that do not include violence, but to do that one needs to stop and think what these solutions can be.
Ginnya chapter 84 . 10/3
Iroh no. Just no. Some battles are meant to ve fought by those who want to fight them. And hypocrisy much? You wouldn't face your own brother but expect Zuko to do it? In this I'm with Pakku.
Ginnya chapter 83 . 10/3
Oooh boy. The mess is starting to both tangle and unravel.
Ginnya chapter 82 . 10/3
Iroh, you are meddling. And maybe it's high time you stopped? Maybe? I knoe you are used to being the authority but... Zuko is the Lord? Oh this is going to be such a mess.
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