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Guest chapter 30 . 7/3
Katara is... Ugh... Such a hypocritical brat. She needed a good strong father figure to yell at her but he was at war. Zukos suffered far worse and he's way better, he actually faces his problems, by himself, not by manipulation. That's why I like Zuko, Toph, and even Sokka, they face their problems. Aang and Katara do not, any relationship between them is doomed to fail. Canon seems like such a last minute decision. I feel like Katara thinks he's too childish but he's a powerful bender, even without a grasp on reality or a backbone at times, that's why she goes with Aang's childish crush
Thaliran chapter 91 . 7/4
I loved it. its so comlicated and realistic.
Thaliran chapter 47 . 7/3
Love the story, but what i truly loved was the description on crrosover genetic traits as the ecplenations of Zuko and Azula. I can see the logic in it now, see where the mental unstability came from. after all there is psykophats and functional psycophats. I cant remember the ilnes now, but some people are totaly focused on one thing to exlude everything else. could describe sozins line that.
muchachomomo chapter 72 . 7/1
I'm baaack :) Reading this for the...5th time I think? or was it the 4th? I can't remember. But results were worth it. DEFINITELY worth it :)

Now I probably should have waited until tomorrow to get this far, it's currently 3:46 AM and I have to go to work in 5ish hours...totally worth it.
Reiko x 3 chapter 91 . 7/1
...A Stargate tie in? Really?! ...Well I suppose Tingzhe and Daniel meeting might be interesting. O'Neill would probably get along fairly well with Zuko in the whole 'the universe is out to get me' thing. (I've watched SG-1. I've picked up that Jack feels that way sometimes. SG-1's luck is like that.) Teal'c...will probably just enjoy being around honorable warriors. Maybe trade battle tales. Sam might just end up being the odd one out. Though she might drive herself nuts trying to equate bending with that'd keep her occupied...unless this is post Anubis SG-1. then I have know idea how the newbies would work out. Kind of lost interest in the series after O'Neill left the team and stopped watching. Kind of regretting it. I've read things about what happens later...and I am /interested/. Might have to kype my brother's DVDs... Still sad the story is over. I know it's been over for a while, and I've read this story through at least 5 times since. It just took me a while to come up with a half decent review. What a ride though. I can see this working out in the canon universe. It almost works better in some ways. Ozai never quite fit with me as a good final villain. Koh, on the other hand, was set up perfectly as a potential threat. He had the perfect balance of courteousness and sheer unapologetic malice that makes such a fascinating villain... Don't know why the show's creator's didn't go that way, but oh well. Still enjoy it. Right. Need to get to the point. Ahem. This story is probably my favorite Avatar fic ever. I love the way you took the stuff canon hinted at and developed it further. I love the added depth and complexity to both cultures and characters. I love the plot twists. I love how much research you put into this because it makes the story /work/. Best of all: you never add anything that is not, in some way, relevant later in the story. Everything. Matters. That is good writing. Love it. Also the characters. Very little OOC behavior and what little there is makes sense in context. Brilliant! Love the story. Love your writing. Will never stop reading this so long as it is on the site. It is that good. Also enjoy many of your other works. Upon a Fiery much awesome...
NoisySpirit chapter 91 . 6/30
Woah! I love this story and I am so happy it finally reached its end! Well... I will still miss wanting it to update ! Gonna re read this to beginning to end and get hyped all over! *Clapping* & *Cheering*
Drakonflight chapter 27 . 6/28
It occurs to me that if this AU is as you describe, Sozin may not have been all that crazy. His war may have had a kind of logic behind it. As the Firelord, he was obviously highly educated, especially in history. He knew about the Darkest Day, and that the Fire Nation needed to fight or they'd eventually explode. Taking Earth Kingdom colonies probably seemed like a good way to let off steam from the pressure cooker that was the Fire Nation, and share their nations wealth (Sozin actually says this, when sharing his plan with Roku). But it also might have been a kind of date to the Avatar, a "see, your plan isn't working, you should let us go back to fighting each other. I wouldn't be surprised if Sozin thought Roku would choose the pacifist route rather than fight his lifelong friend. It would also help explain why Sozin didn't want to talk to Roku; he was ticked that Sozin didn't abolish the monarchy, and Roku was mad that Sozin was still letting off steam the only way he knew how by taking colonies.
A Heretical Bacchant chapter 18 . 6/27
I think I'm giving up. Everyone keeps raving about this fic, but it just bores me.
A Heretical Bacchant chapter 15 . 6/27
Zuko is TERRIBLE at keeping secrets. Just awful.
A Heretical Bacchant chapter 14 . 6/27
Aang didn't kill the men who he dumped into the water. The human tolerance for cold seems to be much higher.
A Heretical Bacchant chapter 13 . 6/27
1. You're really losing me with all the 'let's feel bad for Zuko; he's had a hard life' pity parties.
2. I don't like the abundance of OCs.
3. The child of a dragon? Come on...
4. Why would the Avatar force her back to the North Pole? That's just idiotic. What do they think he's going to do exactly? Track down everyone and force them to return to their country of origin? Then, when he finds people borne of parents from two nations he can just rip them in half and leave a half in each nation? The logistics alone make this fear ridiculous. How will you transport all of those people by force?

The whole thing is feeling very repetitive as well. You've clearly thought this through and done your research, so I'll keep reading, but I'm unimpressed thus far.
libaka chapter 91 . 6/26
This story is utterly brilliant! You have done an amazing amount of research and created a story that I think is better than the original. I'd pay big bucks to see this in theaters if I could! I love what you did with every piece of this. Thank you so much for sharing!
beartes chapter 29 . 6/26
Okay. Chapter 29, I wanted to left you a review on the final chapter, you know all beautifull with whoa and "hey, that was awesome" Teh typicall you put on a story that you enjoyed.
I couldnt stand it.
Your work is genius. I have not see the avatar series. I ended here by sheer luck and because I ship Toko (As siblings, best friends, lovers, dont really care) and because Zuko is one complicated character.
I am austounded. (I think I wrote it right, if not, and if you know Spanish -my mother tongue by the way- Increíble. Fantastico. Único entre todos los que he leído. El mejor que he leído) Truly flabergastered (not sure about that one. Breathless, impressed beyond words. Precioso, profundo y humano.) and I could not stand sitting in front of my cold, shining pant and keeping quiet.
So here it comes:
First of all, most remarcable of all. The planning behind this story, the culture showed, the differents ways of thinking...I have not read all your author notes, I am too impatient for that and I like getting my own conclusion. Other times, Katara-related times, they have been enlighting and incredible. The research showed in just the trible culture, only in that culture of three, are incredible. You put the other three there and I find myself overwhelmed.
I really hope that you are writing professionality - I think I wrote that in the wrong way. Sorry- because all that effort cant be wasting in a site that this. It ought to be in a book. Maybe you think, and this speculating (Please dont be offended) , that you dont have a lot of imagination for an original story. A good story isnt good for being imaginative, its good for being true, relatable and human. So if you havent write yet your own book, and if you have, confratulations, I really believe that you may because you have potential to be great. And not just in a bestseller way. Tolkien based his books on one culure that he studied. Yes, he dedicated his life for that culture, he created a language for his books, an actual language with rules and spelling and pronuntiation. So, if you are really interested in this type of story, and if you live in America or Europe, study the japonese and chinese culture, think about it, from a western trying to see esatern culture and you could find something special.
Next point I would like to congratulate you on this story.
I am sure you have received flames, maybe not well-thought ones, maybe childish ones, maybe some that had made you doubt in your story because of how you make a person react. You have a lot of OCs, you have a lot of people, you have described a world as more of an afterthought ("No, I cannot marry you and hide, my people need me even if I basically spend by your side 24/7 because being near you makes me complete" Mush Mush Mushy Flufff) you have made responsability knonwn. You have put hard truth everywhere and you have made Zuko an heroe of your epic tale.
Maybe your intention wasnt that, maybe it was. I dont really care. But your heroe is classical, human and a lot less selfish he has the right to be (But then, Zuko has ever been selfish. Childish, bad tempered, lost, but not selfish. And he has been a fool to many times) He stumbled, he survived by only wits and little miracles.
And maybe I have think for another perpective after your story, and you influence my views in teh characters. However I do not think that matter much. I see Zuko as the bravest of all. He fights, all the time, about what is wrong and what is right and I want to go home and my father may still love me, if I try hard enough. And he lives with that everyday, and he has to fight other because who he is and because who he isnt. Your Zuko is exceptional, human and I love what you did whith him
Enough of Zuko, lets go with other characters
Katara. She is all heart and you have marked very well that that is not always good. She is a girl with a great lost. She has to grow up too fast and Aang was like childhood returned to her. She knows is wrong to have it, she knows she has to be a grown up but she wants to be a child sooooo much. She not the sweetheart, pure hearted girl Aang thought her as. But she is not bad. She is young, lost, and tired. For one so young to be tired is troubesome.
And the rest of the Gaang...Well I liked how you picture it. Aang flights, Katara cares too much, Sokka learns and Toph listen.
And Azula is so well painted in this picture...
I loved your story. And I cant wait to read more of it. It really makes you think about whats right and wrong. Also, you have put the three causes of human disasters and massacres so well (You know, Ignorance, Indiference and bitterness) Dont know if its really true but masses dont move by hate, thats very personal. It start small, envious and bitter. Then it gets worse. After that you dont care and in reality you never knew. Not really.
After all, a children can be pretty cruel. Innocent, yes, clueless, also. But cruel. Very, very cruel.
Firefox701 chapter 25 . 6/21
Hi, Firefox here, big fan!
So I was reading ( ahem. RE-reading. Don't judge. ) this chapter, and I have a request for the author.
I would LOVE it if you made an AU of this story, of what would have happened if Sokka HAD knocked Zuko on the head and kidnapped him.
I just think it would be very interesting.
... Please don't hate me.
Anonymous chapter 62 . 6/19
You know, the level at which Azula and Zuko actually feel like siblings really strikes me in this chapter especially. Incredibly bizarre siblings who probably aren't actually good for each other, but still siblings. He loves his sister as much as he hates her, and is constantly surprising her even as he's completely predictable. And every moment one of them says "Eww" I find ridiculously funny. Just, look! There be a teenager here after all. Above all, they're both just so intriguing in this story. Nothing is straight forward, and that makes both of them so much more interesting, in regards to each other and the world around them. I'm not sure I should want to see Azula, though... she has a habit of making things...difficult.
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