Wind Ride chapter 65 . 11/28
Say, now that this is over with, maybe you can make a Drive story with any of the following:
Steel Angel Kurumi
Air Blade

Or Ghost with Monster Musume.
Crazycritcer46 chapter 65 . 11/28
So This Story Finished Huh? Well Next Story Is Medals Of Ikki Tousen
RyoTheSaiyan chapter 65 . 11/28
You did it guys. After six years you finished it. Congratulations!

You took Double and Love Hina made an amazing story. Never would I ever think of crossing over Kamen Rider Double and Love Hina. You guys honestly create the dream stories for Kamen Rider.

I although do wish there was more closure with Saeko and Wakana as you guys didn't mention them after the time skip. I'll just assume Saeko is still on the run and Wakana remains in a coma after all this time.

Great work and I can't wait to see what else you guys have in store for the future!
Samhan chapter 65 . 11/28
Mechapunk87 chapter 65 . 11/28
Oh I almost forgot I know you and ten-face are working other stuff like AWG ( nice easter egg by the way) and you going back on the ikki OOO story but I'm just wondering any chance make a few W returns? well anyway this story was great. kr chrome, Ten-faced, thank you for making an awesome story.
Mechapunk87 chapter 1 . 11/28
Ok this is my first review for this story long time coming now the story over and to tell you the truth chrome I have not watch or read the love hina series maybe the first ep but that it, but when I read this it was great, you and ten-face did an awesome job at mixing the two worlds. but it just me thinking but I think there should be a bit more there like more focusing on the origins of double, I mean I know how double became double but I want to see your version and kind of wants to see more focus on kanako, but other then that the story was good.
Shadow Element 13 chapter 65 . 11/28
This was a great story and I'm so proud I was part of it. Takayuki was such a fun character to create, a man bound by honor but not on the side of the heroes. Loved the battles and was so happy that we were able to build on Takayuki's character. This was an amazing story, but alas all things must come to an end. This was an amazing end and I look forward to helping you in future projects.
Despicable-D chapter 65 . 11/28
I cannot even with how much this series meant to me. When I first started reading this story so I could help with Double and Kiva, I admit I was skeptical, cause like, Love Hina and Kamen Rider W? I didn't know what to think. But in the end I'm glad I read it. W is probably one of the greatest Rider series ever made and Love Hina is nothing to scoff at either. And you guys have intermingled both series brilliantly.
Bravo! Bellisimo! Fantastique! Fanfiction Ichiban! Hell Freaking Yeah!
Taiski chapter 65 . 11/28
I'm looking forward for an eventual Den-O crossover. Momotaros and the gang must arrive!
Really enjoyed this story though, even though Love Hina isn't in my top ten anime. Awesome none the less.
bloodyredrose1994 chapter 65 . 11/28
All I could say this is thank you for this story, I appreciated it. I like how you use the characters from other animes in this story for original cases. Say, did you use your AWG references?
Thank you so much.
Hero Entertainment chapter 65 . 11/28
When I first started reading this story I can honestly say I loved it and undoubtedly it's a great piece of writing. Over these 5 years though I've learned a lot on how to look from a critical perspective and it's made me see certain things about this story in a different light, things I don't agree with. That being said I''m glad to see you finally managed to reach the end, so congratulations.
R3qu13m0f50ul5 chapter 65 . 11/28
So Wakana Just ends up comatose for the rest of her life then... Other than not feeling that her arc got a proper resolution this was a fitting end blending the themes and epilogues of both sources.

Good Job Guys.
DragonWarrior74 chapter 65 . 11/28
And so comes the end of this story, but it is still awesome! I hope you do Rider War Movies arc because that would be really cool! Anyway KRC and TFP good luck on your Kamen Rider Storys!
brave kid chapter 65 . 11/28
Whoa great job with this
stardrago chapter 65 . 11/28
that subject about those two brothers missing, is that supposed to be related to the Armored War Gods saga? If so will they be making an appearance over there along with Negi/Wizard?
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