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BlitzkriegAngel chapter 35 . 10/21
I forgot how damn good this story was ... but better than the story are your notes/explanations at the end. Thought-Provoking is the best description I have but that really fails to cover the entirety of how incredible your research for this story and your breakdown of it is. And yeah a pre-teen boy with a repeatable, mystical, non-harmful to self ability to become a WMD ... hell no.
broken5pieces chapter 3 . 10/15
I'm... so confused. I don't understand anything. Like what is even happening?
realfan16 chapter 10 . 10/12
Heavens! this was unexpected. I totally did not see it coming and my arrogance tells me that I technically have read enough to have seen it coming. Amazing fic and I'm still in chapter 10 TT_TT
PsychoLeopard chapter 91 . 10/6
This is stunning. I love the depth you've added to not only the characters but the world. You've given each nation a rich culture that interacts with their element, and obviously done your research. You brought out the flaws in each character without demonizing any of them, which is no small task either. You've also mastered the skill of making your reader go "just one more page, just one more chapter" the whole way through.
Very well done!
Mayapapaya chapter 90 . 10/2
Oof, omg. After 5 days of reading.

Smh. S.M.H.

That was, it was, they were-eyfbhdcbdhd.

Seriously. Omg. I'm freaking still speachless and still reeling. That was an epic ride, really an epic ride. I mean, I was just reading because of a flighty Avatar bend, and it's Zuko's story mostly. And fuck.

This was satisfying in every way possible. World building, Character developmet, characterizations, plotting, the twists, the finished loose ends, and the fucking way you wrote it. Jesus christ.

Embers is beautiful.

I meant to leave a review in AO3 but seeing as i don't have an account. Well.

Anyway, seriously, seriously. This was such a ride. I love it, really really really love it. You made me itch to get a pen and start writing again. Seriously. I love you. For a long time I've shelved it, and well, i don't know reading this struck a chord really.

But, ah, thank you. Anyway, thank you, words cannot express. This story is such a gift. (I'll have to print this up and hardbound it). Thank you.
John smith 117 117 chapter 91 . 9/29
Holy shit, a well written story with an actual ending, is that legal ?
MungoJerry chapter 91 . 9/24
Uraharaisgod chapter 6 . 9/22
Lol yeah Gyatsu was deadly, the room with his skeleton was just filled with dead Firebender armour, and that was while Sozin's Comet was in effect. Only time in the entire series we've seen at least evidence of Airbending in a lethal form. Basically the Iroh of his time.
Ye Lianhua chapter 91 . 9/14
Well. That was a trip and a half.
Good story, fun characters, even (if sideways) development... that was a fun ride.

Now I want a story about Toph staking her claim and ambushing her victi- unwitting spouse.
Amnesia777 chapter 81 . 9/14
I'm loving the character growth for Aang, he's never been my favorite character (mostly because of his naivete), and I kind of hated him a little at the start of this story (his naivete times a thousand, plus the cultural differences made it very difficult to relate to him [possibly the point?but he has and is growing into a genuinely likeable character as he grows and understands more. I truly love your story, especially with all of the thought and research put into it. Thank you for writing this.
s.chalabi422 chapter 91 . 9/8
I read all of this over the span of four days...I have Never, and I mean NEVER, read a fic as amazing and as complex and well thought out as this one. I can't tell you how much I love this fic because I can't even put it into words. All the research you've done, all the storylines following other characters, the beauty of how you wrote this, is incomparable. You wrote a perspective that focuses on accountability and honor and loyalty so perfectly. I'm absolutely in love with this and I thank you immensely for all the time and work you put into it. Thank you for writing something so amazing!
Willowdove chapter 30 . 8/31
I’m revisiting this story since I seem to have left it only partially read in my fanfic app. And I think I see why I didn’t finish it the first time. It’s frustrating how this story keeps absolutely eviscerating Katara and Aang as if they’re completely in the wrong. I don’t think Aang did anything less than heroic when he sacrificed himself for the Southern Water Tribe- and obviously he should have escaped if able because that’s what you DO when you’ve been KIDNAPPED. And Katara may have unresolved resentment towards Fire Nation people, but she’s not a monster without empathy who is going to evilly control other people’s emotions. She blatantly in canon refutes blood bending because she doesn’t think it’s right to reach inside someone like that.

A lot of this world building changes to the story feel forgiving of imperialism and pro-blood superiority also which is... pretty yikes. Like. I get that you want to expand the world but you don’t have to make the Fire Nation right all the time to do it, or make Zuko basically an alternative Avatar in his own right.

It’s a shame really, since your writing just in terms of style is really good. The flow, dialogue, figurative language, its captivating. And this to my knowledge is the “first” Zuko healer fic, which is very interesting conceptually. I want to keep giving this a chance, but admittedly it’s hard to ignore the almost vitriolic biases imbedded...
MasterOfShadows7 chapter 33 . 8/28
I am absolutely loving this story! I have been hooked since chapter 1. All I can say at this point is write a book. I think that it would be a best-seller in no time. Keep up the good work!
MULTIMEDIAMAN chapter 91 . 8/27

I said some words earlier on. I still somewhat stand by them. I think I misunderstood what you meant about Iroh, though, so...

I'll be frank. The payoff was worth it. That finale with our grand big baddy was...quite the story.

I hope I'm misreading that Zutoph implication, but she did pine *hard* for Sokka, and he's...about Zuko's age, isn't he? She did say when she's older, after all.

Battlestar Galactica reference? Not sure what the stone ring means...oh well.

It was a hell of a ride. And I'm glad I went along for it.
Golden Light 001 chapter 64 . 8/27
Remind me of the hero at the ww2 battle the one with the cliff face he saved dozens of men without a weapon even the enemy sometimes if they were alive he found them and delivered them down the cliff face he worked through the night and worked himself to exauhstion. He saved a lot lives without a weapon and lived to make it home.
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