Reviews for The Aftermath?
FerrisWheel17 chapter 5 . 11/26/2009
I lvoed it! All the couples you did were very cute and I liked them all. Also,evreryone was IC. Update soon!

ClockwiseDoom chapter 4 . 10/25/2009

So epicly awesome!

Sharon wanting to throw a ball out of the blue is SO like her. Girl mode, lawl. Break and Emily made me lawl. Yep, sorry Gil, you're not getting away with just drinks, not when it comes to Sharon and Break...

LMAO Gil having to teach Alice and Oz to dance 8D. Smexy. Hehe, the “I think I can handle a little bit of heavy baggage.” line was SO CUTE~! Oz x Gil. 33

LMFAO! Uncle Oscar flirting, Oz taking notes, and fanboy! Vincent with Gil avoiding him. Made me die of laughter. LAWL PWNED. Alice kicking Gil for payback WIN. Lmao. And the favor... 8D

FREAKIN ADORABLE! Especially how she was all blushy when she asked. Poor Gil, I feel bad for him, lmao, with Alice stepping on his feet and all. Or rather.. STOMPING. Lawl! xD

Epic epicness. 8D -glompage-
ClockwiseDoom chapter 3 . 10/20/2009

Alice acting like 'Her Highness' made me LAWL. So cute~ xD When she's just so clingy to her friends she can't help but act as if she owns them too. 'D Alice burning the kitchen WIN. I can so see that. ROFL! at her learning from Break. He's not exactly the best role model for a kid, yeah? xD -dies laughing-

“...Oi...don’t do that, you’ll only make your brain damage worse...Stupid seaweed-head.”


The seaweed grabbed me by my arm and jerked me towards him like I was some rag doll.

“Hey! Don’t pull on my you seaweed-head! Remember I’m your master to! And the master should never be treated like that from the servant!”

LMFAO. OWNED. She's actually right in a way, though. 8D Gil IS her servant... in some twisted, messed up way, hahahaha. Oz randomly breaking the tension was hilarious, Gil hitting Alice is win, and her getting scared about it then trying to act defensive, BEEF JERKY FTW, and ginger... 8DD Both bitter and sweet... just like our Alice. -giggle-

and you pervert, you... using that description... ;D

ROFL! Oz's cowlick. Hahahaha, Oz is so confident Alice wants to touch his hair. xD Cute. And then Oz complimenting Alice's hair (which HELL YES I'd take in a second it's so pretty!) Loved the Jack x Alice references. And yesh, braids so suit Alice.

Can't wait for chapter 4! 8D
ClockwiseDoom chapter 2 . 10/4/2009

That was SO adorable and so funny!

The GUM! ROFL! That was SO CLEVER! xD Gil using stimulating gum... -giggles like hell- I bet Gil made Oz excersize or something to get rid of.. that... rather than the idea I'm having. 8D

The Alice x Oz scene was so CUTE! Poor Alice, being scared of the dark. D: Reminding her too much of the Abyss... *hugs Alice* Lolz, the rabbit shadow is priceless! xD Too bad Gil didn't come in and see that he probably would have thought the power was released! xD
HereIGoAgain chapter 1 . 10/4/2009
LOL HUN. I couldn't stop laughing at the last part, Gil giving away that the briefs were his ROFL.

Soo cute.


“Who knew Gil had a such a good flavour.”



ClockwiseDoom chapter 1 . 10/4/2009
ROFL! OMG, that was EPICNESS~! xD -laughing so hard she's crying-

Okay, firstly, everything was so in-character, and well written! You should write more fics like this. D Secondly, I LOVED Gil's constant complaining about Alice eating him out of the house and having the bills so high. Just like him. xDD That little Oz x Gil scene was frickin' CUTE! "Who knew Gil had such a good flavor?"

I bet Gil's face was STEAM red after that. xD


LMAO the Gil x Alice scene. That made me bust out laughing so hard, as well as the comment about Break seeing Gil in his briefs... -laughing again- Just epicness! xD Gil getting all embarrassed when Alice went, "So those are yours?" was so well done.

Hahahaha, you're right, Alice doesn't seem to wear a bra or underwear. O_O Sharon might have to help her with that, lol. And lmao, Gil probably does their laundry, I can totally see all that happening. Perfect picture image.

Awesome, awesome fic! -faves-
CherreeSherree chapter 1 . 9/25/2009
rofl love the last part xD couldn't stop laughing

i think u did a good job keeping everyone in character!