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Guest chapter 52 . 3/26
I noticed in your notes you listed northwest people as salmon gatherers. While salmon is important, acorns were essential. Outsiders didn't know how to properly prepare them. You have to leech the meal with water to remove the acids or it will be extremely bitter and make someone sick. Done right acorn mush is earthy and mildly sweet.

After the genocides on the klamath river as a byproduct of the gold rush, timber became the new industry. Killing the oak groves to make room for fir was equally or more damaging to our way of life. But not all of us were wiped out our culture and ways survive.

I really love your story I re-read it every other year.

Warm regards,
ThatOneFangurl chapter 91 . 3/27
I've reached the end. I'm done. This is one of the few fan fictions I've finished reading. How you portrayed all the characters and their emotions were so beautiful. After reaching the end, I can't help but feel sad. Good job.
The Anguished One chapter 91 . 3/24
And so it ends. As you can probably tell by my previous reviews, I loved this story. While it's definitely more an AU than a 'For Want of a Nail', I felt you did an amazing job giving characters, both canonical and original, depth and the worldbuilding was a lot of fun. My favorite OC here was Shirong by the way, loved his scenes with Zuko and that he showed another side to the Dai Li.
While I've only barely dipped my toes into your other works, I've enjoyed what I've seen. I'll be keeping an eye on any future projects of yours, ATLA or otherwise.
The Anguished One chapter 90 . 3/23
Aang getting to defeat Koh as a pacifist is awesome. Zuko knocking Makoto down is just as fun to see, and Langxue ending that matter is some good revenge for his last life.
The Anguished One chapter 89 . 3/22
Okay... okay... Lot of cool moments here. Zuko getting ready for another dip in the spirit world, Aang confronting Koh... but then there's Ozai getting killed by Sokka. This is undeniably more humiliating for him that his canonical fate. Canon's Ozai loses to the Avatar whose just about mastered all four elements and gets some last minute Deus Ex Machina powers to strip him of his bending. Embers' Ozai dies to, from his perspective, a barbarian who can't even bend. Short of him losing to Momo, I can't think of a more pathetic defeat from the proud Fire Lord's view.
The Anguished One chapter 88 . 3/21
Ozai's forces against Zuko's is going about as expected; Ozai still has the upper hand, but Zuko and the Gaang's resourcefulness is keeping things interesting. Unlikely, but I'd love to see what Ozai thought of Shirong being blessed by Agni (probably wouldn't care, to be honest). Still, Suki and Sokka are on his ship... Go Boomerang!
Like Aang calling out the White Lotus a bit there. They are a force of good, but that doesn't mean they're immune to the Idiot Ball.
The Anguished One chapter 87 . 3/20
Ozai assaulting the Northern Water Tribe in an effort to end the cycle of Avatars, fighting Aang and the White Lotus? Exciting. Ozai using the comet to wipe out Zuko for defying his will and becoming a lord outside his domain, pitting Zuko's ragtag refugees and the Gaang minus Aang himself against the full might of the Fire Nation's invasion? Oh, this will be fun.
The Anguished One chapter 86 . 3/20
Huzzah for Mai and Azula managing to speak a little honestly towards each other. Azula knowing herself enough to send her children away so she won't hurt them seems plausible enough, and it might help the Fire Nation in the long run.
The Anguished One chapter 85 . 3/19
Aw, my heart. It's a good scene, and I understand both sides of this argument, but it just hurts. Weirdly similar to how I felt over Zuko's canonical choice to help Azula conquer Ba Sing Se.
The Anguished One chapter 84 . 3/19
Zuko hashing things out with Iroh needs to happen, because otherwise fighting Ozai, protecting Dragons' Wings and even having a chance at the overall goal of bringing balance just isn't going to happen. There will probably be some sparks, but we've seen them come together when they need it.
The Anguished One chapter 83 . 3/18
Ouch, Aang's assault didn't go too smoothly. Hopefully he isn't ending up in another icicle as he feared.
As for Zuko having things easy or no angst... I don't get the complaints. Zuko has more stress, has no chance of becoming the Fire Lord so he has to just make the best of what he can as Azula likely inherits, has nearly died several times. If things slowed down for a minute and he had a day to just relax and breath, he'd probably just scream and pass out. He's handling things well because he knows people need him to keep going. Zuko would crumble all the same as if Aang didn't have his friends.
The Anguished One chapter 82 . 3/17
Hopefully Ozai's forces arriving at Dragons' Wings will help Zuko and Iroh stop arguing and fully mend their relationship. They'd obviously work best together.
GlassedGamer chapter 91 . 3/17
There are few times when I've finished reading a story, and I simply want to find the author and give the person a hug and a thank you.

This is one of those times.

Holy shit, Imma read this again... after a while, because whew, that's a lot of words.
The Anguished One chapter 81 . 3/17
My, my, Azula helping Zuko... For reasons that go far beyond being kind to him and many of which benefit her and her people, but still as close to a nice moment as things are going to be anytime soon for them.
Speaking of nice moments, Toph having a chance to celebrate Zuko being alive was sweet. Bit shadowed by Ozai's plan, Zuko shunning Aang, Shiyu's perspective on who should inherit the Fire Lord's position, and Aang taking another step towards being responsible, but nice.
The Anguished One chapter 80 . 3/15
Wow, I kind of forgot about Suki... Cool to have her back at least. We got a fun reunion on our hands. Zuko back with the Gaang, Aang awake after getting possessed and burning Katara, and Azula who may or may not have seen Zuko waterbending. I'm sure everything will go fine.
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