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kaela.martin.1 chapter 47 . 7/21
If you want a fantasy series that incorporates genetics and crossbreeding, you should check out The Hollow Hill.
ashely196 chapter 79 . 7/20
"Rumors of the Avatar's death are greatly exaggerated." Oooh you're even slicker than Zuko slipping in references like that
ashely196 chapter 76 . 7/20
Zuko you sly dog. Tricking Sokka like that. :)
ashely196 chapter 75 . 7/19
lol Sokka's musings reminded me of pokemon

"A wild Avatar has appeared! "
wisejay21 chapter 91 . 7/16
As far as I am concerned canon is dead, long live canon. When someone takes a simple but good story and develops it into an amazing, complex and believable new story, that is so much more than the children's story it was, they are an amazing writer. You have done a fabulous job, re-creating this story into something so much more. So, canon is dead, long live the new canon. By the way, I have read fanfiction for a few years now, but I finally joined just so I could send you a signed review, your story moved me that much.
limonium chapter 91 . 7/14
i read this through my finals (i managed somehow man never doing that again...probably) and god the last few chapters were not good for my heart (i was nervous maybe scared for everybodys lives) i love this story! honestly i think sometimes your writing style gets a bit confusing especially with the non existent page breaks in the earlier chapters but well it was a wonderful ride! though my fav arc was probably the one where everything was still peaceful as possible in ba sing se with zuko not having fun, handling children, learning healing, trying not to break down under stress or embarrassment...err zuko has no luck...right

i admit that to me there are so parts where it could be more fleshed out (or maybe i missed it which is not a surprise) like how do people that zuko protects views him? as a leader? after fong? in general? i mean it doesnt really mention any others aside from the ocs and main characters...(i think?) and wow did aang and katara got annoying in many parts (which is true to their character honestly) but toph was badass i love her so much and sokka made me tear up a few times...hes so underrated...i wish you would write a sequel even just for a glimpse of what everyones doing several years later or something... i would love seeing dragons wings flourish under zukos rule (insert proud mom tears here)

(also is that a subtle shirong/teruko and toph/zuko there or are my shipping glasses glued to my head?)

...coughs anyways i enjoyed this story much! thank you! (please ignore the possible typos meep)
a person d chapter 91 . 7/6
I just spent the last five days reading thiis masterpiece and have loved every letter on every page. Thank you for writing this.
Anon chapter 1 . 6/30
.com has an Embers review on it.
booklover7599 chapter 3 . 6/30
Argh, this is frustrating. the fangirl next door .com. No spaces.
booklover7599 chapter 2 . 6/30
Sorry, being weird about links. .com.
booklover7599 chapter 1 . 6/30
There is a review for Embers on .com.
Gamma Draconis a.k.a. Eltanin chapter 15 . 6/23
Who are you, and how did you make such an amazing story? HOW!? How long did it take you (planning wise)? What started it? How did you plan it? How far into it were you when you wrote a chapter? Did you have an entire outlined planned before you began even writing it, an overall basic picture of the outcome, bullet points of what you wanted to take place, a short stretched line of vision for what you wanted to evolve the next five chapters ahead, or what? You. Must. TELL ME!
Gamma Draconis a.k.a. Eltanin chapter 10 . 6/22
There is something that is bugging me, still. At first, the whole prospect of Zuko being able to waterbend started with him being capable of controlling the heat in the water, somehow. (You're writing style is rather cryptic, so I can't decipher sometimes what is going on, nor how it can happen. Not unless I reread the sentences a couple of times, at which point I still do not always understand the how of Zuko's capability to bend water.) I got that part; but now he can actually bend the water, like an actual waterbender, and I have a feeling it's got something to do with his visit to the Spirit World after his sudden death. So in that sense, I understand it, because the Spirits aren't meant to be understandable to humans since logic do not exist when they are around/mentioned. But still, I'm not too sure I understand why Zuko can both waterbend and firebend. Just... don't. So, how? Is he then also capable of bending air and earth now? Or rather, will he be? Because, see, that's the thing; bending more than one element should then indicate that you are the Avatar, but the avatar is signified by his capability to control all four elements, plus the ability to remove another person's bending.

Ugh. Your story is amazing, but seriously, it's one heck of a ride and so difficult to understand. So much foreshadowing to... everything. And so mysterious and cryptic, I can't... Ugh! And I've still got 80 chapters left! So, I guess I really want to understand some of these serious plot twists now so that it will not confuse me further in the future. Because I can already tell I will be further confused the farther I read.
DeathLadyShinigami chapter 91 . 6/20
So just finished rereading this amazing fic (for the umpteenth time lol) it's been a little over 2 years so I was curious if the embers verse crossover with stargate ever went anywhere other then ideas or if it will just remain a very awesome idea to imagine. Either way thank you for this masterpiece and for letting Inkgirl to post it on AO3 as well.
TheEdifier chapter 91 . 6/16
Wow. I don't have the words to properly explain all that you've done with this story. The worldbuilding alone is immense and evidence of a boggling amount of time and effort. I am amazed at your skill and have appreciated all the hard work you have put into writing this. Your characterization and character development was masterful, and your handling of so many pieces (cultures, history, the grand scale of people included, etc.) graceful. Your skill in including new characters, while avoiding the many pitfalls that can easily occur with their creation, has been unmatched so far in all I've read. I can't quite put my finger on what you did or didn't do to achieve that, but I do know my experience reading this story was all the more improved by your inclusion of them, instead of them being a distraction or detraction. Truthfully, I could not see anyone writing to this level of scale and not have new characters included. Your skill in doing so in greatly appreciated.

I struggled at times with how sad this story could be (the hits just keep on coming for Zuko, even with the hopeful ending), but appreciate the reality you brought into it by doing so. War is not a happy event. It has moments of happiness in it, but to exclude or downplay the sadness and horror would be to diminish the weight of something so powerful and destructive. Thank you for your careful construction of this story and your dedicated work. Your incredible skills as a writer and shrewd understanding of people is immediately evident. You've created an epic tale that draws the reader in, leaves them captivated, and has them coming back to appreciate it anew. Thank you.
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