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Guest chapter 37 . 8/10
I'm sorry. I really really like your story, and your writing is amazing. But this fic is just turning into a Fire Nation fetish piece.

Starting a genocidal campaign? Attacking a peaceful kingdom? Enslaving, raping, killing? It's all avatar Kyoshi's fault! Look at us we're so misunderstood!

Everyone's in awe with firebenders. Wow they're so much more overpowered then other benders it's not even funny, they fought for 100 years, a hundred! If firebenders were as powerful as you are writing them, the war would have been over long ago.

There are no excuses. Only explanations. Perhaps you should take a piece of your own wisdom. Firenation citizens should pay, should die. So what if they war was reactionary? Someone still has to pay. Justice must be served. But not the fire nation right, never the fire nation.

The other cultures exist only to gaze in awe at fire nation culture, a placeholder so we know how much more liberal, more equal, more advanced the fire nation is. You dont expand on them, don't explain them, don't even go into detail about them.

However, the best part is I know you would not even attempt to understand what I'm saying. Go back and read your own fanfic, don't give justifications, don't give explanations in your head. We read what you wrote, not what you think.

Anontbhfam chapter 45 . 8/11
I've been re-reading this story - still very, very good - and I had some thoughts. How exactly is Sozin, how is Ozai evil? Fire fights. It has the will to conquer, to vanquish, to win.
Fire has to fight. It has to move forward and consume or it burns out. It's dynamic, not static like Earth. And since Kyoshi's degree, fire can't consume itself, they can't infight - at least not in a way that would satisfy the demands of its soul. War is the natural consequence, the only consequence of the circumstances.
And if an entire people owed its loyality, their honor, their lives to just one person, then who would be more worthy, who could possibly deserve to lead them if not someone who wants everything, who wants to conquer, vanquish and win, the personified will to power, a living aspect of fire. There is no higher aspiration than everything, none more worthy of being followed.
Very, very good stuff. Nice story, fam.
Aniko chapter 91 . 8/8
This is my favorite fanfiction. Such a great read. Thank you again for sharing this wonderful story!
Amazed reader chapter 1 . 8/6
I just finished chapter 91. Wow this was a long journey... that I did in like 5 days. I just want to tell you how impressed I am and how thankful I am that you finished this. Honestly I was sure you wouldn’t be able to wrap it up satisfactorily but the ending was perfect. Ozai’s death was very slightly anticlimactic but also very fitting. I love how you handled koh and the volcano and a bunch of the little side stories. This is hands down one of the best fan fictions I’ve ever had the luck to stumble across. It’s better than a fair number of published books I’ve read. I love your zuko. Pretty much your characterization of every single character is fantastic. Aang makes me want to strangle him right until the last scene with Koh, but I feel like that fits his background better than the original series. You did amazing work with the fan fiction. And thank you again SO MUCH for finishing it. There are so many great fanfiction‘s out there without endings.
Blackthorn Ashe chapter 91 . 8/4
This has taken me TWO WEEKS to read. Wow. At some points it was hard to understand but the amount of lessons and RESEARCH that you put in makes this story a must read. It has changed my perspective on a lot of things and will hopefully influence what I do and think in the future. It has opened my eyes and I am glad to have spent the time reading this.
Im nust not sure how it is going to go when I rewatch the ATLA series :T
Ms.luise chapter 91 . 8/3
This is the best!
Can you make a sequel?!please
Gogglegirl chapter 33 . 7/27
This story is frigging EPIC! I love the realism, the world-building and that everyone is in-character! :D
Star chapter 31 . 7/27
Sorry, hit the wrong button, but as I was saying, it is CANON that Aang neglected and ignored Kya and Buumi so he could spend more time with Tenzin, and he broke his youngest son so much the man couldn't find the freedom necessary to air, couldn't let his spirit free, because he was so angry and ashamed that he wasn't like his father was in every aspect of his life. All three kids hate and resent each other, Kya and Buumi mock Tenzin constantly for being 'Daddy's perfect boy,' Tenzin and Kya mock Buumi for refusing to admit, 'You can't do things as well as a bender!' And Tenzin refused to talk to either of his siblings for any reason unless his Mom forced him too. And worse, Katara KNEW (they argued like this IN FRONT OF HER!) and apparently did NOTHING to stop any of this.
Star chapter 30 . 7/27
Legend of Korra shows us hints, what happened with Katara and Aang's relationship and it is heartbreaking...

You have the waterbending daughter who has so much anger and resentment towards her parents that when she went to the spirit world her greatest fear and most terrible thought was that she had a family at all! "No, I have no family! YOU CAN'T TIE ME DOWN!"

A non bender son who is crazy and reckless, willing to do things that could easily maim or kill him, just to prove to everyone that he is EVERY BIT AS GOOD AS ANY BENDER!

And a youngest son who happened to be the only airbender, who was doted on by Aang even as he neglected and ignored his other two children,
Star chapter 22 . 7/27
...You realize your timeline means Zuko is related to Avatar Roku on BOTH sides right?

...Ew. Royals are digusting.
Ann chapter 91 . 7/26
Awesome ending! Langxue was victorious over Makoto, Aang is going to be a 'proper parent/teacher' to Koh in some manner (attention seeking indeed), and Zuko is getting new cousins. I'm sure Shidan will be impressed by Azula securing her place as Lord and maybe even her daring to try and get him to court.

I would totally read any continuations you write in this AU (maybe especially ones involving the big stone ring you mentioned heehee)!
Ann chapter 89 . 7/26
This is so intense! I love it! I really like your decision to split Aang and Koh's conversation into small pieces too, adds to the drama!
Ann chapter 88 . 7/26
Fuck shit. Makoto just brought that skeleton to undead-life didn't she? Katara noticed something, but she's not paranoid enough to recognize it.
Yay Aang! Hard truths are hard and he's faced them, and force the White Lotus elders to face it to. I wonder how he'll do against Koh. At least the masters will likely put together that the force they face is not merely human evil but also had some spirit backing.
Ann chapter 86 . 7/26
I smiled during Azula's section. Looks like "that water witch" did some serious good. Azula's still herself, but she also sees sense.

I hope Aang actually does tell Arnook what's going on on the way to the shamans. But he is also going to try and "deal with" the real problem. Not Ozai. Hmm...
Ann chapter 84 . 7/26
Looks like Shirong and Zuko were right about Iroh's views. And Iroh doesn't realize that he's asking too much of his nephew. I wonder when/if he'll (and the rest of the White Lotus) learn what yaoren are supposed to actually do from Langxue. Help the Avatar doesn't mean be stuck to them like glue and be pious about the spirits. They are where the Avatar can't be, doing things the Avatar can't do at the time. Excellent explanations by the way, I was having thoughts like the White Lotus about yaoren before it was fully explained by Langxue. Lol, I can only imagine Langxue's face if he'd heard what Iroh said to Pakku. Speaking of Pakku, he's at least /trying/ to explain to Iroh what's up. I wonder if Amaya will try next.
Looks like Aang found the lion turtle! I'd wondered if you'd keep that aspect of canon. Yay!
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