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darthvader042 chapter 6 . 12/1
i saw that star wars reference i see you loving the story so far
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 91 . 11/22
Cute story. It was nice.
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 90 . 11/22
Damn, Fire Lord and The Dragon got nerfed hard. In canon The Fire Lord just pointed his hand in a direction during the Day of The Comet and everything ceased to be there. Trees, land, water, etc. Gone in a wave of heat.

The Fire Lord and A Dark Dragon said to be as strong as a Fire Lord couldn't even barbeque a tiny little nation of like 50 people? That's wild to me. They got nerfed hard for the plot.

Still a good story though. Just reads like a comic book or anime plot. "This character is the strongest around and the protagonist can't even hope to match them, until they face the protagonist at a time when we need them to win dramatically."
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 88 . 11/22
"Zuko has no way of winning this and won't finish off his father. He's lacking in power, lacking in numbers, and lacking in willingness to actually fight the enemy. His allies are about to be slaughtered but he has a thin thin thin chance of surviving. Let's introduce an evil spirit dragon that's stronger than the fire lord they already have no chance against, that sounds like a good ideaAuthor

Mate, just kill off Zuko at this point. There's no way he survives this without plot armor.
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 85 . 11/22
Iroh offered up Zuko like a sacrificial lamb with his prayers. Turned him into a catalyst for change, and is now confused by the changes in his nephew that continue to occur. He made him into this with his actions, regardless of intent. The spirits take their tithe.

I love it. Great chapter.
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 82 . 11/22
This is a good story. If somewhat confusing at times.

Communication and understanding are great skills to have, but some of the characters aren't the best at it. Great story, regardless.
Dasgun chapter 1 . 11/21
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 50 . 11/21
Ayyyy lmao. Azula is finding out what it's like to be Zuko.
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 47 . 11/21
I really hope that Shidan doesn't die for Azula. It'd be such a copout.

The spooky antagonist surviving while you kill off an actually likeable character? I hope it doesn't happen.
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 47 . 11/21
I really hope this dragon kills both Ty Lee and Azula. They deserve nothing less.

They'll probably be saved by plot armor though.
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 46 . 11/20
Why does Zuko want to save Azula or love her? You'd think he'd be smarter.
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 38 . 11/20
Zuko should have killed Ty Lee and Azula when he had the chance. I hope there's a lot of suffering in his future now.

Just so he can see why he shouldn't have let them go. He can turn the rain into fire, but he'll never be able to stop his sister non-lethally. Unless you decide to have "plot" intervene.

I wonder how Katara will feel about Zuko when she realises he had a chance to stop what's about to happen to the water tribes. I hope it leads to more drama, since that's what this story is. Drama, Drama, and nothing actually getting done.
Terracotta Tortilla chapter 36 . 11/20
Please please please just kill Ty Lee already. Either her or Azula, fucking hell.

Zuko rants about the Avatar not being willing to kill and then he just continues letting those 2 live. They are his biggest threats, yet he will continue to let them live.

I hope Azula kills someone he cares about, just so he becomes aware of consequences. She hates him, she wants to kill him, and he's too weak to do anything about it. It's pathetic.

A child clinging to the notion that "family doesn't hurt each other", meanwhile he's continuously speared in the back by his sister. A very smart character you've made. He really learns from his mistakes, not.
NarutoAdmirer21 chapter 90 . 9/11
Oh and also, introspection and politics aside, the fights were awe-inspiring
Zuko's flaming kick when he was fighting the spirit that appeared after the pregnant woman was killed by her family
The whole haima-jiaou fight was fantastic - the visuals I was imagining with your descriptions were beautiful
And the way Zuko's face was lit up for a second just before he killed all those Earth Kingdom soldiers who were trying to kill everyone in Dragons' Wings - it was like the instant before disaster and it was just so foreboding and intense
NarutoAdmirer21 chapter 91 . 9/11
Wow, it feels like it's been ages since I first started reading this fic and it feels so strange having finally finished it!
It's crazy looking back and seeing just how much has happened in this fic, especially when I think back to how far Zuko has come since the beginning
It was so much fun seeing him form relationships with people in Ba Sing Se, from Amaya and Shirong to the Wen family and Huojin's family - and they all had such different bonds with him, which made this so much more interesting
And looking back, he was so untrusting and paranoid of the people around him - the fact he grew to trust them in such a natural way feels so wonderful now
Also, the bond Zuko and Asahi had was so wonderful - I felt awful when the poor kid had to leave Asahi before entering Ba Sing Se and it put a massive grin on my face when Asahi popped back into the story again
And speaking of entrances that made me gasp out loud, Zuko walking up to the Gaang to help out after surviving a near-death experience definitely made me do that - and I adored the fact that you actually foreshadowed it with Sokka saying Zuko was probably dead cos he hadn't shown up drenched yet because you describing a soaked person walking up to them made it so clear it was him
And while Katara and Aang definitely had a very rough time trying to figure out who to trust and what the right thing to do was (there were a lot of points in the fic where I felt especially bad for these two cos even if they made mistakes, they were kids and were honestly trying their best - and you showed both sides of the story wonderfully), Aang deciding not to go into Dragons' Wings made me so proud of him and Katara has come so far from when she argued with Zuko in the catacombs under Ba Sing Se - and I'm so glad everything ended in such a lovely way
And it was so clear how much Iroh and Zuko loved each other throughout the fic and I am so incredibly glad they managed to figure things out between them and Iroh was able to see how much Zuko had grown
(Oh, and I adored the A/N about Aang deserving the chance to save the world his way and Zuko getting to save his part of it)
And this fic was so massive that I know for a fact I haven't even started to touch all the bits I loved about this, especially all the little moments between characters (like Zuko and Sokka snickering together, the trust Zuko and Toph as well as Zuko and Shirong felt for each other, that wonderfully complex relationship between Zuko and Azula or the fact Ozai died the way he did, in a quiet and gruesome way that no one would ever know about, in complete opposition to his quest for power and glory)
This fic was so introspective and character-driven and I loved being able to see the perspectives of each of the characters and why they felt they way they did cos it made it so much easier for me to put myself in their shoes
And I'm amazed at how you managed to keep me hooked for so long - despite how long the fic was, you managed to keep the tension up for such a long time and I honestly couldn't stop reading
But more than that, it's so clear how much time and effort you put into this - not just the time it took to word things in a way that told the story beautifully, which is amazing in and of itself, but you've thought so much about world building and the lore around this world and it's so clear how much effort you put into figuring out details from siege strategies to even little details like plants and airships and I appreciated every bit of it - and I loved reading the A/Ns you added to the chapters (I learned a lot of fascinating things from that - things that still stick out in my mind include the one about cannibalism and dolphin violence and the one about the German soldier who was seen as a good man despite being on the wrong side of the war)
I absolutely loved reading this!
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