Guest chapter 59 . 7/23
Please Update This I Want To See What Happened To Ryuji
Bismarck chapter 59 . 7/13
Bismarck Alexander
As said before I Hope Makoto survives this. It wouldn't be right he needs a second chance at life to turn it around. Meet up with Sekai so they can work things out. Make friends with Ryuji.
Anything to help overcome his addiction
Also you should have the detectives investigate Makoto's father and bring light about his children. Some of Makoto's lovers are related to him.
Update soon.
Bismarck Alexander chapter 59 . 6/3
RVB and Hellsing fan. Nice.
Takayuki's Reunion with Motoko, not what I was expecting, like something more emotional. Good enough though. Traditional way.
Now I have to admit I don't really hate Itou Makoto or harbor any negative feelings against him. Kinda feel sorry for the guy since he's suffering from sex addiction, it's a disease he needs help. Digusting for dumping the pregnant girl, but as I said its addiction, His father is way worse, got a plethora of illegitimate children, so it's probably hereditary. Hopefully he'll take surviving this attack as a chance to turn his life around.
Like to seem KeixKit fluff soon, some heavy lime.
Keep up the good work.
gundam 09 chapter 59 . 6/1
Please make the sangokuden x RWBY Hunt of the Armored War Gods story already, and will the kamen riders go home with the friends and family in koihime musou?
snake screamer chapter 59 . 5/29
Excellent chap!
reydrago chapter 59 . 5/27
Foolish shroud, there are risks of using your hartred, believe me it is not worth it
Ice Wolf Fang chapter 59 . 5/27
Not like the bastard doesn't deserve it at this point seriously I felt like I was about to twist something metal hearing that ass wipe's name little fuck needs to get ten feet in the ground
DragonWarrior74 chapter 59 . 5/27
This is really good, love the fight between eternal and phobia, like how you made phobia using two memory's.
Keep up the good work
GKoh chapter 59 . 5/27
Another exciting chapter. So, Ryuji and Mick have been caught and Itou might be a vegetable right now. As for Ryubee and Shroud, what will their next actions be?
RyoTheSaiyan chapter 59 . 5/27
And so the Phobia Dopant has been defeated.

Makoto never changes does he? Seriously. One the most despicable characters ever created. Honestly I hope Amakusa rewrites his brain to be a better functioning human being instead of screwing everything that walks. Probably the one good thing as an antagonist he can do.

Great work you guys. I guess we're moving to the aftermath and then into the final arc? Maybe an arc in between?

Can't wait!
busterleader92 chapter 59 . 5/27
Okay now that's an awesome fight between the new Eternal and Phobia Dopant. Also I think I'm starting to like this new Eternal since he is a good guy right?
GunRunner805 chapter 58 . 5/21
THE TRIUMPHANT RETURN! of both the story, Takayuki and Eternal. I must admit that Eternal is one of my favorite Kamen Riders because he looks so badass. I hated when he was a bad guy and love that you made Takayuki the new good Eternal. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Despicable-D chapter 58 . 5/19
Yes! Thank You! Thank You!
I can finally Follow this now that I know its updating again!
RyoTheSaiyan chapter 58 . 5/18
Holy crap you updated it. It's back!

YES! I knew Takayuki was still alive! I actually was hoping that Kirihiko was going to be a rider. Although...I hope you have plans for that as well...hopefully.

Haha glad to see that this is back on the list! Can't wait to see more!
Bismarck Alexander chapter 58 . 5/17
Takayuki is alive... Called it! You know Naru if you wanna date someone Kanako is available I'm sure you can work something out with her.
Ryuji should just quit while he's ahead on his Vendetta against Makoto, I think Kotonoha would turn against if he became a murderer.

Add more fluff and lime with Keitaro and Kitsune, you've done that alot with the soon-to-be married couple, come on I wanna see those make out.

Update soon.
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