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fringeperson chapter 91 . 10h
Did... Did I see Toph making future plans for getting married to someone that she's going to need to flame-proof things for? Because I remember red chord was something that Amaya used to answer the gift of Iroh's betrothal necklace... and Toph said she needed someone to make sure her flame-proof chord was red. It seems like nearly everybody's pairing up, which is nice. Okay, yes, there are some that aren't. But a lot of the key ones are. Ship it! Yay!

I'm glad that Zuko and Iroh patched things up, but Zuko really shouldn't be made to deliver his new cousins into the world for his mastery test in healing. Also, his letter to Azula? Ten out of ten. Will giggle over again. Definitely.

I have loved this story, every inch of the way. I will likely read it again, and again, and again. It has been an education and a pleasure. Thank you for all of the time and effort that you put in to making it. Thank you.
fringeperson chapter 90 . 10h
Azula has her crown, Katara has defeated one of her more personal demons, Makoto was bested by Zuko and finally killed by Langxue, Zuko lives through the impossible *again*, and Aang beat Koh. His way. Lots of other stuff happened too. Like Asagitatsu erupted safely, rather than killing everyone, because Zuko as a fire/water yaoren knows about making those two elements work together already - which is exactly what the water-volcano needed.

Love it. Now everybody checks their wounds, and goes home again I suppose... one more chapter. I'll have you know, I was biting my nails in this chapter. Not an activity exclusive to this chapter, but I became aware of it in this one.
fringeperson chapter 89 . 10h
Boomerang came back! I had to get up and do a little victory dance for that one. Twice.

Definitely not telling Zuko how Ozai was ripped into by the Drowned and the Undead Kadzhait though. He probably wouldn't be able to take it.

I don't know who said 'necessity is the mother of invention', but it's proved a couple of times here. Invented slurry walls, on the fly. Invented a way to deliver fire-ice like it was a bomb. Invented so many things. Or just took old ideas and invented new ways to use them. All amazing.

And Zuko's going to fight Makoto for Asagitatsu. Now?! Yikes.
fringeperson chapter 88 . 11h
If it was a cliffie that I had to wait in suspense for ages after to get the next chapter, I'd be feeling a lot more uncharitable. As it is, I am simply tense.

Aang, who was allergic to logic and didn't want to be a grown-up has just hit a bunch of old people who were supposed to know better over their heads with a grown-up truth that none of them had really taken into consideration. Properly pissed off. Go Aang!

Sokka and Suki have, by pure chance it seems, found themselves on Fire Lord Ozai's ship. Because Sokka is only being tickled in the back of his brain about all the gold trim, rather than realising immediately what it means. And they're taking the attack in to the bad guys. Yes!

Meanwhile, Ozai himself got the shock of his life, seeing that Zuko, not Iroh, was the one in charge and holding people's loyalty. Never thought he could amount to anything, did you? Ha!

Zuko's got things generally under control, but specifically still can't bring himself to off his dad. Fair enough. We've all got our hang-ups, and he is Water Tribe as much as Fire Nation, and Family is a big deal. He might have broken Loyalty to Ozai, but that doesn't mean he also stopped *loving* the man.

Yay Azula! Got your caldera under control, and your mother by your side again, approving of you, even. Yay! So happy for you! Yay!

Undead Kadzhait in the water with the Drowned. Makoto herself on Asagitatsu. Yikes.
fringeperson chapter 87 . 11h
And Iroh finally gets it. He believes in spirits and concerns himself with them. His brother? Doesn't. At all. What a time and place to figure it out. Yeesh. But Aang's on the right track! Yay!

Poor Zuko. Right.
fringeperson chapter 86 . 11h
Ha! Suki knows a lot of things, but she missed out on The Talk. That's kinda funny. Toph didn't get it either, but her confusion is overlooked. Probably in part because she keeps quiet, and in other part because she's small and her clothes don't show if she's actually developed enough despite her short stature to need The Talk.

Xiu's giving Zuko a whole different kind of talk. Family is still here. There are people here that love you. You still love your family even though you've fought. It hurts, but you'll heal as well. Yes, you made the right call.

Azula making plans to take back *her* kingdom. Taking over the domain, claiming it for herself while her father is away. Nice. And Mai... please don't tell me she's forgotten about Min. Please. They were working so well together! Really sad if distance is all it takes to break them up. Then again, Mai nursed a childhood crush on Zuko through three years of him being banished, and it hasn't been nearly that long since she last saw Min.

I really want to know what was in that letter to Azula from Shidan.

Go Aang, Go!
fringeperson chapter 85 . 12h
Whelp. Iroh just got told the way he needed to be told. He won't enjoy that. Especially when he still ignored half of it as nonsense because he's Yoda/Mace Windu/Obi-Wan Kenobi all rolled into one and *he knows best*. Even if he doesn't.

But Zuko has drawn his line in the sand. Made his stand, and has done Toph proud in how immovable he has made himself on these matters.

And Aang had his little chat with the lion-turtle, but *didn't* get the spirit-bending that he got in canon... and got left right where he needed to be, even if that's not where he told his friends he'd catch up with them. I'm gonna guess that the lion-turtle has some kind of psychic going on like Shidan and the other dragons, to be able to do that.
fringeperson chapter 84 . 12h
So, Iroh's being too much of a smartie-pants and getting on *everybody's* nerves. Zuko's, Pakku's, everybody's. Awesome. And he's still got weight to throw around, because he's General and Uncle and Grand Master. He and he alone is the one with all the knowledge, all the wisdom, he is Yoda and Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi all rolled into one, and nobody could possibly teach HIM anything.

Except that he's wrong about Zuko. He's wrong about the correct attitude of yaoren to spirits. He's... a scholar on the subject, who has researched it, and think that makes him an expert over the people who have experienced first hand what he's been researching. He's also incorrectly applying the experience that he does have, and which is not actually applicable to the situation he's in.

And it will probably be too late before he figures it out. Damn.

But yay! Toph and Sokka are with Zuko again! Okay, that also means Katara the grumpy, but we can work with/around that. And Suki gets to see the differences in how Zuko acts now to how he acted then. And form better opinions of him. Also, getting to spend time with her boyfriend, who recognizes how lucky he is to have her affections, and isn't the least bit ashamed to say so where everyone can hear.

fringeperson chapter 83 . 13h
Okay, so Zuko's figured out what the problem with his uncle is, and he's recruited helpful people to help explain that problem to someone who Iroh might listen to. Yay for Amaya! But he's got people in his corner, and who understand that he cannot - rather than doesn't want to - do what Iroh's demanding he do. Awesome.

Aang has really come a long way. He still can't kill a person with a face. I can understand that - and I'm listening to Hedley's "Invincible" right now, and yes, that really, really fits. But he's managed to come at the thing that Iroh's doing to the aggravation of Zuko. Necessary and acceptable loss. Aang is still not happy about it. At all. Not like Iroh is inured to it. But he can grit his teeth and do what needs to be done - as long as it actually does need to be done.

fringeperson chapter 82 . 13h
Yeah, someone needs to sit on Iroh and tell him he's not the commanding officer. He might be an advisor to Zuko, and Zuko might listen, but he's not in charge. He might be the Grand White Lotus, but that does NOT mean he's got massive amounts of authority over Asagitatsu and Dragon's Wings. He definitely doesn't get to tell Zuko he's not allowed to Shun Aang for perfectly legitimate reasons.

Aang's maps have arrows on them for the winds, like it's the most obvious thing in the world, but Sokka didn't know why they were there until he was told. Zuko complained about how Earth Kingdom maps were flat, with 'a bit steep' covering everything from a five degree incline to a vertical face, and Shirong didn't get why that was an issue until he remembered "right, they don't have earth benders". Yay for more cultural differences that people don't even think about! Whee!

Now, you've said to look up Within Temptation's "I Wish I Had An Angel" before, and I remember what that was like. Let's see... "Dragon Rider" is pretty cool. Like it. Couldn't find "Invincible", but there was "Unbroken" by Ashes Remain... Which I'm not sure if that's what you meant or not, but it... kinda fits. A bit. And is a cool song. If everything they do sounds like this, I may have to check out more of their stuff. Definitely need to have a look at more of Two Steps From Hell. Instrumental stuff was very cool.
fringeperson chapter 81 . 14h
That has to be one of, no, the. The most friendly interaction that Zuko and Azula have had... ever! In person, anyway. That letter he sent her that left her giggling was pretty friendly, I think. But that was... nice. A little twisted insofar as senses of humour go, but there was definitely the flavour of fondness to it all.

And Toph hugging the stuffing out of Zuko, she was so happy to see him again... followed immediately by the most formal, lethal set-down ever. Not getting off as easy as a mere punch in the nose, indeed. Awesome.

And poor Suki. SO much has changed while you've been out of the game. So much. But you're catching up pretty quick, and that's great. Yay!
fringeperson chapter 80 . 15h
Reunions! Yay! Or not. But I am so pleased that Zuko got to hit Aang as hard as he did. That felt good from all the way over here. So glad that it worked out for him. And Toph. Okay, it may not be working out so great for Toph, because it's really, really hot under foot, but she's happy again, apart from that. She has also made sure that everybody knows, very clearly, exactly where her line in the sand is and what's going to happen after. Good for her.

And Suki! Yay! So happy to have Suki on board. Suki is a completely awesome chick. It's great to have her here. Yay! And she very sensibly grabbed an iron bar for a weapon, which is handy for all sorts of things.
fringeperson chapter 79 . 15h
Ha! Going to see Hakoda on Boiling Rock after all! Ha!

And Zuko finally got to meet some more of the family on Ursa's side. That's good. Not the best circumstances, but still good.
fringeperson chapter 78 . 16h
Okay, so there's a little bit of self-thumping going on back at the Gaang, with a side of Sokka being reasonable and Toph being pointedly, angrily elsewhere to everyone else.

And Zuko just might survive this. Really, he'd better. There's still a whole lot of chapters left. You have no idea how much the massive chapter-count and that this is listed as complete relieves me of the "please don't let them DIE!" worry. They've got to make it to the end of the fic, right? So relieving to know they'll live that long.
fringeperson chapter 77 . 16h
Zuko had better survive. And when he gets back, he had better hit Aang *back* as hard as he can. Make it something permanent. Shove some fire in Aang's face so that he's got a scar like Zuko's, so that he'll never forget what he *did* to Zuko. And maybe a small burn on Katara's pretty face too, to match.

No, that would just make her hate him more, and give her a reason for it to actually be as personal as she's always making it out to be.

Sokka has many good ideas. This was not one of them.
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